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What Have You Been Addicted To?

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Just for fun tell everyone what you have been addicted to... and no need to get moral!! we have moved on from these times and no need to say anything too serious (im mean druggie), its just for laughs!!

Ok I'll start off:

1. Coke

2. Dust sticks (u no the really sour ones) wacko.gif

3. The Sims (that was hell, trust!)

4. Coffee (Man that made me pee!! And cos its got caffeine i dont drink it anymore)

5. MSN ( I know it seems like it but I aint anymore)

Ill add some more later, but really the only thing I'm addicted to now is maharaj! I hope you agree!!!

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Vahegurujikakhalsa Vahegurujikifateh

Oh man the list goes on and on :D Here it goes:

1. MSN

2. Coke

3. Ice Cream

4. Harry Potter movies/books

5. Paneer

6. Vaja (and still am addicted)

7. Law and Order (the show)

8. The simpsons (when i was younger)

9. www.sikhsangat.com

There has to be more but these are the ones that stick out...

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lol i'm currently addicted to SS! but I have been addicted to those aero bubbles chocolates erm...orange juice for a while hahaha dont ask...erm Worms Game on PC...and i was addicted to Sikhnet.com til I found SS!

lol then there's the tv shows

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1. chocolate


3.and more chocolate blush.gif man i can't get enough of it lmao....and it was halloween just yesterday hahaha...i ate like.....45 chocolate bars blush.gif naw somethin to be proud of :@no.gifblush.gif haha...and um what else....msn but naw alot now i guess <_< i dont lol...and um....hmm....lol...i have no idea really...ohhh sowwy one more thing...KEEEEEERTAN :@ whenever i feel down or feel happy and high...ah yes keertan's always on :D hehehe blush.gif:@

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1) MSNNNNNN (under control, honestly)

2) having a laugh with my freindsssss ..my day just doesnt feel complete if i dont do it :@ .. :D

3) neighbours (austrailian daytime soap 4 u canadians lol this addiction is outta controllll, i missed the episode 2day stupid train med me late, lol ive been known 2 run frm the bus stop as i spk 2 my sister on th fone telling her to open the door quickly so i can get in th house asap and watch it :T: 2 guddddd )

[neighbours is the most extreme of them lol]

4) Textingggggggggg ( i got [self diagnosed] repititive strain injury once from it <_< lol)

5) Pomegranet juice

6) SS (under control)

7) fishy lmao, such a wikid game wen r they gna bring it bak here????

8) badhaam (thats gone now)

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hmmmmmmm lets see now

1. bhangra ( dont ask blush.gif )

2. icq, then msn :D

3. computers. anything remotely related to them <_< @

4. tabla, this is one addictiion i'm not embarassed off

thre's more buh they are better left not said. tongue.gif:@

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Waheguroo jee ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo jee kee Fateh!

hmm... let me give it a try:

1. Computers

2. Forums

3. The Sims (got over that one, thankfully)

4. Diet Coke!! (actually, Diet Pepsi is better)

5. MSN (Got over that I think... avoiding people is a good way to get over this one)

Waheguroo jee ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo jee kee Fateh!

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