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The Mick Lynch Video The Government Doesn’t Want You To See


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1 hour ago, Premi5 said:

Do you support the strikes @dallysingh101?


I support what they are standing for. I've worked in various industries, but settled in a working class one. I see how much hard work is done by people, especially railway workers, who work in all weathers to keep things going. I'm no shirk when it comes to graft, but what I've seen these guys do is tough by any standards. 

I'm reminded of all the older Sikh generations to me, who we used to laugh at (as id1ot children) for being binghey tedhey. Now I know the truth of how they were essentially worked so hard, that it prematurely caused serious, permanent, physical health issues.

I know the railway industry.  Network Rail aren't short of money at all - just the income from renting out the 'arches' under railway bridges to various yuppee businesses makes them a fortune. They own more land than probably anyone else. So I understand the call for a more fairer distribution of wealth - that goes for here and our own heartland - Panjab.  Where you've all seen how workers are exploited by people in videos I've recently posted, whether this be in a dhabha or picking up cow shyte all day for some jumped up peasant.  

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