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One of THE BEST Sakhees I've ever read


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(From Mata Bhaag Kaur Jagrati Dal)

A Sakhi on Guru Ji's Darshan

In the time of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Jee, there was a Gursikh who

lived in a poor little hut. This Gursikh was blind and had a lot of

Pyaar for Guru Ji. As he couldn't travel anywhere he would ask

people to go to see Guru Ji and then wait for there return to hear of

Guru Jis well being. He would ask them what does my Guru Ji look

like, How brave is he, what weapons does he keep, what stories does

he tell, and each would reply "I cannot explain with words."

One night he could not sleep, he kept thinking of Guru Ji and how

wonderful he was. He longed so much to see the beautiful Mukh of

Guru Maharaaj. He could not take it any longer he felt angered at


"Guru Ji, I am such a dirty sinner, I am unworthy of your darshan. I

do not know what countless sins I have committed for me to suffer

without you."

At this moment Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji awoke from his Samadhi, he

told some Sikhs to get the horses ready as he had to go somewhere


The blind Gursikh started to cry, he felt angry at himself for being

blind, he tore his hut apart throwing things and cursing himself. He

wanted to kill himself. He wanted too go to see Guru Ji. He ran out

of the hut and just ran into the misty dark distance. He tripped and

fell , he hurt himself pretty badly. He was bleeding. He started to

cry and thought only of Guru Ji.

"Guru Ji, Guru Ji! Guru Ji! Guru Ji! Guru Ji! Guru Ji!" he cried

continuously calling out for Guru Ji.

Suddenly he felt two strong arms lift him to his feet, and h

e heard a

beautiful strong voice

"I have come, my beloved"

"Guru Ji, is it really you, but how come you have come"

This is what Guru Ji said..."Beloved, I could not sleep without doing

your darshan, I felt your heart pulling me towards you and I could

not survive"

When the Blind Sikh heard this he fell to Guru Jis feet and cried so

much he could not contain himself. Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji again

lifted him and said

"the home of Guru Nanak Contains everything ask of it what you will"

The Sikh replied "Guru Ji all that I ask of is, that my eyes may work

so I can do your Darshan"

Guru Ji smiled and kissed both of his eyes. When the Sikh opened his

eyes he again fell to Guru Ji's feet on seeing him and could not help

himself and could only cry. He wept at Guru Jis feet and kept doing

his Darshan. He could not even imagined such a beautiful Guru. He

just kept staring at Guru Ji. Guru Jee then said

"beloved I must go now, it is amrit vela and the Sangat will be

waiting" The Sikh begged Guru Ji to stay longer...

"Guru ji, I cannot live without your Darshan now, what will I do"

Guru Ji Smiled again and said

"the house of Guru Nanak again offers what you ask of it, one more


The Sikh fell to the floor in dandaut, stretched out with arms

towards Guru Ji and said "Guru Ji if you are going to give me one

more thing then take these eyes away as I wish not to see anything

ever again besides your darshan."

A tear dropped down Guru Ji's cheek as he granted the final wish.


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