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Harjinder Singh "nagar Wale"

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Guest Papi
an off-topic questions......is it oke to say this shabad (sunh naah) in your daily Ardass?? grin.gif
nothing wrong with singing any shabad in ardaas, just make sure its at the end in the "personal" section :lol:

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i luv their keertan especially the shabad:

ham eaeh kaaj jagath mo aaeae ||

I have come into this world for this purpose.

dhharam haeth guradhaev pat(h)aaeae ||

There supreme Guru has sent me for the protection of righteousness.

jehaa(n) thehaa(n) thum dhharam bithhaaro ||

Propogate righteousness everywhere;

dhusatt dhokheeyan pakar pashhaaro || 42 ||

seize and destroy the sinful and the wicked.

yaahee kaaj dhharaa ham janama(n) ||

I have taken birth for this purpose.

samajh laehu saadhhoo sabh manama(n) ||

Let the holy men understand this in their minds.

dhharam chalaavan sa(n)th oubaaran ||

I have come for spreading divine religion and for protecting the saints.

dhusatt sabhan ko mool oupaaran || 43 ||

And for annihilating and uprooting all the tyrants


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