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Puratan jungi Shaster for sale

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Vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh,


hope everyone is well during this pandemic... Das is selling the following three shaster. A

nybody interested, please dm me :)


Quick draw fighting Puratan Sosun Pattah sword for sale. Extremely lightweight in fact one of the lightest shaster I’ve handled. The blade has deep fullers on each side, with a thick t spine and with almost a mirror polish with minor pitting and age-related marks. Tulwar handle has an ergonomic grip and retaining no movement between blade and hilt. Overall length 26.5 inches, just over two feet for quick draw.

No scabbard



Plus postage




Puratan Small child’s Katar. Small deeply pitted Katar and rough condition hence the price. Makes an awesome training Katar and collectable as such small Katars are rare.

Total length 9inches.


Plus postage



Contemporary curved Peshkabz for sale.

Bone hilted peshkabz dagger with armour piercing swollen tip for sale. Sharp edge and well made. Comes with a beautiful leather myan with a metal thokar.

Total length 14inches.


shaster (3 of 26) (1).jpg

shaster (4 of 26) (1).jpg

shaster (2 of 26).jpg

shaster (12 of 26) (1).jpg

shaster (26 of 26).jpg

shaster (13 of 26).jpg

shaster (15 of 26) (1).jpg

shaster (25 of 26) (1).jpg

shaster (24 of 26) (1).jpg

shaster (23 of 26) (1).jpg

shaster (22 of 26) (1).jpg

shaster (21 of 26) (1).jpg

shaster (20 of 26) (1).jpg

shaster (19 of 26).jpg

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