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Sidh Gosht, must be read and understood by all

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2 hours ago, Redoptics said:

I love this bani, for all looking for what Naam, Gurmukh, Shabad Guru is , its all explained.Add to daily reading and understand this bani.




It's amazing baani.

In the end Guru Sahib says, God can only be attained via Naam Simran.

There is no other way.

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    • Yes I have noticed this as well. It has also happened a few times previously before this.  There was a message to say hackers could steal personal info. I wonder what happened. I did not proceed. lol. .  
    • First of all you said "low caste" which is quite disrespectful. There is no high or low castes. There maybe so called man made "castes" but none of them is higher or lower then each other. This just shows you actually may believe in caste heirachy. Also caste quotas is something that was implemented by the government. I'm pretty sure if the elites of Punjab had it their way this policy would not exist.   
    • He is being deceptive of course, using the voting percentage of the 2019 Lok Sabha poll against the combined nine assembly segments that make up Sangrur Lok Sabha seat vote share just three months ago.  The vote shares from both elections in Sangrur Lok Sabha seat for all parties is    March 2022                                 June 2022 Total votes 1370K                          710K AAP 642K   46.9%                          247K  35% SAD(B) 134K  9.79%                       44K 6.4% INC 237K   17.29%                          79.5k 11.19%      BJP 28K  2.05%                              66K  9.3% SAD(A)  76K 5.5%                           252K 35.5%  The BJP percentage increase is deceptive because they only stood in 3 assembly seats out of the 9 that make up the Sangrur Lok Sabha seat in March 2022. . Simranjit Singh Mann's win was astounding because he did not have the same party machinery that any of the other parties and was mainly helped by the youth who took to canvassing for him on a big scale, Also social media helped because the Mann supporters were able to utilise SM much more effectively that they could in March 2022.  I have always written that a Panthic party should be the real third alternative to the Congress and Badal Akalis, now with the defeat of Badal, it looks like the Panthic party will be the third alternative between Congress and AAP.   
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