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Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

Sadh sangat ji i am a brand new member here on this forum and i would like to express my apreciation to sikhsangat for the wonderful job they are doing. It is truly an amazing seva that you have undertaken.

My question is, does the sangat know of any sikhi sites that discuss indian politics in any way? Something that i can read and learn about whats going on in India. For example i hear about badal and how bad he is but i have never read about what kind of things he's done or what the whole deal is with him. If there is a site like this could the sangat kindly point me in that direction. Thank you

Waheguru Ang Sang

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Usually when i wants to know about Indian Politics, i go to Tribuneindia.com and then Punjab section. But most of the indian press do not cover the issue completely like Showing the evidence and so on. It's always incomplete, maybe their media is backward or they are corrupt.

Welcome to SikhSangat :umm:

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