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  1. LOL where is the rest of the Shabad? you think taking a paragraph that is seen as postive can be used in a sly manner? think again. OP. there is nothing wrong in having some leisure time, it's permitted as long as you don't fall deep into it and resorting into manmatt ways.
  2. Dastaar day! Sikhs make your voices heard, wear your Turbans and gather in your thousands let the words of Shah-I-ShenshahGuru Gobind Singh Ji Khalsa Mahraaj Sahib become true, where Sikhs can be recognised the world over!
  3. Some shall, some not. 'Jisnu to jania, soe sun jane' To whom you give your knowledge to shall know. :waheguru:
  4. Good. USA are the perpetrators of many attrocities across the world. Over a million innocents killed in Iraq, Afghanistan. Burning a flag is nothing in comparison.
  5. The Khanda are two swords of Miri and Piri. The Double edged sword in the middle is the one used by Dasam Guru Nanak Dev Ji in the Amrit Sanchar. Shiv does not own or rule the sun! Shiva Lingum is a large black stone with white marks. Nothing like the Khanda. Hindus worship Shivs genitals (meat and two veg??!!) idiots. Sikhs do not worship it let alone stick his dong on their heads!!!
  6. Here I shall post my favourite Shabads and Dharmic Geet. Hope you like them too. Guru Fateh Sangat! :respect: Sahib Jina Diyan Manne :respect:
  7. These family members are naive, but those so called 'Gianis' that are approached why on earth are they not saying in each Gurdwara that sorry but we don't take Maharaaj to halls etc etc? they just want the maya!
  8. The Khalsa can never end. God brought it upon this earth and he alone can eradicate it if he so wishes. I used to feel sad at all this, then it dawned upon me that Waheguru is the Master and that mmany other Religions have the same. Within Christianity the doubt about the Ressurection, even that Jesus was God and the Bible etc. Also some Muslims say the Quran is not in it's original state and things have been added etc etc. All I know is that Mahraaj says 'Kuaar Hoye Sab Milenge, Bache Sharan Jo Hoye'' [those that REMAIN (Khalas/Pure) shall re-unite] My Lord God knows what the plan is, and I accept it without doubt or fear! Fateh Ji.
  9. It was raining but the Sadh Sangat attended. Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Da Gurgaddi Diwas. Fateh Ji Khalsa! http://www.sikhchannel.tv/
  10. The irony is both sides are doing it for their love of Dhan Dhan Shah-i-Shenshah Dervesh Guru Gobind Singh Ji Khalsa. One is saying that no matter what, this is his Gurbani and we will respect it no matter what people are saying about the explicit nature of some of it. On the other side they are saying there is no way that Mahraaj can even write such explicitness, if you look at the character, that there's no possibilty that it's him because that's unfathomable that the Lord Incarnate can write such filth. At the end of the day, Waheguru knows and we should just concentrate on Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
  11. Sikhs themselves are the biggest threat. Panjab has become a ghetto of uneducated, drunken, intoxicated fools.
  12. So so so many. But my faves are.... Sant Niranjan Singh Sant Anoop Singh Bhai Joginder Singh Bhai Balwinder Singh (Love Kathas so much) Bhai Davinder Singh Bhai Giani Maskeen Singh Bibi Snatam Kaur Bhai Amarjit Singh
  13. There is Sikh TV. Sangat TV, what is the other one?
  14. All I say is Muhammed had long hair (it is written he had long curly hair and a beard) Krishna had long hair, Jesus Christ had long hair, Buddha had long hair. Hair is important, it is the will of the Almighty. Samson had long hair, and when his wife tricked him and cut off his lock he lost his super strength. It is said God has long hair too, also the Bible says ''We are all created in Gods image'' so why then do we want to change this? All are within his Hukam.
  15. Nice big gathering at Sikh Channel - a rundown of the SGPC and what it was established for.
  16. OH <edited>. Guru Gobind Mahraaj said the only Guru of the Sikhs is the Guru Granth Sahib, so who are you to tell us whom we are to call Guru? <edited> <banned word filter activated>.
  17. Dasam Granth Ji is just that. There can only ever be One Guru at anyone time, yes? then why do so called 'gangsta' 'Sikhs' on purpose name it 'Guru' the Guru (as instructed by the Guru they claim to love said that Shri Guru Granth Sahib is Your ONLY GURU) YET FOOLS IGNORE THIS. KUMALEH LOG, YOU'RE GOING AGAINST THE DASAM GURU WHEN YOU SAY IT'S THE DASAM GURU GRANTH.
  18. It's nice to see Islamic and Sikhi unions. But going as far as a live broadcast of the funeral? would Muslims channels do the same for Sikhs? no.
  19. Dhal vich kuch kala lagda, actually sari dhal kali lagdi! :s
  20. I do wish people who begin a thread would post the links to the reputable sources they've obtained their information from. Where did Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji say that?
  21. It's always best to contact the Gurdwaras directly, they can then say if the rumours are true or not.
  22. EDL hate Islam fullstop. That's wrong. As we saw on Sangat TV Sikhs and Muslims were united, if they hate all then why did they unite? BNP/EDL are the same under a new banner. Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, HIndus, Buddhists, Jews are and should be united against such organisations.
  23. How on earth has my affliation with my religion got to do with where I live you tool. Sikhs have been praised by the whole of the country twitter, newspapers can be used as a source. So you take your filthy face elsewhere. It's not welcome here with all your negative posts regarding Sikhs. Khalsa is on the Rise!
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