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Hmm five sets of five. What are the chances each of the Panj Pyare had a set of Panj Singhs assigned to them?

It's a very scalable command structure. 

If continued once more you have 25 sets of five and that's a further 125 Singhs. 

I'd keep the third tier Panj Singhs in groups of 25 still, so you'd have five elements of 30 Singhs serving the Panj Pyare. 

For a total small inner Fauj of 155 Singhs. 

That's nothing to take lightly. Five of the most trusted Gursikhs with five elements of thirty Singhs to dispatch?

We could recreate this over and over. 

If you dispatch thirty, to a location, they could easily train 155 recruits, and leave a functioning 155 Singh Fauj behind them as they leave. Each of the 25 Singhs in the Element would train Panj Singhs, and the Panj Pyare of the Element train the local selected top tier 30. 

Think of that delhi rape scenario. 30 Singhs come and stay for a month and leave 155 Singhs behind. Who continue to train. 

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