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None Of Them Know Your Mystery, Lord

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There is no mystery pyareo,

God is you, You are God. We all form the same light and meditation will take towards your Guru until this life is over and you again merge with that light. We are a jot, we confuse the outer us.

Wahe guru....

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Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj cannot be included in any such category because every category has its limits, whereas bwxI inrMkwr hY , Bani has no limits, and iqsu jyvfu Avru n koie , no one is as great as Bani, so we cannot include Gurbani in such categories. Secondly, such spiritual mysteries are understood only by those who are blessed, as is clear from krmI pweIAY Awip dieAw kir dyie , and gurmuiK pweIAY Anidnu nwmu leyie , meaning that this blessing is obtained by Gurmukhs. Another example is the 8th pauri of Sri Sukhmani Sahib Ji where the attributes of a brahmgyani are outlined. These are the rare blessed personalities who attain such an avastha.

bhul chuk maaf

What is Bani? Is bani the words written in ink? If so then how can that which is limited to the 1430pages be nirankar? If not then what exactly was the Guru refering to? Is it an equivalent statement to say that Bani = Guru which is Nirankar? So then is it Bani/Guru that is Nirankar or is it that which the Guru/Bani points towards which is Nirankar? Is the form/shape/sound of the words/bani/Guru Niranakar or just symbols which are used to express the inexpressible expression? So has the Mystery been fully known or expressed in symbols or signs or words or are they too falling short? What is Bani?

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You answered your question yourself: Bani = Guru

What is Bani?
Bani Guru, Guru hai Bani.
Is bani the words written in ink?
Our Guru is Shabad Guru. We need to shed this perception of Gurujee as a "book" with 1430 "pages". Guru is the divine illuminance that eradicates the darkness of spiritual ignorance. Its not a human body or a book. Its not 1430 pages alone, its a lot more than that. If we could know, we would be some place else. I forgot who it was, perhaps Baba Nand Singh ji, or Sant Sujan Singh ji, who said "May my tongue burn if I ever say that Sri Guru Granth Sahib is pages, ink, book". These mahapurkhs had realized and experienced it. We can just wonder, wander and question.
how can that which is limited to the 1430 pages be nirankar?
Don't get misled and confused by limiting the visualization of SatGuru Ji by your physical senses (i.e. eyes). This is the way I see it. The soul in you and me is a part of Akal Purakh, and like Him, it is endless and shapeless as well. But our bodies are finite. Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee is the embodiment of all the Gurus. You are right, this embodiment is 1430 angs (not pages), but the Divine Word contained inside is nirankar, infinite and shapeless. Don't confuse this with the shape of the letters. Its a lot more deeper than that. You have to experience it to realize it. There have been Gurmukhs like Baba Nand Singh ji (or was it Sant Sujan Singh ji?) who have gone to the extent of making statements like "every word of Gurbani is Guru Nanak". Have you or me ever seen Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee's face in our Nitnem Gutka? Don't know about you but I haven't. I am not at that level. Those who have reached there are a different story. They have heard Bani resonating in their breaths, so now what shape did they see? They saw every pore of creation vibrating with Bani, what shape was that Bani? What shape is sound? Our Guru is Shabad Guru as I just said. Akal Purakh is also referred to as supreme energy. Does energy have shape? Lets not limit our understanding to our physical senses.
what exactly was the Guru refering to?
Bani Nirankar hai, so it refers to Nirankar.
Is it an equivalent statement to say that Bani = Guru which is Nirankar?
Its from Gurbani, that Bani Guru, Guru hai Bani. Guruji has Himself left no doubt about Him and His Bani being one and the same.
So then is it Bani/Guru that is Nirankar or is it that which the Guru/Bani points towards which is Nirankar?
Gur Parmesar eko jaan. There is no difference between Guru and Parmesar. And there is no difference between Guru and Bani, which is the reason why we bow our heads to Bani. Now since "Bani Guru, Guru hai Bani", and since "Gur Parmesar eko jaan", therefore "Bani Nirankar hai". Gurbani doesn't contradict itself anywhere.
Is the form/shape/sound of the words/bani/Guru Niranakar or just symbols which are used to express the inexpressible expression?
Like I said above, these concepts cannot by grasped by mere sensory perceptions. Sikhi is to be experienced, and why we may fall short of gaining a deep understanding is because we haven't reached such a level yet. I am not saying to blindly follow things, but things that need experience or kamaaee to be understood canNOT be figured by rational logic. Its like swimming. You have to get inside the water and know what it is. A swimming manual isn't going to help. When Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji said that there are countless skies, no one believed Him. Today everyone knows the universe is endless. It took the world 500 years to figure out 1 tuk uttered by Gurujee, how can me and you figure out the entire truth of Gurbani on an online forum in a few posts? :D
So has the Mystery been fully known or expressed in symbols or signs or words or are they too falling short?
I would answer that if I knew the answer to the mystery.
What is Bani?
Bani Guru, Guru hai Bani.

A fifth grader can ask a scientist about rocket science, and after 1 hour of explaining still be confused. It takes a while for that fifth grader to get to that level of intellect to even know what a rocket is. I am not even a first grader in Sikhi, and Gurbani is the highest Divine knowledge. How can you expect me to know? And how can you expect to figure it all out yourself? Lets also not forget Bani is also brahm beechaar. A minor human intellect may not fully grasp Gurbani's message. Its only after you contemplate, implement, experience, realize and relate to it to yourself that you will see the bigger picture. With that said, I think we both are just hammering our heads here. You are asking something because you are PERHAPS trying to understand it from a physical perspective which is not always the right approach, and I am trying to explain to you the deeper/spiritual aspect, something I haven't fully contemplated/implemented/experienced/realized yet.

Like I said, these concepts are to be experienced/realized. What I said could be wrong, but Gurbani is infallible, and my Guru is spotless, because Bani Guru, Guru hai Bani, because Bani Nirankar hai, and because Gur Parmesar eko jaan.

bhul chuk maaf

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    • We feel like sharing a post today. Why is it we never value what we have? A house, clothes, food, health, family - others dream of what you already have. Most of all we never value our great fortune of finding the true guru - Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the living light of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.  We mentioned in a previous post, the job of a Guru is to make hard thing easy. Guru Nanak Dev Ji do so much to help us on the journey of naam simran. Just like simran can happen 24/7, sadh sangat can too. As more kirpa happens, Guru Sahib Ji give hukam to mahapurkhs to provide you phera. They form a big circle around you, their presence means even in Kalyug, the area around you is heaven. Mahapurkhs have hukam to protect you, to not let even the slightest negative energy close to you, and to lift you up when you are down. All of us feel down sometimes, but suddenly mahapurkhs can make your surat fly into spiritual realms where there’s huge bliss. The first sign of their presence can be getting darshan of mahapurkhs in dreams, getting sudden urges to do simran/paath/listen kirtan, or even feeling huge bliss randomly but you don’t know why. In this way, Guru Sahib Ji start blessing their pyare with the anand of sachkhand even before death comes. But what about death? The worst thing for most people. Guru Nanak Dev Ji turn this into a celebration for their pyare. I guess one time we were in the right place at right time. When dhiyan connects parmatma ji can show you anything they want. Around 2011, it was night time we just finished kirtan sohila. A voice came from inside, “all preparations have been done, the carriage has arrived, a mahapurkh are about to leave their body”. First we got bairag, that mahapurkhs are needed in this world, please stay. Then they spoke “so if we are going? We will still come and give you darshan”. Feeling content we started Mool Mantar jaap. Out of Mool Mantar came the vision to view the most astonishing spectacle.  The Guru’s pyare leave this world like royalty sitting on the most beautiful carriage. The route to sachkhand is lined by endless beings on both sides, they all bow down as the carriage passes. Countless spiritual realms stand at their doorways to pay respect as the blessed soul passes. From behind my right shoulder came a gust of wind as the carriage passed through my room, quicker than the speed of light (human perception made it seem fast). In sachkhand the blessed soul is received by Guru Nanak Dev Ji who bestow a siropa of bhagati to their pyare.  A Guru - they make the hard things easy. If you want to value having Guru Nanak Dev Ji as your Guru, then for sure make Mool Mantar a part of your life. It’s the biggest gift Guru gave us, for Mool Mantar is the greatest of the great, Satguru Nanak Dev Ji themselves. Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fathe 
    • f############################## india I HATE THAT COUNTRY SO MUCH  I HATE THEM 
    • One simple way to do Simran is to say 'wahe' on the in breath...and 'guru' on the out breath..(focusing on the breathing). With walking I have found a similar method with my left foot stride landing I say 'wahe' and when the right foot lands 'guru'. Whilst focusing on the mantar and the foot contact with the ground. Might be worth a try.
    • i think its bhai gurmeet singh shant
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