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  1. He will ensure your used shoes are returned
  2. First and foremost, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh and Sat Sri Akaal. The video below is a interview of Sardar Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji, a trailblazer and iconic figure for the Sikh panth who passed away due to complications of Covid-19 and/or shortage of oxygen as witnessing/reading his tweet on Twitter. I do believe that in foreign nations like incredible India known for being the most vile and having the corrupt authority system, L. Sardar Jarnail Singh did the right thing of hurling the shoe at the congress party member many years back and he vividly and vocally states in his
  3. https://jodhsingh.medium.com/the-manipulation-of-gurbani-and-the-sikh-gurus-for-gender-politics-77225b1c9cb7 As Bhai Prahlad puts it, the 11th and eternal Sikh Guru is of a non-human form; the dual-form of the Guru Granth Sahib as well as the Khalsa. However, to relegate this legacy to a 1:1 comparisons of a specific human attribute (in this case, gender) to then claim that the human Gurus were “subservient to that attribute” is a misnomer. As mentioned above, Sikh literature doesn’t ambiguate as regards to the gender of the physical form the Gurus took upon this Earth; in fa
  4. This video illustrates notable female personalities across the globe where assorted topics are mentioned ranging from politics, career-paths, science, philosophy of Sikh heritage from a countless angles and breadth and depth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=husNH4RW-gQ Thank you. Best Wishes Guest MamTha3890
  5. Where do you think these guys are heading as a race, people, etc? What do you think about whites and their growing hostility for each other based on issues to do with race, sexual identity, political leanings, etc? Are they being played, or is it something a little less conspiratorial? Who are the good guys and the bad guys in this standoff? Or is it a bit of both? Are those who strive to defend their traditions and their past in the right, or is it those who want to push through what they see as progress? Personally I've decided to detach my emotions from this debate, but I'm
  6. Found it I remembered something I wrote here 6 years ago warning everyone about a new style of divisive politics that would soon be coming our way. At that time (end of 2014) I said politicians would appear who would do and say a serious of crazy, unbelievable seemingly contradictory things that on the face of it would seem illogical but the intent would be to confuse and divide. For a while now I've been looking for that thread. At that time, I stated that the new style owes it's origins to the world of art, specifically the Russian Vladislav Surkov who went from art to politics as Puti
  7. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh I have been a lurker on this site for about a year and I decided to make an account to call to attention a pattern I have noticed in politics relating to the Sikh Quam and politics in general throughout the world. There has been a concerted effort to push different demographics of countries against one another. This is called ideological subversion and it is done to cause demoralization and destabilization in a country. It explains the rise of populist/nationalist movements throughout the world. The polarization of politics in the st
  8. We live in the age of the meme. It's said Trump's unexpected victory was partly attributable to the strength of memetic warfare undertaken by 5hitposters on the internet who trolled him into office. What may seem like irreverent and ironic fun to most people, actually has some impact on reality. In a world which is increasingly veering into territory that leaves one with very little choice but to laugh at the madness of it all, I thought it was high time this forum had its own space where we could share stuff we've come across on the internet that's relevant to us as a community in the 21st ce
  9. I wouldn't imagine that some of our apnay would be doing work with North Korea.
  10. Guest


    What is the gurmat view on politics? If I remember correctly, one of guru gobind singh ji's 52 hukam was for sikhs to take an active interest in politics, but how far are we supposed to take this? This coming from someone who knows nothing about the politics of UK.
  11. Guest

    Bill 21 Quebec

    WaheguruJiKaKhalsaWaheguruJiKiFateh! Quebec's Sikhs need your help! Bill 21 bans all public sector employees like teachers, police, and lawyers from wearing any religious symbols. This means that Sikhs can not work while wearing their Dastar, Kara, or Kirpan. This law cannot be struck down by a judge for its violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms due to the Quebec provincial government's use of the notwithstanding clause. The Federal government is capable of repealing the law (disallowment) but they will only do so if the public forces them to. Disallowment can also only
  12. Given the unfair advantage of testosterone levels, Bone Strength and Basic Stamina.... Should they be allowed to compete against Biological Women Just because they feel like a woman ? i Think this is absolute Gender inequality.
  13. Opinions on Katie Hopkins? i think she's funny, i don't take her seriously but she is entertaining. I do agree with her views on fat people and feminists wanting special rights and not equal rights
  14. He meditates like Sikhs, and he is a religious man, how is he viewed in the sikh community?
  15. ਸਿਖਮਤਵਿਚਅਕਾਲਪੁਰਖਜੀਦਾਪ੍ਰਤੱਖਦਰਸ਼ਨਗੁਰੂਗ੍ਰੰਥਸਾਹਿਬਜੀਦਾਹੈਅਥਵਾਗੁਰਾਂਸੰਤਾਂਦਾਹੈ।।ਤਥਾਹੀਭਗਵਤੀਦਾਪ੍ਰਤੱਖਧੇਇਸਰੂਪਸ੍ਰੀਸਾਹਿਬਆਦਿਕਸ਼ਸਤ੍ਰਾਂਅਸਤ੍ਰਾਂਦਾਦਰਸ਼ਨਹੈ।। In Sikhism, to view the [sargun] form of Akal Purkh you can look towards Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as well as Saints. Like this to the [sargun] form of Bhagvati [Devi/Chandi] for one to view weapons [shastar and astar]. https://www.manglacharan.com/home/devi-in-khalsa-dharam-shaastar https://www.manglacharan.com/home/call-to-arms-by-guru-gobind-singh-ji He's Amritdhari, it needs to get done. Just tried calling the
  16. Admins and Mods: As discussed, this will be my last post on this forum. Please deactivate my account afterwards. I confess that I actually did enjoy my time on here, but paradigm shifts are manifesting in the Sikh world- the traditionalist Sikhs are slowly, albeit surely, being questioned and their status as some de-facto priestly class is being effaced day-by-day. The Sikh youth, long fed on the dribble of some autonomous religio-political Khalistan, are beginning to awaken and unite to control their own future. Tragically, violence and Ad hominem seem to be the only retorts which the traditi
  17. What is keeping India, a country of 100 ethnic groups together ? Simple, it's Hinduism. 77 percent of the country is Hindu, however, before the british, it was only united a few times, like the Ashoka empire and the Gupta empire and maybe the mughal empire. The fact remains, majority of the times, it's was split into many local kingdoms and many ethnic gropus. Unlike yugoslavia, another country made up of many ethnic groups which broke up, India has managed to remain the same since the 47. However, even today, people still hangout with their groups. South Indians hang out South Indians, Panjab
  18. Sometimes I wonder the events of '84 can't go without its long term repurcussions for india. The law of karma states if you do something bad to someone, bad will happen to you. Often , the longer the time between sin and its comeback, the more the punishment. I wonder sometimes if the current political scenario of North korea vs US one one front and India vs China and some future unseen scenario could lead things to escalate such that the countries responsible for human carnage will have to payback their karma. I heard one prophecy where china and russia marches onto india . My mo
  19. Nowadays, i think Canadian media is beginning to propagate against sikhs in general. I have seen many articles from ctv, the toronto sun and other major news outlets within canada that are anti-sikh and sell lies to the common person, mostly because of partial truths of 1984 being spread within canada. There is probably anti-sikh indian/Indian government officials behind all of this, so my question was Do we have our own news outlets propogating truth to the mainstream public, if not we should make our own. Otherwise, we will have clueless people going against sikhi.
  20. I read the following passage in another thread. Instead of going off topic on the original thread, I have created this new one. -------------------------------------------------------------- I disagree that Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma has achieved many things by siding with Parkash Badal and his Dal. What has Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma accomplished in the affairs of the SGPC, Punjab's Government, or Sikh sovereignty since he's headed Dam Dami Taksal Mehta, headed the Sant Samaj, and nurtured such a warm relationship with the Badal family and the Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) at large?
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