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  1. If they are legit sants and even if theyre not, get down flat on the floor physically or in the heart, out of respect, because all is God, all is the Great Master, and great are those who practice Truth.
  2. Naam simran, ie recognising god to be everyone, everywhere and everything through his naam which connects us to the entire universe and to the truth of it, that there is no image, there is only Nothing ie balance. There are no highs or lows, no pain or pleasure, everything with an image is false, everything to do with the senses(even sixth sense) is false, its just all God who lives in Truth 24/7 i.e God is Truth and truth is the nothingness which is the Greatest and only pleasure.
  3. Why would anyone not be allowed to say one of gods names? We all are Him, we all belong to Him.
  4. Khalsa in the words of Guru Gobind Ji= "Day and night, he worships the Living Light. He does not entertain any thought of duality. Perfect Love and perfect conviction adorn his personality. How can he follow fasting (rituals) or, even by accident, pray to an idol or a grave? His pilgrimage will be Daan (giving), mercy, self-discipline of tolerance, and self-control. He sees only the One, One God everywhere. Only when The Perfect Light fully illuminates his heart, can you call him Khalsa. Otherwise, he is not Khalsa." (DG, p.712) Now who can truly say they are worthy of being called khalsa? Khalsa in this description is one who has killed his mind- only then is there no duality and God is seen everywhere. The true Nirvair is when He is seen everywhere and everyone and all is accepted as him regardless of how we may see it as dukhi or see people who hurt and slander us as bad. The acceptance that all is him is nirboah, because no matter the pain, we recognise it to be Him and only Him and can continue on the path regardless of all the dukhi it can bring, ie slander, torture, death etc. In short, only a bhagat whos heart is perfect can be called a khalsa, when the rest of us are not worthy of the title, why use it on ourselves so freely?
  5. It's not just those who wear turbans. I am not amritdhari and get abused, both verbally and physically by many, even/ especially my own family for practicing Truth. It may not just be the turban, it's probably the fact that most on here are trying to discover who they really are. The kalyug negative energies that people harbour and emit sense this Truth/light that we emit and it irritates them greatly, hence you will find many amritdharis/students of Truth being slandered, targeted and even killed and or tortured- like our Gurus, those who have accepted martyrdom etc. How many of you have been targeted by people and the motive of the attacker is totally illogical. Negativity is very powerful, not only are we attacked by humans(who have become demons on earth due to the negative frequecies they vibrate at), we are also attacked by demons/ghosts who do not like us doing bhagti. My advice is to get used to it, it's MahaKalyug, all we can do is teach people out of the illusionary bulls*it until Peoples thoughts clean up or thoughts die, bringing along Satyug.
  6. Lol, you can be egoless! Living in truth is living in naam- it's like a frequency which actually is everything that exists. To live in it(by attuning oneself to it), one becomes egoless and desireless, hence one can be a tramp living on a street and still be content.
  7. That Sakhi was not about Ridhi Sidhia, it was about Guru Angad Ji's devotion and was also about devotees who claimed they were True to the Guru falling due to greed and a lack of faith. If the false devotees had had true faith the silly plonkers would have known that the Guru and the Truth is priceless- instead they were seduced by the false. Unconditional Love is about accepting Gods will, Guru Angad Ji accepted the command to eat a dead body in the sakhi- 100% surrender and trust is required to excel. But yes riddhi siddia can lead to a devotee falling off the path also(by succumbing to ego and greed as well as the other theives).
  8. It's MahaKalyug now and there are Puran Brahmgyanis already taking on seva/ Have bhagats taking on seva that most humans and even self proclaimed Brahmgyanis or holy people(in Maha Kalyug even the brahmgyani order can be blind to Truth Practices) are blind to. One who practices Only Truth would not be blind to the state of the earth realm at the moment. The world can be flooded with Amrit over and over and lost souls(Who become demons in their negative states) can be sent to the next world over and over again but the air is poisoned as the maya dwellers breathe Out. Ones energy is determined by the thoughts one thinks and ones psychology. Ie. one who practices and lives in Truth is helping the world, one indulging in negative thought(one may argue actions, but a negative action is the result of a negative thought, always.) is bringing the world down into the state of Kalyug. Satyug will come when Truth is Practiced. Hence Do not sit around waiting for a hero, practice truth by surrendering 100% to the Guru, (not later when the time suits You, but Now in this blessed moment god has bestowed upon you) i.e accepting everything past present and future as perfect and applying the gyan of the Guru(Gurbani and those who are the embodiment of Gurbani-(one who lives breathes and serves the Truth) to your life) and Teaching the Truth to others.
  9. He was a Brahmgyani and taught the world Fearless Love(Nirboah and Nirvair) through acceptance of matyrdom which is the gyan of god, accepting God's will(hukam) ('thy Will be done') no matter what(an Act of True unconditional love) ie. remaining psychologically at peace and in acceptance in any given situation, recognising god to be pervading everywhere in every action. He taught seva, taught us to love our neighbour(the whole world) regardless of their sins and to see the holy spirit (naam/truth) in all (nirvair)- he asked god to forgive the sinners(the fools) for they 'know not what they do'- for they haven't considered the consequences of their actions. He taught divine love and respect for the all pervading holy spirit (naam/Truth). He taught us to tell the truth, to love truth in action and to serve the truth. Yes even the white skinned folk have been taught puran sat.
  10. It's a nasha beyond anything we could ever describe or imagine for even imagination is limited... - It comes when we have no wants or desires- i.e when we Silence the Mind(The Ego- the only thing that makes us believe we are seperate from the creator).
  11. two, three abductions a week?!! Why are the gurdwarras not taking steps to stop this from happening. Oh yeh thats right, their operators are too busy pocketing money, running party halls and getting piss*d down at Glassy junction! -I also don't see money being put aside by every single gurdwarra to go to the poor each week- what happened to helping the poor as per gurbani, what happened to giving Daswandh to charity or the gurdwarra to go to charity???!!! -I don't see serious issues being addressed by gurdwarras, only a business like mentality. To everyone on this forum who has any sway with gurdwara leaders- please try and convince them to start taking their roles more seriously or to step down.
  12. If people are worried about being related then I would suggest marrying out of caste. Most of my blood related cousins do not share my surname, so instead of pulling out the family tree, just marry someone from a different caste or nationality. We are all human, and god resides in us all, thats what counts, whether we marry a white person, black person, chinese person, Italian or German and so on and so forth lol. If you do share the same surname as someone then I guess pull out your family trees or create one to avoid confusion. But I'm willing to bet that we are all inbred in way or another, but then that's what happens when you continuously marry in the same caste over and over again... Most of my cousins are also related to my other cousins in some way or another, some of them are related to me twice on mum and dads side. I bet Baba Nanak knew this would happen, lol we really should have heeded his proclamation that there is 'No Hindu No Muslim'... :stupidme: To everyone on here who want to marry another Sikh, there are plenty of sikhs who are other races who regularly practice samadhi(silencing of the mind, the highest deed of a human and our aim in this life). I've seen many white sikhs in America who regularly go into samadhi through attunement to naam/Truth instead of sitting around procrastinating and indulging in their thoughts(Ego). They just go for it- it's a great thing to see, and I bow humbly at their feet, for that is the true divine slavery/ surrender and application of gurbani- just about every single page of gurbani directs us to this and states it as being the highest deed in life. As for caste, it is not just caste that our Gurus and Bhagat Ravidas and Kabir Ji preached against, it is races aswell, Baba Nanak said we are all the same- it's time people started putting their ego's and snobbery away and realised it.
  13. Lol you are again coming up with weak arguments. 1) You are clearly missing the message Baba Nanak was trying to portray. Yes it is okay for us to point our feet towards Guru Ji, if we are loving him entirely in our heart and as everything and everyone including the slanderer and the saint, including the Idol that is Kaaba and Satan himself. God is restricted to no place, hence the reason the Gurus said every thing they see is pure. When you point your feet to the end of your bed at night you are pointing it right in the Gurus Face- there is no denying this truth. The Gurmukh does not need to face a certain way to experience God, we do not need to sit to the east or west and the worship does not need to be done in a gurdwarra when the Guru is all pervading- We are able to remember and feel him within and without us 24/7- hence the gurbani truths that the gurmukh lives in remebrance of God day and night. It is a love beyond the confines of imagery, and fear- beyond the shackles of logic which is the sole thing that holds us here in the cycle of births and deaths. It cannot be explained, only experienced. My friend, when you are attached to imagery, you see things as bad and good, when you are attached to God, you see every action and every little thing as hukam and as perfect. When the moghuls plagued the earth, they were actually God himself- Gurbani calls them the messenger of death- sent by god himself. Listen carefully.... Our beloved Gurus were not attached to imagery. They had the Power of God for they were merged in Him. If they wanted the moghuls dead they would have died in an instant with one inner command or raise of the hand- millions upon millions of moghuls would have dropped dead for no reason at the Command of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. But He let them live. Why? Because he respected Gods Hukam- the law of hukam is that every single little thing is God's will and command according to karma. The rapist rapes because of karma, the murderer kills because of karma, the celebrity is famous because of karma- there is no pity in this game, there is compassion, but no pity, for everyone earns what they reap- it is God's law. What you see with the foolishness of the meat and alcohol in party halls is God's khel at work. Alcohol causes mental illness and hinders the path of Sikhi in a spiritual sense, it also attracts demons and negative energies in the khel so it should not be served. Meat heightens the five theives so should only really be eaten by high level truth seekers and warriors who can handle it and have taken steps to kill the mind i.e the five theives, hence jhatka. When you are attached to imagery and get angry and fuelled up at people and things, you are feeding your theives. A gurmukh calmly accepts it as hukam internally, for they know everything around them is false imagery. The gurmukh speaks the truth to the wrong doers calmly and takes action if need be- all with a calm heart, remaining in the balanced state of Truth- they recognise the wrong doing as gods hukam and perfect according to karma, so don't get overly flustered, then take righteous action and speech to remedy the situation. At the moment, a few elderly people sitting on chairs to remeber God and hence bringing the light of his Knowledge into this darkest age known to mindkind(in the khel) should really be seen as a pro. Yes if people are acting st*pid and drinking in the gurdwarra etc then calmly go militant on them, but to single out people sitting and meditating on Truth is utterly ridiculous and yes, very much laughable.
  14. Yes angels/Shaheeds exist, I have seen them, but there are also demons that dress as angels to decieve people, I have also seen them- One really just needs to use their intution to feel which it is. Purity can be felt and darkness can be recognised by one who has taken their eyes out and can truly Feel. True purity is the recognition that all imagery is false. There is no Angel or Demon, Only Him teaching us lessons and giving us tests to see how deserving we are of Him. It is all in His Hukam.
  15. Attachment to imagery is false, hence one caring about ones looks (wearing a dastar) is attachment. Guru Ji had rid himself of all Attachments, when one rids themselves of all identity then everything is simply God's hukam, we merge with God and he works through us, his eternal slaves of No image accept that they are Nothing in 100% surrender at the feet of truth. If one wears a dastar now, it is simply hukam, if one walks out in nothing but a blanket, thats also God's hukam. If god commands one to shave their head bald, it will be done, every single action and movement is driven by God himself, there is no more sense of 'Me', it is God and the Truth seeker together. So many wear the dastar and ruin it with their ego and sense of pride, this age is becoming darker and more attached and deluded by imagery. If one can wear it and not think about it, and their external appearance, then fine- because the Entire Aim of Sikhi and Gurbani is the Silencing of the mind. It is only when one takes serious steps towards doing this that one actually physically begins to realise God/ Truth. Until then we are simply procrastinating, digger ourselves deeper into the false imagery and maya sh**t of ego and pride, the sense that I am doing this and that- Noones doing anything, we're just puppets played by the puppetmaster.
  16. Family, friends, spouses etc are simply Distractions on the path. We are defined by our attachments- eg. the rich mans wife is proud, the poor mans wife is harworking etc. No Attachments= No Identity(Being Nothing, no Ego(Mind))= Jivan Mukt. The Reality is: We are all attached to false images- that is the Attachment. We all live contrary to Nirvair, recognising him everywhere in all, and Nirbaoh, being fearless as he is everywhere, in All. All is God- He has no Image, hence attachment to imagery is false- Gurbani is all about Detachment. Heaven is a maya image as is Hell. The highs(happiness/heaven) are false as are the lows(pain/hell). When one realises the Primal Void of Nothingness as the True reality (which is where God resides) one rids all attachments(distractions and procrastinations) and lives in Simple Truth. We are nothing, He is Nothing- it is so simple but is a fact our egos refuse to accept, we rise to arguments, our egos grow in praise and lash out at slander. There is nothing to lash out at, there is nothing to be sad about, We are Nothing(No image, no identity, no caste, no creed) Like Him, so what identity is there to protect in anger, what slander is there to rise to, what praise is there to be proud about? What can one who is in the highest Nasha of being Nothing(no image) and recognises Nothingness all around possibly ever desire and get lusful and greedy for, or attached or jealous of? He was always there, he never left, we just percieve everything as seperate to him. This refusal to accept the simple Truth shows how dark this age really is. Guru Gobind Singh Ji once said it is better to live in the world with God than in the world that is burning in hellfire with strangers.
  17. Some peoples views on here are Foolish and laughable to say the least. Firstly, when Baba Nanak went to Mecca, he faced his feet towards the Kaaba. This was not just because the kaaba is a rock or an idol. He was trying to make a point that God resides everywhere so who cares where we point our feet. He was trying to say that respect for God comes from within, not without and that when he is recognised to be every where in Everything, that's true respect. Yes respect to Guru Granth Sahib Ji is deserved, but to see the Guru in everything and everyone, ie. the elderly lady or man sitting at the back on the chair, is the best deed. I give respect to my Guru while sitting on the toilet, I see him in the <banned word filter activated> in the toilet, in everything and every one. When the Guru Merges with god, he becomes All pervading like the One. You judge elderly people who wish to come and meditate in remembrance of Him, who sit on chairs because they find it more comfortable, yet you ignore Him every second in those very same people. That's not respect and it makes you a hypocrite. It is no crime for a perfectly able person to sit risen above Guru Granth Sahib Ji if they felt comfortable and it helped them go into meditation or deep samadhi and to silence the mind, for that is our aim in life. Faced with the choice to live another janam in Kalyug/ without bhagti or to sit in the Gurdwarra comfortably doing naam simran and going into samadhi, I would happily choose the latter- and the Guru would be happy with His student, for She would have passed his test. I go into samadhi whilst on the toilet as I find that comfortable- is someone going to slander me? When I go into samadhi in the Gurdwarra, people think I'm sleeping, does anyone really think I care? Sometime the amrit flows spins my chakras and makes my body make sudden uncontrollable movements, like I'm dancing- people stare, but do you think I care? Sometimes I lie completely flat on the floor in prostration to God in the Gurdwarra, people stare, but I really don't give a rat as**. Guru Ji said On this path to give our heads to Him and pay no attention to public opinion. Everyones path is unique, Anything that leads to the silencing of the mind is good- Silencing of the mind is the death of the Ego- it is the highest seva on earth for without Ego we are God himself- Ego(Mind) is what seperates Us from Him. This is what Kalyug has come to, judging those who come and pay respects to the Guru by hook or by crook even if it means sitting on a chair at the back due to illness. This is also where many Amritdharis have fallen and become egotistical and deluded(not all, just a hel* of alot) Why not go and judge the many granthis who pocket gurdwarra money and spend it on getting drunk down at Glassy Junction, or those boys and girls who come to the gurdwarra just to pull, or those amritdhari boys who diss girls and slander (Sachkandhs most serious and punishable crime) in the Gurdwarra but keep up the external show, instead of disabled old grannys and grandads who just want to remeber God in these Darkest Times?
  18. The bit Highlighted in Bold is True. But when we accept God's will, we do it without any expectation of return. A love- which is pure acceptance of Gods will unconditionally i.e acceptance of the Hot Plate of Matyrdom- is the gyan of God, i.e remaining pysychologically sound in every situation. It is is simply living in Truth, attuning yourself to His frequency- recognising God in everyone in every situation. Who is the Hot plate? God. Who is the torturer? God Himself. Who is there to fear and whats there not to love when everyone and everything is Him? It is a love beyond logic and our programmed maya knowledge, it cannot be explained, for his state cannot truly be described- to love and accept all as perfect (Nirvair) and to Fear nothing(Nirboa), knowing all is Him is the real love. Because it cant be explained, we can only feel it- thats why reading gurbani is not enough, we must apply it.
  19. Enough Said!! :happybouncer: Although I will add this... Apply this gyan to your daily life(remember and believe it, say it within if you need to)- Every single bad thought is GOD Himself. When you realise this, the thoughts wont bother you- all around you is god, in the image of Nothingness, a frequency that once we attune ourselves to(and which brings Samadhi and silences the mind), we become like him. As our discoveries increase our frequencies(think of us like atoms vibrating at frequencies) our frequency gets finer until the Truth is revealed in all its glory. God is just teaching you that there is something wrong with you so work on it, strive for perfection and to live in Truth always and the thoughts wont bother you. The problem with All of us is that we refuse to live in simplicity. The Truth is Simple but instead of trusting in it and trusting that it ultimately brings us the highest bliss, maya (God himself) makes us doubt it - it makes things seem more complicated than they are(all is God, we are God but we see others and ourselves to be seperate, making life more comlicated and painful) so we sink deeper and deeper into maya, consumed and deluded by our own pain(hell) which is actually non existant. We deny ourselves happiness out of fear. Every bad thought, every person who makes us angry, every person whos slander we rise to is actually God himself testing how affiliated we are to Maya and how worthy we are of finding Him. We are Nothing like God so who cares if someone slanders us, its just God himself seeing if we will take measures to overcome the test he's setting and attune ourselves to Truth instead of digging ourselves deeper into maya by reacting in Jealousy or Hate. Take the hint God's giving you, pass his tests and live in Truth.
  20. Come now, you're calling girls who do drugs sikh? Really people are taking liberties here calling every one and anyone born to sikh parents or self proclaimed sikh parents 'sikh'. A sikh(Student of Truth) is only so by deed, end of story. We do not force self proclaimed sikhs to believe anything, only educate. These girls have been to the gurdwarras, they've most likely seen translated gurbani on the big projector screens in the gurdwarra but have chosen to turn a blind eye- or have come across sikh teachings but chosen not to listen. It is their choice, they cannot be forced to start behaving in accordance to gurbani, Speak Truth to them and if they don't listen, accept and respect that it just isn't their time yet- it's all God hukam. There are plenty of god fearing people out there who would love to hear the sikh doctrines, many muslims and hindus dropped their narrow minded ideals and embraced Truth back in the day, lets speak truth to others aswell if our relatives are not listening.
  21. Naam simran is the instruction given to us on just about every page of gurbani. Gurbani says naam is the greatest seva and the reason we were born. Attuune yourself to the balanced gyan of God(Truth/Satnam/naam) that pervades the universe(is All That Exists). It will detach you from highs and lows, and keep you in this balanced state- apply it throughout every situation in life, the nasha of it is beautiful, with it we are able to handle anything while remaining detached from worldly pleasure and pain, in a high nasha. The more we apply gurbani, ie nirboa and nirvair and attune ourselves to naam/truth, the finer our frequency becomes until we discover the Truth in all it's glory when we deserve it.
  22. It is one thing judging and another telling the Truth. The correct thing to do if you thought you would need to abort if you had a baby would have been not to have sexual relations in the first place. Aborting is killing full stop, It is murdering a life that God has sent into the world, as long as it is there in the womb no matter how small, it is a life. There are places you could have gone if you had a baby that would be able to help you and give you advice. If you could afford a trip to India you could have gone to a country with womens shelters etc. I understand you have had pain, but there is no justification for abortion at all, souls spend millions of years trying to gain this precious human life, to take one away once it has reached here is wrong. Noone is strong enough for life, every single person you see and speak to is in pain, it is Kalyug, many religions agree this is darkest age ever known to mankind, but it is like this for a reason, it is in our darkest moments that we turn to and call on God.
  23. You do realise that aborting a baby is murder don't you? If you were willing to kill your baby, then unfortunely you deserve all the heartache in the world and I do not feel for you, karma gets served to all of us. Mandy bhenji I take back my comment about not being compassionate if this is the case and apologise.
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