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Muslim groom wears sikh turban on his wedding

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9 minutes ago, MuslimNeighbour said:

Wouldn't the 'ghulam Sikhs' be the ones who join the Indian army? Cannon fodder for a people who think of you as long haired versions of themselves.

Good question. Don’t forget, they also join foreign armies too, while in diaspora, where they can be used to fight for their unjust wars to loot and plunder other nations’ rich resources lol, the nations that never invade them first, ever. 

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6 minutes ago, MuslimNeighbour said:

True however I do cut them slack as it's no where near as bad as joining the army of the country which has directly oppressed you and has an active agenda against you. A Sikh or Muslim joining the Indian army is akin to a Palestinian/Arab Muslim joining the IDF.

Are you a muslim? 

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