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  1. If you haven’t grown up in that environment in Punjab it’s hard to fathom how a Sikh could be in Congress Party. The ground reality is that Sikhs by and large are evenly split between Akalis and Congress. It starts at the village level where family rivalries and caste rivalries ensure that there will always be two opposing sides. Only the congress and akalis have offered the possibility of the vote leading to state power. If you look at the congress roster, it is full of Sardars with colourful paggs, same as the akalis. Congress offers a chance at getting into power for the influential sardar by offering both the strategic hindu vote and half the sikh vote, whereas the akali dal will mostly rely on the sikh vote, unless they have a bjp/bsp hookup. The current top guys like Navjot Sidhu and Channi are not die-hard congressis btw. There was a furore by the Hindu Congress strongman Sunil Jakhar that both Navjot Sidhu and Channi had NOT observed/tweeted about Indira Gandhi on her death anniversary on Oct 31! There is plenty more I can expand on the nuances of Indian/ Punjab politics, but my main message would be not to jump the gun and throw labels on people for joining any party. Whether it’s Moosewala or Sirsa, you have to look at what they can do for us and how we can manipulate these politicians to our benefit, instead of blindly throwing the gadhaar label. These politicians, like all politicians the world over, are in it by and large to quench their lust for power. It’s how we use them that defines our political acumen. Here's the results from 2017 Punjab Elections to give you a feel for popular support:
  2. Having a centralized team, or smaller localized teams, behind the scenes verifying accounts and corresponding directly would really set this service apart. Perhaps a prototype could be launched using this site by creating a matrimonial section? Have anonymous postings with a verification vichola that connects the matches? Just brainstorming.
  3. What's with the depressing topics ?First the jatt bashing one that went on to record breaking lengths in heated arguments, and now this ? You need to do some introspection and find your inner peace my friend. I have a suspicion that your personal life has had serious problems with "jatts" and "kaurs". Does it relate back to you not being able to find a partner? Do you feel undeserving jatts are lapping up all the good females?
  4. I’m no fan of the tactics and overall methodology of this group, but at least they are doing more than me or you. These endeavors are more for keeping the flame of hope alive. There’s no chance of any this referendum stuff working about, we all know this, as probably do the organizers. It’s more about giving the Hindu deep state an un-scratchable itch. Keep reminding them we’re still kicking around in some form. It does annoy the deep state that we haven’t collapsed and faded as they had envisioned. Every single one of us is looking for prosperity, security, and a future. That’s why our kaum is running around all over the globe. But deep down we know our long term survival as a religious group hinges on a sovereign homeland. Nobody will sacrifice until they have no other choice left. The religiously motivated who can overcome this are far too few to make any kind of difference. We in the west will only fight for our homeland when the west is up in flames and we are among countless other groups running around like headless chickens trying to find safety. When war engulfs the world and there is destruction all around, that will be the next opportunity to lay it all on the line and fight for our land and perhaps some more for good measure. War cleanses the egos of the mighty. Wait for it.
  5. This is very interesting stuff! Do you think the different castes that made up a village were ancestrally from the same group of people?? Over time the division of labour led to solidified classes?
  6. Brother you have a gift of really articulating things. Always awesome to read your posts! Sometimes I feel our kaum is just caught in a whirlwind of issues of modernity, coming from all directions, that it's hard to even grasp all that is going on. It's like the intellectual manpower is so small that the leaks and bursts in the panthic ship are impossible to seal. Also, your point on the british arrival is spot on. It does feel like our natural progression to regional power was cut short prematurely. We appeared to have arisen like a pheonix, claiming a strong faith based hold on the region that, if given another 200 years, would have largely converted over most muslims and hindus.( It's always socio-economic and political reasons people convert en masse. The spiritual converts are always few, yet famously inspirational). And you know the kind of dominos affect this leads to as observed from what happened in Indonesia and Malaysia. It might have swept north India even.
  7. That is a delusional and absurd map made by a group as equally delusional. Nonetheless, at the heart of the Sikh desire for their own state is not some malevolent intentions for their fellow Hindu neighbours, it is a wish for the preservation of their way of life going into the future within the safety of a sovereign state. We don’t hate India or Hindus. We just want our remaining small piece of land. Kind of like how Pandavs were settling for a few villages while forfeiting their kingdom to their Kaurav cousins. Even within any potential Sikh state there is no ill intention against our fellow Punjabi Hindu brothers. In any case, how can 1.5% Sikhs cause any real harm to Hindus or India? It’s more to do with preserving our existence. All we want is some form of sovereignty within our 1.5% land for our 1.5% kaum. Is it really asking for too much?
  8. Perhaps more of you guys should consider Canada or US. These places won't have an Islamic whip-hand, that's for sure. UK and western Europe are heading towards a disastrous muslim population surge in the next generation, both with migrants and high birth rates. I've seen a steady trickle of UK-raised apnay move out here in BC ever since I can remember.
  9. We might be at the beginning of a bottleneck period where social structures that kept people in the faith will collapse to the point of no return, who knows. Just have to keep trekking along and see. People can instinctively see where the benefit and the easy path lies, and if nothing is stopping them, they will follow it. It may mean their lineage melts into a broader culture, but people could care less these days. It's just the point of where humanity is. As long as we have some beej-matra khalsa, we should be okay going into the future. Eventually some people will regret their decisions and see value in the Guru's Way and return home. Others will have drifted too far out. Just have to keep faith in the Guru, brother, there's not much me or you can do. And you know, if the Guru chooses, he could send in the heavy guns to turn the tides.
  10. So...............you're not one of us? This changes everything. Joking. Cheer up brother. There are some good ones too.
  11. We seem to lack wisdom and foresight, and prefer quick reactionary actions and then continue dealing with the ensuing mess for the better part of a generation. Our lot were both fighting aganist the british and for the british with no idea of what the hell the outcome is going to be. But fight we must, lol. Same with every other hot topic that comes up. We quickly feel the need to fall into a camp and pursue it with unnecessary passion.
  12. ^^ Thanks for posting this @dallysingh101. It's so awesome to have these original sources. I hope our people can start reading these invaluable sources and make up their own minds and not get herded around.
  13. Our people need to really wake-up to the current geo-politics and world power structures before placing our hopes on these silly adventures. We have no allies. NONE. We have no bargaining power and nothing to offer. We are fools if we think the UN or UK government, or any other western government gives a damn for our aspirations. The sooner reality hits home, the sooner we can start on the long and hard march to freedom. We keep playing the same cards from nearly half a century back. If you aren't up to date, forget about playing even.
  14. I think this recent rebranding of Vaiskahi and Diwali, and the cutting out of poornmashi and sangrand, is showing more of our own insecurities. The Panth has worked fine using the original names, while celebrating it in our own way. Think about it, no one does Vaisakhi at Anandpur sahib like the Sikhs. And nobody does Diwali at Amritsar like the Sikhs. We rightfully "steal the thunder"! It presents an easy bridge for Hindus to cross into the Panth. Diwali and Vaisakhi are about 6 months apart and were understood to be the largest gathering points of the year even during Guru Ji’s time. These dates and events were used to take ownership of the vast heritage of Bharat. Guru sahibaan could have used Eid too, but they didn’t. Vaisakhi and Diwali shows we have a rightful claim to Bharat, including all its history. Sadly today our intellectuals are busy cutting all ties to our dharmic roots in complete contrast to the way this faith was practiced and envisioned by Guru sahibaan themselves. We are going to end up with nothing going down this lane. The sanatans are going to brand us as foreigners in our own land.
  15. You know what, I just kept watching that video in utter horror hoping there is some safety custom that is going to protect that little child from the old pedo rapist. How the hell does that father keep living after willingly handing over his little girl? How is their society still functioning with such evil?
  16. I think the challenge is that the word Khalistan has been dragged through the mud by the government mouthpiece media in India. Say “Khalistan” and the brain registers anti-India, anti-Hindu, pro-Pakistan and pro-Muslim. We need to dissociate this imagery. There are plenty of other nations within South Asia that exist perfectly well and our land should be seen the same. For example, Hindus don’t hate Nepal for being an independent Hindu-majority nation right along its northern border, where it could very well fit into the Indian republic. We need to covey to Hindu India that we don’t hate them, we don’t hate India, and wish them no harm. We want to exit independently as equal neighbours just like their other neighbours (apart from Pakistan, obviously!). We also need to somehow convince our Punjabi Hindus that their prosperity and security will not deteriorate in an independent Punjab/Khalistan. It’s tough, but it needs to be done. Lastly, I think it’s a big mistake to align with Pakistan, even at a superficial level.
  17. The realistic approach would be increasing our percentage across western rajasthan border districts all the way through to rann of kutchh in gujrat. We MUST have a contingious demographic and geographic linkage to the sea for a viable state. Our priorities should be heavy charity based parchar in these areas combined with strengthening our numbers in Punjab. Making these SFJ type fantasy maps is setting us up for mockery. I wonder if they know the areas they've yellowed would have a 90 million population with sikhs under 20 %.
  18. Nice topic. I’m a fan of urbanization, so I would envision a scenario where the diaspora doesn’t head back to their villages (the ones that came from pinds). I like Ludhiana because of its centrality in Punjab (even though the air and water pollution is off the charts!). More likely the diaspora would settle the outskirts of Chandigarh in the Punjab portion (towns like Mohali and New Chandigarh) because of the cleaner air and proximity to the shivalik hills. But for my scenario I am going with Ludhiana. Ludhiana city is 66% Hindu and 29% Sikh with a population of 1.9 million (2021 estimate). It would require all 2 million diaspora sikhs to be stuffed in there to raise our percentage to 65 %. If we were to take the higher estimate of a 3 million diaspora, and all settled in Ludhiana, our percentage would be 71%. All 3 million diaspora would raise Punjab’s Sikh percentage from 57% to 62%. Just shows how little our raw numbers add up back home within our own state, forget about India as a whole. Our strength lies in our prosperity outside of India. Within India 2-3 million barely registers. I mean there are 25 million babies born per year in India! But even with the minor percent rise, our economic strength would be the real game changer as @proactive pointed out. We could shift the economic power into Sikh hands within some Punjabi cities, while the rural is already in the basket.
  19. Sorry for your loss my friend. You’re still at a decent age to get remarried and have children. It’s only going to feel lonelier as the years roll on. Having children keeps people on track, motivated to keep working, and keeps one busy. You’ll feel a purpose to keep going in the face of inner demons dragging you down. Just some advice. You know yourself better than anyone, so make your decisions for yourself brother. If you still need time for healing for moving forward, I think that’s fine. But reality is going to remain the same, the sooner you catch up, the better for you.
  20. The very last pangti really hits me when I read the hukamnama, brother. Use your wisdom to decide. Can you easily fix this house issue if it does need to be fixed? Are you gambling by "hoping" nothing goes wrong? Don't gamble if your intuition says no, because if you sincerely believe in Guruji, your intuition is a great way of knowing what you should be doing.
  21. Yeah brother! Punjab has a base for industry that needs to be grown, modernized, and supported by Punjabis themselves. The vision should be, we need this and that tool....lets make it! We need this or that farm machine....lets make it! We need this or that parts...lets make them here! You already have towns like Mandi Gobindgarh and Bassi Pathana with strong industrial metal working and parts manufacturing, and cities like Ludhiana. What's missing is a sense of hope, a will to make it happen, a vision of success..yadda yadda yadda.
  22. Creating a network across punjab of these village cooperatives would help us farm crops we can market to our state first and foremost, and then look at national and international market conditions to see what could be grown for particular time frames. Sharing Punjab wide data it's possible to create non-binding agreements of zones for growing certain crops. This prevents exploitation of our resources and prevents glut. If we continue to blindly grow rice and wheat when India has a surplus, then you know what is eventually going to happen. Never a good idea to have all your eggs in a two crop system, especially a system that has depleted the ground water to a depth that will not replenish, and what water is in the ground is unfit for drinking, hence the malwa cancer epidemic.
  23. Addding on to what I said earlier, transitioning out of agriculture isn’t going to shut down agriculture. You can manage the same level of farming in Punjab with 1/100 the current number of people directly engaged in it, especially with modern technology. Villages can create cooperative farming lease agreements and continue ownership while living in the city. I know my farming community, there is no way in hell they will part with their ancestral land. Keeping ownership and as a partial income source without actually farming it will be the best-case scenario. I’m unsure what the average acreage of a Punjab village is, my guess would be around 500 acres. But imagine having farming scale at this level. It would be much easier to diversify, cut down on input costs, build storage facilities so they aren’t dependent on mandis, and even direct marketing.
  24. India is going to keep chugging along with its large middle class and small upper class enjoying the fruits of cheap labour supplied by the massive lower class. Only thing that will disrupt this is war with china and pakistan or a catastrophic disease. We need to focus on Punjab’s economy, which directly influences 70% of the total Sikh population. Got to transition out of agriculture/ pind life and urbanize. Stop looking towards government jobs and concentrate on business and higher education with economic focus, not just useless degrees. Ludhiana and Jallundar are ideal for creating a mega city urban area as they are central and allow massive absorption of a good chunk of Punjab villages. Instead of wasting our water on rice cultivation, we need to use it for urban and industrial use. We need to stop looking towards others for our solutions. No matter the policies of the central government, we need to rise to the occasion and take our destiny into our own hands. Economic sovereignty.
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