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    The recent posts have been something very special. Sarab Kalaa Samrath - https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86724-sarab-kalaa-samrath/ Simran Guidance – https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86754-simran-guidance/ How long does Kirpa take - https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86782-how-long-does-kirpa-take/ Daas got bairaag age 13 and been serious about spirituality ever since. It’s hard to find anyone with serious interest in God so I don’t have any friends. I joined this forum out of loneliness to get involved with simran discussions, hence I can go into detail when given the chance. Unfortunately I realised it’s far too easy to share personal things on a anonymous forum because you imagine everyone else is ‘good’. Some people have been here for years arguing, bickering and insulting others. They couldn’t care less about helping anyone. When you clash with these people over things so personal to you it hurts. There might be some genuine spiritual seekers here interested in simran, maybe they don’t even have an account but they like to read things. My ardaas was for them to receive proper guidance regarding how to get started. With kirpa of Guru Nanak Dev Ji my ardaas has been fulfilled. This is a gift to those people. Getting started and not giving up is the thing, Guru sahib then give you all the right guidance from inside once you are ready for it. We discussed about distractions, daas didn’t even have a smartphone or social media until age 19. Spiritual 'experiences' were a daily thing back then. If you want to meet God sacrifices have to be made. There was a time we were doing mool mantar 10pm to 6am then panj bania and getting ready for school, only sleeping once every 3 days when really tired. Sadly my body can't sit for that long now and needs regular sleep, it's why I miss being young. How many people here admire Sant Jarnail Singh Ji? You know Sant Ji wouldn’t even let Singhs in their jatha wear a wrist watch because it would cause distraction and Sant Ji were strict about everyone continuously reading bani/doing Simran whatever the time was. How do you think they would react to us spending hours daily on smartphones? I should practice what I have preached myself, including cutting out distractions. So this will be my last post for now. Might reply to posts occasionally using personal messenger. Please forgive me for any mistakes. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fathe
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    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheeguru ji ki fateh Social media can be a real distraction and addiction toward its usage does hurt us in a very bad way. Wishing you a chardikala future ahead. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheeguru ji ki fateh
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    True.If we tell them we do our part.If they dont listen then that's on them.
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    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh, Wish you chardikala always on the onward journey , Stay blessed veer ji Waheguru ji ka Khalsa , Waheguru ji Ki Fateh
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    Please respect all regardless of personal opinions on certain things. Please do not put down others but instead lift our community up.
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    Thank you so so much. Your posts have really helped me. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to talk with you again. Stay safe. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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    when it comes to getting a job in the uk, work experience and a good Resume/CV is much more important than having a degree. Degrees don't guarantee jobs in the uk unless it's something like medicine.
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    Me personally am from UK. But family is from there lah!
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    The Chinese particularly ones of the early part of last century feared Sikhs because we are " big dark hairy devils". Sikhs that lived in the Far East during the early part of the 20th century were not the biggest fans of the Chinese. My grandfather in his youth, though his English was not the best was fluent in about three of the Chinese dialects (Hakka, Hokien, Cantonese ) as well as Malay. (This pre- Lee Kuan Yew Singapore when Chinese people did not mix with each other if they spoke different dialects) If you ever meet an old time Sikh in Singapore, Malaysia will surprise you in their fluency in Chinese.
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    Very, very hard as am in the same boat. I suppose if / when they tell u to get involved u could simply speak out tukhts where it states Nindia is wrong? (NOT Sant ka nindhk stated in Sukhmani Sahib) but other times Maharaaj mentions Nindia / juglia. If they get it, good. If not... U perfomed your duty, did yer bit.
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    Given that Indian /eastern society tends to push the faith of the father onto the kids as the only choice , which my folks were also worried about because of relatives speaking that way I can see how an unconverted male would be an unknown quantity and there would be a huge risk of apostacy from sikhi if the female is not versed or willing to bring up her kids in sikhi . In my case, we had to talk through such future things as a couple and in the gurdwara when we got married we made an explicit promise to bring up kids in Sikhi . Maybe it was just us because any other marriage I had seen there no granthi etc ever gave that sikhiya. In the case of the mona punjabi , the couple should have been offered the marriage course like catholics do before the anand karaj so that they know just what they are entering, promising etc and then decide if they will try for anand Karaj by devoting themselves to Guru ji . Being a sikh is a privilege not a right ...so let's give it the respect it deserves As I heard in a video yesterday "these days sikhs say why do we need to have amrit , guys. Guru Gobind Singh ji begged for amrit to be worthy of being called Singh , are you more special than Guru Gobind Singh ji?" Another pangti came up in my feed where Guru ji says you have no strength/will to keep your kesh and try to say that times have changed , this comment was made to sikh back in the time when Guru ji was in Deh form so you can see resistance has always been there and Guru ji has given his faisla at that time
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    any form of drug taking is deterimental to you , you lose conciousness of the true goal of life . These fools are indicating that they are so weak willed they can be lead around by the nose like sheep by all and sundry 'just to fit in' . My guess these are urbanites who also happen do fasts for ramadan, matha tek in hindu temples because all religions are the same ... Why would anyone sane spoil their health , their reputations , sitting in a shisha bar giving their money away to musley/hindus who are busy laughing all the while because are stealing our children's future happiness away by targetting our girls whilst attacking and undermining our boys sikhi? They need a tight slap to get their heads right HOOKAH is one of the 4 bajjar kurehits , HARAM is sangh of par istri /mard , also taking of another's rights HAJAMAT is Removal of body hair HALAL is eating rituallly killed meat but also enslavement of captives, child/multiple marriage etc People need to study and think on Guru ji's hukams and realise that if they love those four habit so much they have ZERO rights pretending to be a sikh
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    There has been a lot of propaganda against Master Tara Singh. This propaganda was especially flamed by Sant Fateh Singh's group of Akalis who were rivals of Master Tara Singh. Pakistanis hated him because he destroyed their dream of swallowing up all of Punjab instead of getting just their demographic share. Many Khalistanis who grew close to Pakistan after 1984 took up the Pakistani narrative of Master Tara Singh of making him into some sort of Hindu agent to divide Sikhs and Muslims. If it wasn't for Master Tara Singh we would have ended up like the Sindhi Hindus. After partition his life was a constant struggle to get Punjabi Suba created. He went to jail repeatedly. He never amassed any wealth and lived a simple life unlike today's politicians. As for Ambedkar, I think his conversion is largely blown out of proportion. Sikhs had welcomed him to convert. A Sikh royal family even offered him the hand of their daughter to his nephew if he converted. Akalis back then opened up a Khalsa college in Maharashtra in participation that he was going to convert. And when he chose Buddhism only a few lakh followers of his converted not millions of Dalits as had been expected.
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    Kirpa comes when Guru Sahib become happy with you. But there are few things you can do to help yourself. We will discuss Paap and Distractions here. Paap A poet writes: Paath vi karde haan, Jaap vi karde haan, Kite rab he na banjiye, Eseliye paap vi karde haan ~ We pray, We mediate, But so we don't actually turn into God, We also commit sin We discussed moving towards experiencing/meeting God on the Simran Guidance post here: https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86754-simran-guidance/ Simran and paath are steps towards God, but paap are steps away from God. By trying to conduct our lives according to the teachings of our great Guru's we can move away, and keep away from paap. Going A to B is easy, unless we keeping taking steps backwards. Distractions Parmatma Ji is sitting inside you, when our focus comes inwards we come closer to meeting him. But look at the Sikhs from time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji versus us. Look how many distractions there are now which actually, 100 years ago didn't even exist. TV, instant news, films, magazines, smartphones, social media, forums , etc. This is a big thing for the serious spiritual seeker to consider. All of these innovations stop our mind from focusing inwards. Even when dhiyan comes inwards, these distractions keep pulling it back out - "check my notifications", "did they reply to my comment?". Kuljug got it's teeth deep into us. Why are FB and IG so popular? Because they are designed to have endless scrolling - it feeds our greed for gossip and information. People seem to always need external stimulus like phone or tv to stop them getting bored. When you can sit on your own, close your eyes and be content this is called Oup Assan (sitting with your own self inside thir ghar) Prabh ki ustat karo sant meet, savdhan akagar cheet ~ Paise God oh my saints and friends, but do it with alert and focused mind.
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    Yes you can read bani for someone in this way to help them. But encourage your son to read/listen himself also. Because slowly he will realise kirpa contained in Gurbani and that’s a big gift to give your son. Rest of his life he will know Gurbani is the source of anything he needs

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