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Sikh Student Camp Alleged Attacks


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Just read something on mrsikhnet blog. A point to note is that Gurmustak Singh has been a camper at the camp in 2004 and also has close links with the camp organisers even inviting some of them to give talks at the 3HO summer solstice camp. He has been advertising the camp on his blog many times and the comments are usually from the organisers or sikhs outside UK who have no idea of the issues with the camp.


Gurmustak writes

I just finished my doing my banis this morning and went on to check my email as I normally do in the morning and was shocked to hear about what happened last night in England. There have been some people who have been on a mission to discredit and shut down the Sikh Student Camp (which is an awesome camp) which happens every year in England. It seems that they will go to any lengths to cause problems. When I read the below messages from those involved in the circumstances I wonder how a Sikh can justify doing such things. In their mind it must be some "religious crusade to rid the sinners". It really shows the state of where some Sikhs are today….and how far off track they are to stoop this low.


"As you may have heard, we were attacked at home last night by two youths wearing black balaklavas (ski masks). This was a planned premeditated attack, as a number of youths were waiting outside the house in car.

The attack occurred at our front door, after we had just returned from the gurdwara at 11.15pm. Two youths dressed in black, attacked my brother from behind, forcing open the door, and then proceeding to assault him inside the house. My elderly parents were at home and are extremely shocked and scared to say the least.

My brother, the only Amrithdhari eye surgeon in the country has hurt his neck and his right hand and fingers, and it is unclear if he will be able to operate again in the near future.

We are extremely hurt and dissappointed by the actions of a few fanatical so called "leaders" of the youth, who now seem willing to go to any level to achieve their goals. Rather than work with us, these individuals have taken this to an inexcusable level.

We urge everyone to intervene and stop this unjustifiable mindless violence escalating, before it is too late."

Later on at 3:30AM this morning another sevadhar’s car was petrol bombed (Molotov cocktail). "His 3 kids and eldery parents are visibly shaken. The unfortunate thing is we know who is behind all this… but they use others to do their dirty work."

I just called friends in England to make sure everyone was ok, and found out that one of the persons who was involved in the assualt was followed home and is now in police custody. Apparently they are not giving the police any information.

Sikh Student Camp started today in spite of all the hardships, and is at full capacty! As a precaution and for safety reasons Police are stationed at the school where the camp is held. If you are a parent, no need to worry :)

One has to try to find the good from these bad situations. I find that things like this can bring people closer….as we support each other in the hardship. Hopefully we can all learn from this.


I would have written a comment on his blog but since he doesn't allow anything critical of the camp I'll write it here

Has anyone considered that fact that this comes as a very convenient attack for the camp people? They are under pressure from the Panth and apart from the few dozen die hard neo-nihangs, 3HO Sikhs and some malaysians they have no support from the rest of the Panth. The email seems to prove the fact, trying to portray the camp people as victims, even to the extent of the eye surgeon who won't be able to operate again..LOL. Come on guys is that a cliche or what. Maybe they should write one of the sewadars injured his hands and now won't be able to play the piano and he had a successful career ahead of him. To be honest I don't believe anything the camp people say anymore knowing how deceptive they are.

The camp organisers have conveniently blamed those who were against the camp. Since one ignorant accusation is as good as another, I think it could be something to do with a drug deal gone wrong :@

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ok can we give it a rest please.

i aint for sikh student camp, but its been given a final chance. lets see what happens after this week shall we? its only been day one and for some reason its only "newbies" to the forum who like to raise this issue.

certain people have been banned from the camp who can be classed as neo-nihangs, 3h0 dont know what they on about when it comes to Sikhi and Malaysians live too far to call. I reckon SikhNet went under a while ago and it was wrong of Gurmustuk Singh to launch Mr Sikhnet. Such a shame. it killed the site. he could have launched a personal GSingh blog or something but to class himself "Mr Sikhnet" is just egotistical.

i dont condone violence either against neone from either side.

unfortunately, this camp has also been maligned WAY too much from day one after the "split" with another pop uk camp.

but the anti-gurmat activities are not on either. especially the flirting. yes, it happens at every camp but Khalsa Camp and others do more to prevent it as much as possible. Sikh Student camp dont... or didnt.

Can admin close and remove this thread please.

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Just heard from the camp guys that Monty Panesar was also in the house and due to an injury suffered to his left hand (bowling hand) he can't now ever play cricket for England! They also said that Reuters have been around so expect some (photoshopped) photos of the attack to be available soon! As they know who the attackers are (appears that our camp wale have x-ray vision and can see through balaclavas. Reuters will photoshop the faces of the suspects on to the images and save the police the cost of investigation

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Guest Bass Singh


I tottaly agree with Golee Maroo, ADMIN CLOSE THIS PLEASE!!


Admin Note: Topic is closed as we don't have a direct statement from camp organizers. We would like to request our members that they should refrain themselves to post such topics without the strong solid backup (Example Press Release of particular organization on their website etc)

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