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Cutting Grass vs Cutting hair

Guest FlexSingh

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Guest bhalle -bhalle jio
14 hours ago, S1ngh said:

Grass does not help in anything but responsible for vast water shortage in Western United States. Google it Guest Really/Guest Curry-house.

Grass was created by Akal Purakh just like you, I and the rest. Cows feed on grass, do do horses, goats, sheep, giraffes ? ? ?, reindeers, ducks, elephants ? ? ? and worms ans caterpillars ???!


Grass is not responsible for water shortage it’s the rain ☔️ and gigantic chemical industries that use huge amounts of water ? for the production of deadly chemicals which are then used for agricultural purposes or even in making weapons to destroy humans! Another cause of water shortage is due to the fact that billions of households waste plenty of water by filling their sky high swimming pools in their backyards for no other reasons than to appear as though they are billionaires to their pauper friends!! Hehe! Good try!

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Guest Curry-house
23 hours ago, GurjantGnostic said:

You can both feel free to google global water shortage and educate yerselvs. 

Global water shortage is caused by big corporations monopolising natural sources of water by bottling it and selling it at inestimable prices in your local SMs

Mod Note: Same user as Guest bhalle -bhalle jio

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70 Billion Gallons Wastage of Water on lawns everyday in US alone.

I also did google search for you and please stay with one guest name. 

Homeowners spend billions of dollars and typically use 10 times the amount of pesticide and fertilizers per acre on their lawns as farmers do on crops; the majority of these chemicals are wasted due to inappropriate timing and application. These chemicals then runoff and become a major source of water pollution.Last but not least, 30 to 60 percent of urban fresh water is used on lawns. Most of this water is also wasted due to poor timing and application.

Many home irrigation systems are wasteful; they spray sidewalks or over water, leading to water running right off into the drain. While it is impossible to know the exact amount of water used on lawns on a daily basis across the entire country, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 30% of the average household’s water use is outdoors, and half of that is to water lawn.




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