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tape 34 out of 81:

suni-ai sat santokh gi-aan.

By Listening to Naam- one gets to know real essence of truth, contentment and spiritual wisdom.

Gyani ji gives an example of baba deep singh ji. How baba deep singh ji was embodiment of sat, santokh and gian, How he saved 38,000 women honor from mughal oppressors. Out of 38,000 women. One women was extremely beautiful. Singhs requested baba deep singh ji to give her ride home because our mind may can go astray. Baba Deep Singh Ji took five singhs along with him to drop her off. Women's beauty had no effect on him.

He was know as jat-sati(celibate), santokhi and bhramgyani mahapursh all because of reciting naam and listening to Naam..

suniai at(h)asat(h) kaa eisanaan ||

By Listening to Naam- one takes a cleansing bath of amrit after going through sixty-eight pilgrames which exist within our body, after one realizes that then they get same anand that people get after visiting 68 physical pilgrames.

suni-ai parh parh paavahi maan.

Firt one listens then recites and contemplates on it, then honor is obtained in this world(lok) and next world (parlok).

Gyani ji uses gives deep interpertations of this above tuk-

By listening to Naam, one rips(paaar)- 5 kosas/sheats (Anamay kosh, Pranmay Kosh, Manmay Kosh, Viganmay kosh, Anandmay Kosh), avidya(ignorance) through and get honor in this world (lok) and next world(parlok).

suni-ai laagai sahj Dhi-aan.

By listening to Naam- one intuitively grasp the essence of meditation, one automatically can concentrate on meditation all time.

Gyan ji gives an example of Bhai Gonda Ji one day he was fully concentrating on Guru Har Rai Ji's feet. Guru Ji didn't move and had his eyes closed even when sevadar requested Guru ji to eat food. Guru ji after 4 pm did naitar parkash( opened his eyes from samadhi). Sikhs asked Guru Ji what happened? Guru ji replied, today bhai gonda ji held on to my feet as in was concentrating on my image. How can i leave him, i was binded with his love.

Gyani ji says- Dhan(concentration) has soo much power. When someone is remembering Vahiguroo with dhyaan(concentration), vahiguroo gives devotee darshan(come to see devotee).

Then Guru Ji says:

naanak bhagtaa sadaa vigaas.

O Nanak, the devotees are forever in bliss.

suni-ai dookh paap kaa naas. ||10||

By Listening to Naam-pain and sin are erased.

suniai saraa gunaa kae gaah ||

By Listening to Naam, one dive's deep into the ocean of virtue.

By Listening to Naam one's surati(concentration) merge with shabad and hit its aim which is nirankar.

Sara means- Sarovar(ocean)

Guna- virtues like truth, contement, knowledge etc.

Gaaha means aim

To be continued:

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tape 35 out of 81:

suniai saekh peer paathisaah ||

By listening to Naam one comes to know about Shaykhs, religious scholars, spiritual teachers and emperors.

suniai a(n)dhhae paavehi raahu ||

By Listening to Naam- the ignorant blind ones and even the blind who literally cannot see, can find the spiritual Path.

Guru Ji also says:

Keh Nanak Eh Naaitar Andh Saie Satgur milae Deeb-dristh hoe ||

suniai haathh hovai asagaahu ||

By listening(sarvan) to the Naam-deep ocean becomes size of hand and one can easily across the worldy ocean.

Gyani ji gives an example how maharaja ranjit singh once came to know when his main general hari singh nalva got killed. He took off with his horse and his soldiers to fight the enemy. While he was going, on his away he found deep river which he had to across in order to reach destination. Maharaja ranjit singh ji stopped near edge of river, one of mahapursh- baba bir singh ji naurangabad asked maharaja ranjit singh, what's wrong? He replied there is deep river ahead. what should be done? Baba Bir Singh Ji told maharaja ranjit singh, this is nothing, guru maharaj ji told us `suniai haathh hovai asagaahu ||. We shall do ardas. They did ardas with full faith, please bless us to come across the deep river. There were few hundred turks who didn't had faith and still had doubts in their minds. Maharaja ji did vahiguroo jap after ardas, and his horse stepped on water. When that happened, all depth of water disappeared and khalsa army with their horses was able to across the whole river easily, all of army was able to across the river except those who had doubt and lack of faith in their mind. They were drowned because of lack of faith.

To be Continued

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tape 36 out of 81

naanak bhagtaa sadaa vigaas.

Nanak says, the devotees are forever in bliss.

suni-ai dookh paap kaa naas. ||11||

By Listening to Naam-pain and sin are erased.

Then Guru Ji says:

mannay kee gat kahee na jaa-ay.

Those who follow bachan of Guru, their state of mind cannot be described.

Gyani ji gives an example from the history- how bhai jevan ji followed Guru Har Rai Ji's bachan. In 1712 bikrami When Guru Maharaj celebrated jor mela at Kartarpur Sahib.. there was this bhramin son's passed away. His father bought his dead body to Guru Ji. He begged Guru ji to bring him alive. Guru Ji told him, one has to stay in hakum of Vahiguroo. Sikhs besides also start requesting Guru Ji to bring him alive. Guru ji then said, okay if you wish to bring him alive then one of you should come forward and leave your body so hakum is not broken and other person can be bought back to life again because it be replacement. Most of sikhs there had their heads down in shame. After waiting a little, Guru Ji called for volunteers again, but same silence again. Guru Ji asked the third time, there was this sikh name- bhai jeevan ji he thought he should volunteer so he sneaked out from back door and went to his house, did ishnan and did japji sahib and realised his prana's(breath)/body. When that happened, son of bhramin got up. Guru Ji asked, who followed my bachan? One of sevadars told Guru Ji, it was bhai jeevan ji who got up and went home to gave up his body for this kid. Guru Ji said, here take your son. Pandit was really happy. Guru Ji said, bhai jeevan got all graces and will get higher state because he followed bachan.

Then Siri Guru Nanak Dev narrated:

jay ko kahai pichhai pachhutaa-ay.

One who tries to describe state of those who follow bachan of Guru shall regret the attempt.

kaagad kalam na likhanhaar.

No paper, no pen, no scribe can record the state of the faithful devoote.

mannay kaa bahi karan veechaar.

Those who follows bachan of guru, the veechar on their state cannot be done alone but in sangat one can only touch on their life and still will not be enough.

aisaa naam niranjan ho-ay.

Such is the Name of the Immaculate Lord.

jay ko man jaanai man ko-ay. ||12||

Only ones who have follow Naam in their mind comes to know such a state of mind.

Gyani ji talks about how naam needs to first reciten by tongue, listened with your ears, then with mind do vichar and contemplated on. But in order to do that, one should listen to katha arths of gurbani and do vichar of gurbani because mind gets fully concentrated and stays intact.

To be Continued:

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tape 37 out of 81:

Guru ji then says:

mannai surat hovai man buDh.

Those who have listened and followed discourses of Guru they get intuitive awareness(surat) about mind and intelligence, their surat merges with shabad.

Gyan ji shares an sakhi how one sikh came to Guru Maharaj told Guru Ji that i cannot get concentration in my mind. Guru Ji replied- tu dhan hai ( you are great).

Again next day, this sikh came to Guru Maharaj told the same thing, this time Guru Ji told him- Teri mata-pitta bhi dhan hai (your parents are also great).

Again he came back next day to guru ji and complained about the same thing, Guru Ji replied- tera pind bhi dhan hai ( your village is also great). This sikh got confused and asked i don't understand. Guru Ji explained him that you should thank to lord atleast you acknowledge that you have a mind, ninty-five percent of people in this earth living an life of an animal.

Since you have found or located the disease, you will also find cure of it.

Mann has four elements/names- Mann, Chit, Buddh, Ahankar. This is also known as Chatusta.

We call it mann when this mind does sankalp/vikalp( have thoughts), We call it buddhi when this mind in illusion consider false worldly things as truth and perceive truth(God) as false, We call it chit when mind is moody and desires for differe things, ahankar- we call it ahankar when mind says I am this, I am that, I am power, my status is high, I am better..!

When one acknowledges, accepts and contemplates :

Mann Tu Jot Saroop Hai, Apna Mool Painchaain ||

O mind, you are the manifestation of divine recnognize yourself.

They reach higher reality.

mannai sagal bhavan kee suDh.

By following guru discourses on Naam one knows about all outer worlds and realms,inner chakras(bhvans) within in the body, one's real self(atma).

mannai muhi chotaa naa khaa-ay.

The faithful in Guru's discourses- naam shall never be struck across the face.

Gyani ji gives an example how back in 1810 when mughals attacked the village and forced sikh women to convert into islam, but they didn't converted then they tried to stuck the sikh women with attachment tactics, they killed childrens of sikh women, they chopped the childrens of sikh women infront of their mothers but attachment tactics (muh di sat) used by mughals didn't work.

mannai jam kai saath na jaa-ay.

The faithful in Guru's discourses- naam do not go with the Messenger of Death.

Gyani ji says for gurmukh, at the time of death- either panj singhs, or mahapursh or even guru sometimes comes and take his sikh.

Gyani ji given an example- In a pind(village) name mandil, there was a sikh who used to do meditation. Sant baba gurbachan singh ji bhindranwale came to the pind. He attended sant ji discourses. He suddenly with respect told sant ji that I see panj pyares- five beloveds of khalsa . Sant Ji asked him , what are they saying ? He said they are asking me to do anand sahib da patt, since my time has came. Then this singh did anand sahib da patt and left his body.

Gyani ji gives an second example - In a pind(boparai) village, there was this sikh name- sardara singh. When his time came to leave the body, he told his parents -he sees sant baba attar singh ji muastaniewaly and he came to take me, my time has came then he happily left his body.

Gyani ji gives an another example how there was a premi(lover) of sant baba attar singh ji mustanaywaley name- Kartar Singh. When kartar singh time came, dasam patsah himself came to take him on his horse. On the way, Guru Gobind Singh Ji met sant baba attar singh ji in the farm and said- bhai attar sian, this sikh served you well. Sikh who does mahapursh di seva is beloved to me. Guru ji futher said, tell his family that I came to take him to Sachkhand and not to be sad/emotional.

aisaa naam niranjan ho-ay.

Such is the Name of the Immaculate Lord.

jay ko man jaanai man ko-ay. ||13||

Ones who have follow Naam in their mind, becomes naami/bhram saroop(embodiment of divine lord)

To be Continued:

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tape 38 out of 81

mannai maarag thaak na paa-ay.

Those who have followed Naam, their pathway shall never be blocked.

Guo Gir Sagar Marg Dahi ||

Faithful one can easily across Guo - Dharti, Gir- Moutains, Sagar- Oceans.

Gyani Ji talks about how there is internal pathway route to spirituality. Those who followed naam, their internal pathway as in chakras(energy points) in the body also gets opened and also they can go in and out in three lokas .

mannai pat si-o pargat jaa-ay.

Those who have followed Naam shall depart with honor and fame.

Deep interpertation of this gurbani tuk: Those who have followed Naam, naami merges with pat which is patti/paratma(God) appears in God's creation.

mannai mag na chalai panth.

Those who have followed Naam, do not follow empty religious rituals or go in wrong direction.

mannai Dharam saytee san-banDh.

Those who have followed Naam are firmly bound to the Dharma.

Gyan ji shares an sakhi - How during banda singh bahudar's time mughal captured an innocent young amritdhari who was about to get married, took him to their prison where hundreds sikhs were daily butchered because they didn't converted to Islam. This young amritdhari sikh was in que to get his head chopped off. When his turn came, his mother came out running and begged mughal authorities let him go, she said - we are hindu and we are not sikh. This young sikh told his mother in disappointment, you are not my mother and told the mughal authorities that I am baptised sikh and i don't know this women. My mother is - mata sahib kaur. Mughal leader was quite suprised by his faith in sikh dharam. Leader told him even though you are sikh. we will realise you. He disagreed and said, I wish to be killed for dharam. The mughal leader got even more suprised and said- ok sir, i realized now faith of sikh. I realize all your brothers with you. This young sikh boy with his faith in sikh dharam got himself realsed and got sixty sikh men also.

Gyani ji also shares how when it comes to matyrdom- sikhs who were in que of death row used to fight among themselves in pyaar of each other that I must go before you, other sikh says i must go before you. That is such a state of mind of a sikh who have followed Naam.

They also adapts virtues like karna (daya karni/feel compasionate towards others), mukta(feel happiness instead of feeling jealous of other's acheivement), matri bhav (consider everyone as freind), abahyakha- ignore avgun(non virtues) of others.

aisaa naam niranjan ho-ay.

Such is the Name of the Immaculate Lord.

jay ko man jaanai man ko-ay. ||14||

Only one who have follow Naam/Guru's discourses in their mind, becomes naami/bhram saroop(embodiment of divine lord).

Guru ji further said:

mannai paavahi mokh du-aar.

Those who have followed Naam find the Door of Liberation.

Gyani ji goes in detail: Those who have followed naam finds door of liberation (tenth door) by going through nine gates/doors within human body.

Bhagat Namdev says:

Moi Hoi Jai Mukht Dehogaie Mukh Janaaie Na Kohila ||

Once god aked bhagat namdev ji- what do you like?. He asked for Salvation. God said- that you will gain salvation once you left your body. Namdev Ji said to God- then how would this world know that I got liberated after meditating upon your Naam. God smiled and said, how could i say no to you? Here you have all my grace.

Gyani ji futher looks at the above tuk from different angle: Those who have followed naam goes through four doors to salvation after leaving the doors of this world.

First door is Sam (stopping of desires fully which are runs through mind).

Second door is Santokh ( be content of whatever you have)

Third door is Sat Sangat (being in company of holy ones)

Fourth door is door of Bhramgyan/Turiya avastha- going through above three doors one can easily open fourth door to salvation.

To be Continued:

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tape 39 out of 81:

Guru Ji further says:

mannai parvaarai saaDhaar.

Those who have followed Naam uplift and redeem their family and relations.

There are three types of family: 1) Family being in physical form. 2. Indria da parvar(Family of senses). 3. Mann Parvar(Family of mind). These are three parvars one goes through by following naam and becomes Gurmukh.

Those who have followed Naam not only redeem themselves but their family as well.

Those who have followed Naam have reedemed their family of five sense- sight, hear, taste, touch smell.

For example: Gyani Ji gives an example- when one's read's gurbani by remembering this verse from gurbani -

Eh Natairo Meraio Har Tumhe Jot Thari, Har Bhin Avar Na Dekho Koi, Har Bhin Avar Na Dekho Koi Nadri Har Nihalaya, Eho Vais Sansar Tum Dekhdai Eho Har Kaa Roop Hai Har Roop Nadri Aya Gurparsadi Bhujaya Ja Vaikha Har Ek Hai Har Bhin Avar Na Koi, Eh Nanak Aie Natair And Sai Satguru Milaie Drib Disht Hoi ||

Then they are able to redeem their senses.

Those who have followed Naam reedem their family of mind. Mind has five brithi(internal senses). 1. Parman Birthi - This sense is whatever you see, hear, smell has direct effect on our mind, causing mind to wander everywhere . 2. Viparjay Birthi- This vision in the mind causes mind to act reverse instead of following gurbani, guru maharaj hakums. 3. Nidh Birthi- This sense causes one sleepy both externally and as well internally sleepy (avidya-ignorance) in terms of failing to adapt knowledge. 4. Vikalap Brithi- This sense cause one greedy. 5. Smrithi Brithi: This sense causes mind to have flows of thoughts coming in when one tries to concentrate on reading prayers.

mannai tarai taaray gur sikh.

Those who have followed Naam are saved, first Guru are saved then they carries Sikhs across also.

Gyani ji gives an example of siri guru gobind singh ji doing tapayasa in his previous life as Dusth Duman:

Eh Bidh Kart Tapayasa Pio, Dvait taie ek roop ho Gayoo || (Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib Ji).

First Guru Ji in his previous life did tapayasa and across the worldy ocean then they take birth as Guru Avtar to make others across this worldy ocean as well.

Then Sikh by grace of guru across the worldy ocean. That sikh is gurmukh. Gyani ji added:

Gurmukh Kot Udhara Bhaai Dai Naavai Ek Khani ||

mannai naanak bhavahi na bhikh.

Those who have followed Naam, O Nanak, do not wander around begging.

aisaa naam niranjan ho-ay.

Such is the Name of the Immaculate Lord.

jay ko man jaanai man ko-ay. ||15||

Only one who have follow Naam/Guru's discourses in their mind, becomes naami/bhram saroop(embodiment of divine lord).

To be continued:

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tape - 40 out of 81

Gyani ji does quick recap on japji sahib. He said guru ji gave us adhyatamik vidiya from 1st to 7th pauri(stanza's) in japji sahib followed by Importance of Sarvan(listening), manan(following) from 7 puari onwards. Now this pauri will deal with nidhasan( contemplating on it). Saroop(characteristics) of nidasan is adapting sajati birthiya (virtues) and negating vijati birthiya(non virtues).

panch parvaan

Panch are those who are not stuck in parpanach(world). Their coming and going is not like mere mortals like us.

Such gurmukhs are parvan(accepted) infront of god and they are accepted in all three worlds(lokas).

panch parDhaan

Panch who are free from parpanch(world) are pardhan(head) every where. They have no restrictions impose on them.

Vahiguroo is saravyapak. He does not need any praise however Vahiguroo gives all the praise to his devotee's who come to this earth and spread his message and make them head(pardhan).

Hence, panch parvaan panch parDhaan.

panchay paavahi dargahi maan.

The chosen ones who are free from parpanch(world) are honored in the Court of the Dharamraja.

Gyani ji give example- How dharam raja consider himself such a lucky person and welcomed him when raja janak who was bhramgyani came to visit him and tell him to clear hell(jampur) and send them to heaven. Dharam raja said, i have vahiguroo's order. I cannot do that. Raja Janak said - here on scale weigh my moment of dhyaan of vahiguroo. When dharam raja start doing that, slowly all jampuri(hell) got fully empty.

panchay sohahi dar raajaan.

The chosen ones who are free from parpanch(world)look beautiful in the courts of kings.

Raajan word can be interpertated as plural as well as singular. Raajaan akhar if we look at it from singular context then raajan refers to vishnu who is consider even higher than bhrama and shiv. Even vishnu gets up from his throne to welcome the chosen ones who are free from parpanch(world).

panchaa kaa gur ayk Dhi-aan.

The chosen ones who are free from parpanch(world) meditate single-mindedly on the Guru.

Gursikhs asked Guru Maharaj ji, how did they become paanch(chose ones) and parvan(accepted) and are head(pardha). Guru ji said - they adapt virtues sat(truth), santok(contement), dharami,they also do immense vichar on bhram (God), shabad vichar( discussion on shabad).

Guru ji said narrarated: Panch parvan while giving discourse to his gursikhs.

Gyani ji gives an sakhi to support when paanch asked for something it's get parvan(accepted): This sakhi was nararated by sant baba harnam singh ji rampurkhera wale. He said, every night in the other world- all the sant's get together as a sant mandali and have discussions. It was one of night, he went to other world via transcedental meditation. There was a huge darbar where all the sant mandali was present. There was also Siri Guru Gobind Singh ji present there, Guru Ji asked rishi balmik to go back to earth and spread sikhi. Rishi balmik refused saying, Guru Ji i m afraid to go back again in earth which is full of maya. Then the whole sant mandali along Siri Guru Gobind Singh ji asked again, rishi balmik said i ll go back to this earth to spread sikhi for sake of guru maharaj and sant mandali.

panch parDhaan.

Choosen ones who conquered lust, greed, attachment, ego, anger are pardan/sirimoni(head).

To be continued:

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tape 41 out of 81:

panchay paavahi dargahi maan.

Choosen ones get honored in court of God, dharam raja, sangat.

Guru Ji says - All the 5 elements (sky, water, air, fire, earth) atributes are present in bhramgyani(choosen ones).

- Bhramgyani is nirdokh(non effected) like sky. Like for example- when people swear at them or beat them bhramgyani's state does not get effected just like how someone spits at the moon, spits comes back on their face..nothing happens to the moon like that nothing happens to bhramgyani even if people give them hard ships.

- Bhramgyani is like clean just like clarity in water.

Gurbani says:

Bhramgyani Nirmal Taie Nirmala Jaisa Maal Na lagaie jala ||

- just how fire has it's attribute of parkash(light), bhramgyani is parkashak roop also.

- Air is nirlaip(without attachment having equal effect) just like that bhramgyani is also nirlaip (without attachment having equal effect on every body.

- Even if one tries to dig the earth, earth has no effect, just like bhramgyani also has no effect even people try to intimidate them.

panchay sohahi dar raajaan

Chosen ones looks beautiful like kings in the world.

Guru Ji said: Bhramgyanis are free from 5 subtle elements: shaabd, saparash, ras, roop, gandh.

Bhramgyanis are free from shaabd (desireful talks).

Bhramgyanis are free from saparash(idiolizing body).

Bhramgyanis are free from ras (getting spark of bliss from materialstic stuff/vishey bhog anand).

Bhramgyanis are free from roop (watching roop - human body made of 5 elements, man made stuff).

Bhramgyanis are free from gandh (smelling fragance).

panchaa kaa gur ayk Dhi-aan.

The chosen ones always meditate single-mindedly on the Guru.

Bhramgyanis always meditate first on charan of Vahiguroo in sargun saroop then gets merged with nirgun saroop.

Then Sidhas yogis asked Guru Ji, please give discourse on yoga abhyas from panch parvan pauri.

Guru Ji said, stop five types of paun, five types of small paun and dhyaan on five different types of concentration.

Five types of paun are Pran, Upan, Saman, Bhyan, Udhayan

Guru ji said, real yogi is person who can can control over pran(breaths), apan(vaoio), Saman (energy exists everywhere), Bhyaan (energy exists in navel chakra) and Udhayn (energy exist in throat chakra). These pauns are connected with mind. If pauns are controlled then mind can be controlled too, also one can enhance their age and be healthy by this practise.. That's why saints recommend to extend your breath while reciting mantar. By extending your breaths, one will get peace and be free from thoughts, upon intensive practise one can control over mind.

Gyani ji gives demonstration- Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (one breath), Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(second breath), Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu(third breath), Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu(fourth breath).

To be continued.

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tape 42 out of 81:

Guru Ji said - Panch parvan which are controlling of five pauns that we discussed earlier.

Guru Ji then said: Panch pardhan.

Then there are five small puans which needs to be controlled by yogis. They are:

1. Karical- to cause sneezing

2. Kooram : to open eye lids

3. Naag: to cause belching/burping

4. Devdut- to cause yawning

5. Dhaniyay to inflate stomach after death

If an yogi can control over these five small pauns. Then yogis becomes panch pardhan and yogis are pardhan yog.

Then Guru Ji said: there are five types of concentration:

1. Kheechri- to be able to wake in sky.

2. Boochari- setting attention in Brahm and be able to have knowledge of each elements on the earth.

3. Charchari- attention always in brahm's excitements and be able to have power of not getting drowned in water.

4. Agoochari - getting free from all the six chakras and going straight to dasam dwara(teenth door).

5. Unmani - last stage of yogis taking breath all the way to tenth door and breaking bhramrandar nari(vein) with force of breath and go straight to Bhram Lok.

Gyani Ji said- when yogis leave their body, on their head(teenth door) one can see there is small spot of blood coming out. That is a indication that this yogis has broken bhramrandar nari(vein) with force of their breath and went straight to bhram lok(realm of bhram) in which they spent quite a bit of time doing transcedental meditation which eventually transforms to non-transcedental meditation (nirvakalap samadhi).

So Guru Ji recommended yogis, to control 10 pauns (five puans and smaller pauns) and master five types of concentration then only one can get to this state.

panchay paavahi dargahi maan.

Panch(Choosen ones) who gets to higher stage gets honored in dasam dwara(tenth door).

Guru Ji said- panchay sohahi dar raajaan and advised yogis to over come:

Five clashes tensions within this being.

1. Avidya- Education less- to be without sunlight.

2. Asmata: Not to have equilibrium.

3. False attachment and obsession

4. Jealously and enmity

5. Avinesh to be stubborn in direction opposite to veda shastras and Guru's teaching.

Guru ji also recommended them to focus on gur(creation):

Meditation on five elements:

1. Those who meditation upon earth up to knees do not remain buried in earth.

2. Meditate upon water up to the waist do not drown in water.

3. Meditate upon fire up to naval, do not burn fire.

4. Meditate upon air (wind) up to throat, can fly in air.

5. Meditate upon the sky with dasam dwar can listen all at will.

Hence narrated: panchaa kaa gur ayk Dhi-aan.

After following and contemplating on 10 pauns, 5 dhyans, 5 elements and over coming five tentions/clashes, yogis can get to higher stage of -

panch parvaan panch parDhaan.

panchay paavahi dargahi maan.

panchay sohahi dar raajaan

panchaa kaa gur ayk Dhi-aan.

Gyan ji shares an sakhi of an yogi who came to third guru and complained that I have been meditating for many years, i cannot get to any bliss. Please shower grace upon me. Guru ji told him- that you should leave your body and then you will be born in a baba mauri ji. Yogi ji did what Guru Ji told him. When baby was born in baba mauri ji household. Guru ji welcomed him and said - aagaya yogi ji and give him name- Anand Ji. Guru ji then recitted a gurbani whoever reads it gets anand which was later known as anand sahib.

Gursikhs then asked Guru ji. Please also explain us also meaning of paanch parvan panch dharan from Gurmat context.

Guru ji said: Five types of paun which are Pran, Upan, Saman, Bhyan, Udhayan also applies to you but from a gurmat context.

Pran: This state of recnognizing Vahiguro in everything-

Sab Gobind Hai Sab Gobind Hai Gobind Bin Nahi Koi ||

Upan: This state is being de-attached from world and attached with Vahiguroo.

Saman: This state is seeing Vahiguroo as saman(sarab vayaipaakh- everywhere).

Bhyaan: This state is being free from dvait(duality) and be non-dualistic(advait bhavna).

Udhaayan: This state is seeing this world as jungle and nothing else.

Guru Gobind Singh ji said in his dasam granth-

Re Mann Aiso Kar Sanayasa Ban Saie Sadhnan Sabha Kar Sumjho Man mein Meh Udasa ||

Guru Ji then gave gursikhs five types of dhyaan:

1. Kheechri- Contemplating on chida akash bhram(sky).

2. Boochari- Contemplating on bhoma roop bhram

3. Charchari- This state is stayin in the world as nirlaip just like water.

4. Agoochari - This state is overcome five senses.

5. Unmani - This stage is turiya avastha(one of pure consciousness state).

To be continued:

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tape 43 out of 81:

Guru Ji further explained the same five states but from a different context to Gurmukhs,

Five states of Mind:

1. Kheechri- This state is for satsanghi (being in company of holy who sing praises). This state could be also known as Dharam Khand.

2. Boochari- This state is for sevak (who has self service to the humanity). This state could be also known as Gyan Khand.

3. Charchar- This state is for a sikh who decides to take amrit in love of Guru. This state could be also known as Saram Khand.

4. Agoochari: This state is for a sanmukh sikh who recites Naam all day long and always loyal to his Guru and Gurbani. This state could be also known as Karam Khand.

5. Unmani - This state is for a Gurmukh also known as turiya avastha. This state is much higher than yogi' unmani state which was discussed earlier. This state could be also known as Sachkhand. This state cannot be described in words just like how can one describe sweetness after tasting sweets.

Gyan Ji talks about sant gyani sunder singh ji bhindranwale, how he showed the higher reality to eight of his sevaks. All the sevaks went in transcedental meditation with full of bliss. They heard Naam from walls to the bottom of the earth. After twenty- four hours these eight sevaks went back to their normal state asked sant ji, to bless them with this state all their life. Sant Ji said, just like how father take his kid on his shoulder in a huge gathering(mela) so that kid can see what's happening despite of his height, just like that I showed you such state exist so that you will not have doubts in future. If you wish to see it again, you have to grow up spiritually to that level. One should just hope such state could be attained in this life.

Sidhas then asked Guru Ji that one bachan you said : Nanak Nirmal Panth Chaalaya || Please shed some light on that, what kind will be your panth?

Guru Ji told them everything, how he will be in ten dress (10 forms). In the tenth dress, I shall make some changes in maryada create - Khalsa Panth and make siri guru granth sahib ji as 11th Guru. How there will be five beloved taking care of siri guru granth sahib ji and khalsa panth (intiate new comers to Khalsa Panth). Those five beloveds will be my -

Panch parvan.

Gyani ji talks how panj pyare who will be fully attuned to all the banis like- japji sahib, jaap sahib, tav parsad swaaye, benti chaupi sahib, anand sahib, rehras sahib and kirtan sohila where as Japji sahib gives bhramgyan, Jaap sahib is for bowing down (namaskar) to Akaal Purkh, Tav Parsad Svaaie breaks pakhand of a person, Benti Chaupi gives protection, Anand Sahib gives anand(bliss) to this being, Rehras sahib reconfirms your position in sachkhand and kirtan sohila protects at night from bad dreams and future consquences in case person dies in sleep.

Panch Pardhan.

tape 44 out of 81

Guru Ji then said:

panchay paavahi dargahi maan.

Those five(choosen) beloved ones will receive honor in the court of God.

panchay sohahi dar raajaan

Those five(choosen) beloved ones will look beautiful and will be king of kings.

panchaa kaa gur ayk Dhi-aan.

Those five(choosen) beloved ones will always have their dhyaan(concentration) on Guru.

Gyan ji talks about panch parvan pauri, how this puari is also dedicated to Vahiguroo(himself).

Panch Parvan.

Panch means head. Out of three lokas, who is the head? Vahiguroo himself is the head of all. Par means Vahiguroo is para roop and van means free from dukh(sadness). Vahiguroo itself is panch parvan.

Panch Pardhan.

Vahiguroo itself who is panch is also pardhan(head) which created 5 elements, 5 subtle elements, and whole creation.

panchay paavahi dargahi maan.

Vahiguroo who is everywhere, in his world this being receives mann(gyan/knowledge).who exactly gets gyan? Human being's 5 gyan indraie(senses).

Guru Gobind Singh Ji said,

Naamo Pan Panaaie ||

I bow down to the God's energy behind his creation.

panchay sohahi dar raajaan

Vahiguroo you are head out of all, in your door all your bhagats, sant, mahatama's looks beautiful like kings because of your grace.

panchaa kaa gur ayk Dhi-aan.

Vahiguroo which is parkashak roop (fully Illuminated), one should concentrate on that Vahiguroo which is Gur Chaitaan roop.

Vahiguroo gives nourishement to all five ishers: Bhrama, Shiv, Ganesh, Soraj, Energy(Shakti). Vahiguroo itself is param isher. So one should namaskar to energy behind these deities which is Akaal Purkh himself.

To be Continued:

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tape 45 out of 81:

Guru Ji said:

jay ko kahai karai veechaar.

No matter how much anyone tries to explain and describe them,

kartay kai karnai naahee sumaar.

the actions of the Creator cannot be counted.

Dhoul Dharam da-i-aa kaa poot.

The mythical bull is Dharma, the son of compassion;

Gyani ji further said: Dharam has four legs- sat(Truth), tap(penances), Daan(charity), Jog (meditation). Without these four legs dharam cannot be supported, dharam is son of compassion.

Gyan ji gives an example of how one mahapursh was doing bhagti, there was this person who was capturing turtles. Mahapursh asked him, what you doing?. He said, i will sell these turtles , people eat them. Mahapursh bought all of these turtles and gave him 50 rupees in return and then he went to godavari nadi(river) close by and left them the place they were picked up. This is an image of compassion.

Guru Ji further said:

santokh thaap rakhi-aa jin soot.

contenment which is used by dharam is what patiently holds the earth in its place.

Gyan ji gives an example how baba deep singh ji shahid once about to eat roti. He was just about to eat when singh gave him the news that turks abducted 30,000 women's from the village and took off. Shaahid Baba Deeep Singh Ji, said- first i shall free those women then only I shall eat roti. That much santokh Baba Deep Singh Ji had.

Adapt pure virtues like Dya(compassion), santokh(contenment) then only one can become dharami.

Sikhs asked guru ji, how can we adapt those virtues? Guru ji replied, from naam these virtues are born. Meditate on Naam, these virtues shall come in automatically.

jay ko bujhai hovai sachiaar.

One who understands this becomes truthful.

Dhavlai upar kaytaa bhaar.

What a great load there is on the bull(dharam)!

Dhartee hor parai hor hor.

So many worlds beyond this world-so very many!

tis tay bhaar talai kavan jor.

What power holds them, and supports their weight?

jee-a jaat rangaa kay naav.

The names and the colors of the assorted species of beings

sabhnaa likhi-aa vurhee kalaam.

were all inscribed by the Ever-flowing Pen of God.

ayhu laykhaa likh jaanai ko-ay.

Who can have knowledge about writ on the head's of all of his creations,?

laykhaa likhi-aa kaytaa ho-ay.

Just imagine what a huge scroll it would take!

kaytaa taan su-aalihu roop.

What kind of power he has! how's much splendid beauty he has !

kaytee daat jaanai koun koot.

And what gifts! Who can know their extent?

keetaa pasaa-o ayko kavaa-o.

Vahiguroo created the vast expanse of the Universe with just One Word!

Vahiguroo used Ongkar word only once and whole creation was created.

tis tay ho-ay lakh daree-aa-o.

Hundreds of thousands of rivers began to flow.

kudrat kavan kahaa veechaar.

What kind of energy one has to describe his Creative Potency ?

vaari-aa na jaavaa ayk vaar.

I cannot even once do vichar about him and his powerful energy.

jo tuDh bhaavai saa-ee bhalee kaar.

O Vahiguroo, whatever pleases You is bhalee kar(good)

too sadaa salaamat nirankaar. ||16||

You are the Eternal and Formless One, no one can destroy you.!

To be Continued:

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tape 46 out of 81:

Gyan Ji talks about the next puari about how counting starts from ikaie(1), Dahie(10), Saikare(100), Hazaar(1000), Lakh(100,000), Crore(1000,000), Arabh(1000,0000), Kharabh (1 0000,0000), Neel( 1 0000,00000), Padam (1 000 000 0000) , Sankh (1 000 000 00000) ... sankh is the last stage of counting. After that, infinite which is asankh is used to describe the quantity, qualities, attributes of God.

Guru Ji Maharaj Said,

asaNkh jap asaNkh bhaa-o. (Part of this puari is consider as satoguni/ shantki brithi)

There are Countless types of meditations/ways of contemplatation exist like for example as apansu jap- jap to erase sins, kalyan jap- jap to get happiness etc ,and then there are countless types of love exist.

Shrimoni prem which is prema bhakti described by siri guru gobind singh ji-

Sach Kaho Saun Laio Sabhi Jin Prem Kio Tin Hi Prab Paio ||

Then Guru Ji said-

asaNkh poojaa asaNkh tap taa-o. (Part of this puari is consider as tamoguni birthi)

There are countless types of worship services, austere disciplines.

asaNkh garanth mukh vayd paath.

There are Countless types of scriptures(granths), and ritual recitations of the Vedas.

asaNkh jog man rahahi udaas. (Part of this puari is consider as satoguni/ shantki brithi)

There are Countless Yogis and way of jogs, along with countless of those who have their minds remain detached from the world.

Gyani ji said there are many types of jog some of them are: lai jog, hath yog, mantar jog, Dhyaan Jog , Gyan Jog, Agar pat Jog, Sagr Pat Jog.

Lai Jog: In this jog, five birthiyas(concentration)- parman, viparjay, Nindriya, Vikalp, Smirthi gets automatically attuned with Naam. Such people are 1 in crore(million).

Then there are some who does jog(attach with god) via hath yog(awakening energy inside the body), mantar jog, Dhyaan Jog(concentrating on mantar or his creation) , Gyan Jog( knowledge about god), Agar Pat Jog- without mantar, Sagar Pat Jog- with mantar.

asaNkh bhagat gun gi-aan veechaar.

There are Countless devotees, virtues, Wisdoms and Virtues of the Lord.

There are five main types of devotees are considered in various scriptures:

1. Arth Bhagat- Bhagat who does bhagti because of sorrowness in their life. For example- Parlhad.

2. Artha Arthi Bhagat- Bhagat who does bhagti in order to get something ie- kingdom just like how bhagat dharu did bhagti to get kingdom.

3. Anan Bhagat- Bhagat who does bhagti following one God. For example- bhagat namdev Ji.

4. Arvan Bhagat: Bhagat who does bhagti just by getting any word from their Guru's/Murshid. Like for example- There was one person who used to follow ramanand ji get spiritual discourse from him. One morning, when bhagat ramanand ji was going to take shower, this person fell on his feet asked ramanand ji please bless me with naam of vahiguroo. Ramamand ji said, is this time to give naam? There is time for such discourses. He insisted and said, this is only time i can get to talk to you then there are always people around you. Ramamand ji, in bit of anger said- "Bhaja Luta Marangae means run away i ll hit you with iron vessel". This person was extremely innocent and ran away and consider this phrase by ramanand ji as a mantar. He started meditating on phrase with lot of prem(love) and sharda(faith) he had already. When he became fully enlightened, his popularity start increasing and he met ramanand ji and he asked - where did you get the mantar? He said, when i met you and you spoke- Bhaja Luta Maranga .. i have meditated on this. Ramananda ji start laughing and said that wasnt mantar. He replied, that's what i meditated upon considering that was mantar.

5. Gyani Bhagat- Bhagat who have sampuraan gyan(full knowledge of God) and stay in full will(Hakum) of God . For example- Baba budda ji, bhai mani singh ji, baba deep singh ji.

asaNkh satee

There are Countless types of the holy.

Gyani Ji further explains that satii from a gurmat context means : Sati who have her concentration only on one Purkh(husband) and consider the whole creation is form of astri(female) and there is Only one and true husband of them which is God.

asaNkh daataar.

There are countless types of givers who gives charity to benefit humanity and ask somehing in return.

asaNkh soor muh bhakh saar. (Part of this puari is consider as rajogun(rajasi sristhi)

Countless are heroic spiritual warriors, who bear the brunt of the attack in battle (who with their mouths eat steel).

To be continued:

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tape 47 out of 81:

asaNkh soor muh bhakh saar. (Part of this puari is consider as rajogun(rajasi sristhi)

Countless are heroic spiritual warriors, who bear the brunt of the attack in battle (who with their mouths eat steel).

Gyani ji talks about this tuk but from a (satoguni/ shantki brithi) context.

asaNkh soor muh bhakh saar.

There are Countless bhramgyani/mahapursh out there and in their heart resides supreme light.

asaNkh mon liv laa-ay taar.

There are Countless of silent sages, vibrating the String of His Love.

Gyani Ji shares an sakhi of mahatama who is been doing silent transcedental meditation for soo long.. at one time two nihang singhs decided to go to caves beyond hemkunt sahib. They were from sudhsingh pind. They got lost in their way and it was evening..so they end up in some other cave. They went inside to get some rest. There was this mahatama who was doing bhagti for soo many years. He was quite weak but still was getting nourishment from meditation.. He opened his eyes, said what you guys doing here? Nihang singhs said we got lost on our way to find good caves. Mahapursh said, which pind you are from? they said sudhsingh pind(village), mahapursh replied, i never heard of it. Then these nihang singhs mentioned amritsar. Mahapursh again replied, i never heard of it. That way they knew this mahapursh is doing tapayasa for centuries in this cave. Then these nihang singhs mentioned pind "Tundh". Mahatama said, that's where guru ram das ji went. He said , i am from that time. Mahatama then replied, close your eyes with concentrate on specific place in your pind. These nihang singhs concentrated on bus stand, mahatama told them now recite- Satnaam Sri Vahiguroo". Nihang singhs concentrate on the place they want to be and when they recited satnaam sri vahiguroo, they travelled through their surati and reach their village.

kudrat kavan kahaa veechaar.

Nobody can describe your Creative Potency, even creation itself cannot describe you.

vaari-aa na jaavaa ayk vaar.

I cannot even once do vichar about him and his powerful energy.

jo tuDh bhaavai saa-ee bhalee kaar.

O Vahiguroo, whatever pleases You is bhalee kar(good).

Gyani ji shares an sakhi of how once parvarathi requested shiv ji to give vision to blind man. Shiv ji told her that one should be in will of God. Whatever God is doing for good but parvarati resistated few times. Eventually, shiv ji gave this person vision and he was able to see. Now this blind person start drowning kids. He killed two childrens and he was about to kill the third one, parvarathi requested shiv ji to stop him. Shiv ji got the vision back from this person and told parvaratkhi I told you..one needs to be in will of God..if this person would have got an vision, he would have use that vision to find kids and drown them that's why God took his vision to save him from committing more sins in his life.

too sadaa salaamat nirankaar. ||17||

To be Continued:

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tape 48 and above:

Gyani ji now talks about same pauri but from adhyatamic(spiritual) perspective.

asaNkh jap asaNkh bhaa-o.

aSankh means God with infinite attributes, virtues. Person who has done meditation on (asankh)God, God gave them asankh bhao(infinite supreme love and bliss) in return.

asaNkh poojaa asaNkh tap taa-o.

Person who has done a jaap of asankh God has done all types of worship exist in this planet. Person who has done aSankh jaap of asankh God done all types of taps. Gyani Ji said, there are three types of tap- Rajsi, Tamsi, Santakhi.

Rajsi tap is stoping senses from desires is called Rajsi Tap.

Tamsi Tap is doing hard meditations, penances.

Satki Tap is doing satsangat, listening kirtan, gurbani vichar, doing kirtan and vichar.

Gurbani says: Gur seva Tapa Sirh Tap Sar ||

Seva of Guru is biggest jap, pooja, tap out of all.

asaNkh garanth mukh vayd paath.

Person who has done asankh jaap of asankh God, have read and knowledge of countless scriptures, and ritual recitations of the Vedas.

Gyani ji said there are three types of granthi ( person with doubts which act like barriers in route of spirituality)

- Chidjar Granthi(knot/: Person who considers akaal purkh( sat chit anand saroop) as un-truth(asat), and considers maya(illusion) as sat roop(truth). To over come that mentality. Naam is only remedy.

- Sansaie Granthi: Person has three doubts in this category- 1) Parman gat sansa- It's a doubt when person says- who knows whats written in the granth instead of finding out, this doubt hold back the person. 2)Parmai Gat Sansa: This doubt makes one believe God and being are different or if the jev(being) is truth or God is truth. 3) Vipargae Sansa: This doubt makes one wonder if this whole creation is truth or God is truth.

Karam Granthi: Person who considers everything is done by me, I. I have done this, I have done that. In such illusions, one gets stuck in karams. If i do good, i ll get blessing.

Hence, if one does jaap on Akaal purkh all these granthis(knots, barriers) gets vanished, veils of ignorance are removed.

Gurbani says:

Thakur Tum Sarnaie Aya, Utar Gaya Mera Mann Ka Sansa Jab tai Darshan Paaia ||

asaNkh jog man rahahi udaas.

Person who has done asankh jaap of asankh God, have done countless types of Jog, and have became udas(de-attached/nirlaip) while being in the world performing wordly duties.

Gyani Ji shares an sakhi - once baba bulleh shah was sitting on bank of river, there was this lady selling carrots. People were coming to buy it, so they start picking and choosing. She said, I only sell carrots in volumes there are no pick and choose. All these people had to buy carrots in volumes. Then there was this beautiful man, who came to her to get carrot, she pick and choose best carrots for him.. bulleh shah was quite suprised looking at the incident so after this men went away. Bulleh shah asked her how come you let him, in fact you picked and choose carrots for him but not others. She said, bulleh shah ji, he is my husband, there is no counting between lovers. This made bullah shah realize, what's the point of carrying a rosary. He put it away and asked himself, bullah are you insane? Why you doing counting with your beloved.

Gurbani says:

Raj lella tera Naam banie, Jog Banaya tera kirtan gayi ||

Gyani ji shares an sakhi of a person asking krishan ji maharaj of what is real jog? All have different interpertations but what is real jog? Krishan replied, jog means unity of Jiv Atma(this being) with God.

asaNkh bhagat gun gi-aan veechaar.

Person who has done asankh jaap of asankh God have got all the knowledge, all the virtues, has done all kinds of bhagati.

There are nine types of bhakti out of those nine types of bhakti - prema bhakti/atam surrender is highest of all.

asaNkh satee asaNkh daataar.

Person who has done asankh jaap of asankh God, have acheive full satee(faith) in God, and get full data(gifts) from God. In fact, god makes them datar(giver).

To be continued:

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tape 49 out of 81:

asaNkh soor muh bhakh saar.

People who has done asankh jaap of asankh God, get to sor gati ( state of knowledge) and have their body filled with light, they don't fear anyone nor they give fear to anyone.

Gurbani says: Ja Kar Har Rang Lago is jug mein, Sio kahit hai soora |

asaNkh mon liv laa-ay taar.

People who has done asankh jaap of asankh God, have their mind attuned to silence, without any waves of thoughts or desires occuring in their mind.

Then Gursikhs asked Guru Ji, please tell us how much strength is there in bhramgyani?

Guru Ji replied,

kudrat kavan kahaa veechaar

Nobody can narrate(vichar) how much kudrat, kavan shakti(energy) bhramgyani has?

vaari-aa na jaavaa ayk vaar.

One cannot even once do vichar on bhramgyani's and their powerful energy.

jo tuDh bhaavai saa-ee bhalee kaar.

O Vahiguroo, whatever pleases You is bhalee kar(good).

too sadaa salaamat nirankaar. ||17||

You are the Eternal and Formless One, no one can destroy you.!

Sidhas requested Guru Ji to discuss next puari but from tamsi shristhi(tamo guni) context.

Asankh morakh asankh andh gor.

There are countless people who are ignorant because the way they speak, blind because their mind stays in dark and gor because they are violent.

asaNkh moorakh anDh ghor.

There are countless people who are theives and are biggest scoundrels out of all of them.

Gyani ji says, there are many types of theives and many types of thefts people commit for example- There is theft of money and then there is theft of mind in which people hide their wrongdoings from others, make it as if they were innocent, then there are those who don't meditate on God's name, they are also consider as theives in gurbani.

Gurbani says:: Taie Thahaskar Jo Naam Na Laaviae, Vaseh Kot Panchasa ||

To be continued:

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