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Dusht Bhaniarawala attacked


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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fathe

rolleyes.gif None taken Rochak veerji... but if I am so bold as to take another stab at this topic (no pun intended), i would agree with you on that i would go and kick his &%* with you. But this is a perfect example of someone who was corrupted enough to stop caring what guru ji thought of him. Simply scared, twisted, or angry, he declared himself a guru. So what i'm trying to get at, is that you're: 1. Wasting your time because anything you can do to him (lean in) guru ji can make it a million times worse, and 2. He isn't worth your time and i'm fairly sure you don't want to go to hell. B)

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fathe

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agree with phenji simran.. first when i saw the topic i tot sum chardikala guy got attacked and when i really read all the post i was like ohmy.gif why on earth caling this type of fella BABA... even few of my friends who came in as guests questioned me this.. if posb pls remove da baba title from dis fella...

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

here is a more detailed account of wat happened

Ambala, September 24

Baba Piara Singh Bhaniarawala was allegedly stabbed twice while he was waiting outside a court in the city this morning.

The incident took place while Baba Bhaniarawala was sitting inside a Sumo and Punjab police personnel were on guard duty. He was waiting for his case to come up in the court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate.

At about 11 am, a youth posing as a `follower’ walked up to the vehicle in which Baba was seated. The youth sought his blessings and made an offering of Rs 20.

Suddenly, the youth whipped out a knife with a long blade. Even before the Punjab police personnel could react, the youth stabbed Baba Bhaniarawala in his neck and back. Baba Bhaniarawala was taken aback by the attack.

Mr Udey Shankar, DSP, who rushed to the spot said the youth had been nabbed. During preliminary questioning, the youth Gopal Singh revealed that he was a resident of Samana in Patiala, Punjab. “We are questioning him,” he said. The exact cause of the attack by Gopal Singh is not yet known.

After Baba Bhaniarawala was attacked, he was rushed to the local Civil Hospital, where medical aid was given to him. Doctors at the hospital said Baba Bhaniarawala had received two wounds. While the wound on his back is about 4 cm deep, another wound on the neck is about 3 cm deep.

Baba Bhaniarawala’s white kurta-pajama was soaked in blood. Baba told the police personnel that he did not know the person who had attacked him. Thereafter, Baba Bhaniarawala was transferred to the PGI, Chandigarh.

Baba’s lawyers al

leged that a Haryana Akali Dal leader was behind the attack. They also said the Punjab police had failed to look after the security of Baba Bhaniarawala.

A lawyer said they were going to file an application in the court seeking exemption for Baba Bhaniarawala following today’s incident.

An eye-witness said that the incident took place suddenly. “We were having tea. A youth walked up to Baba Bhaniarawala and stabbed him. Baba Bhaniarawala cried out in pain,” she said.

Earlier also during Baba’s appearance in the local court, Akali workers and Baba followers had clashed in which a person sustained injuries.

Baba Bhaniarawala had become controversial as his `granth’ had hurt religious feelings. Tensions were further increased when their were a couple of burning incidents. Cases were registered in Punjab against Baba. Baba Bhaniarawala had moved the Punjab and Haryana High Court seeking that the cases are transferred to outside Punjab.

DHAMANA (ROPAR): The police on Wednesday cordoned off the dera of Baba Piara Singh Bhaniarawala at Dhamana village about 25 km from Ropar. Baba Bhaniarawala returned to his dera here after undergoing treatment at the PGI, Chandigarh.

The police was not allowing anyone to go inside his residence without verifying their credentials. Even his followers were being checked thoroughly before being allowed inside. While talking to the correspondent at his dera Baba Bhaniarawala said certain persons of Nurpurbedi were behind the conspiracy to eliminate him. He had already informed the Ropar SSP and the Punjab Government about the threat to his life. However, the police did not take any action against the culprits.

He further alleged that a few persons also want to vitiate the atmosphere of the state by planning an attack on him and provoking his followers. He appealed his followers to maintain peace.

The police was apprehending an influx of Baba Bhaniarawala’s followers at Dhamana village as the news of attack on him spread in the state.

The influx could create communal tension in the area as the local Akali organisations have been opposing the return of Bhaniarawala’s followers in the dera. In the recent past Akali organisation had pressurised the administration for stopping his birthday celebrations.

About two years ago the state witnessed communal tension as some followers of the Baba Piara Singh Bhaniarawala allegedly burned the copies of Guru Granth Sahib birs in various parts of the state. He claimed to be the reincarnation of Guru Gobind Singh and also wrote his own Bhav Sagar Samundar Granth that irked the Sikh community.

After the tension the police raided the dera of the Baba Bhaniarawala located in forests of Nurpurbedi and registered various cases against him. The government also banned his controversial granth.

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    • I’ve seen lots of alt communities or whatever inquire “which religion is the most tolerant, which is the most accepting, which will accept me as a LGBTQASHFKRLIV148959+, which will accept me because I’ve sinned, which will accept me bc I’m literally a pedo,  which will accept bc I’m a furry” literally stupid things like this and guess what everyone usually replies with. ”Sikhi” the whole modernization thing is a joke, just stick to ur roots. Stop promoting the religion as some kind of charity free for all accepting of all sins and degenerates type religion. Just filth will join the religion then, it’s already happening. The leaders and youth of Sikhi are such a massive joke.
    • Lol this is so common. This is the average wedding. Plus nowadays auntiyaan and young girls are dressing half naked in lenghas and saris and stuff or literally sometimes even a western dress. Men freely dance with women. Plus they hire some naked belly dancer or hire some Bhangra team dancing like monkeys at ur wedding. It’s awful. I assume it’s Punjabi culture. Let’s not mention all the men getting drunk and trying to hit on the women at the weddings.  So many young folks skip the gurudwara wedding too because it’s boring and they can’t get lit even though that’s the main part of the wedding & most important. Amritdhari men and women are less likely to engage in such activities tho, I don’t see them doing this, when they get invited to such weddings they sit in the corner and refuse to engage or dance and such.  I’m marrying into a non Punjabi family and me and my partner went to a Sikh wedding recently because he’s never experienced one and he was shocked and said he thought Sikhs were way more conservative.
    • I hate the way people throw money. It's usually a manmukh tradition to show how wealthy you are and you can just throw rupees around. It's nothing more than showing off.
    • While drinking alcohol is never a good thing, hearsay about such things may be unreliable. The fact is, at wedding receptions, everybody goes: children, drinkers, and non-drinkers. Obviously, there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available. Are the aunties absolutely sure the uncles were drinking whiskey?
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