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reflect at these both situations;

someone who is sick with a deadly disease, but s/he doesn't know they are sick and are going to die because of it(and the disease slowly killing him/her)


someone who know they are sick with a deadly disease , yet s/he ignores it(instead of treating it) and continue to live their life ,believing nothing will happen to them

which situation is worse?

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wjkk wjkf jee

I think the first post was talking about a physical disease. I would say the second one is worse - it's denial isn't it.

However, talking in a metaphorical way, the whole world is in a terrible disease! The thing with physical disease is that anyone can see the changes in the person - their energy running low, perhaps physically restrained to do things and so on. The disease that I am talking about that we all have is very difficult to be aware of. The very few aware of it do very little about it!!! Only those who do something about this "invisible disease" are truly blessed and saved in the end.

Now, if the writer of the opening post is saying that someone with a physical disease is finding it hard to accept it, what does that say about this disease that I am talking about!

Maya (everything which surrounds us), Panj Chor, nindha, and so on all surround us and it's intoxicating, hurtful to the eyes and soul, and most importantly blinds us from the actual reality!

The first post and what is being shared in this post shows how difficult this "mission" to meet the One Lord is!!

Fortunately for us (Khalsa Panth), there is a very very simple solution to this:

hir hir nwmu AauKDu muiK dyvY kwtY jm kI PMDw ]1] rhwau ]

har har naam aoukhudh mukh dhaevai kaattai jum kee fundhaa

He places the medicine of the Naam into my mouth, and cuts away the noose of Death. ||1||Pause||

Knowing the medicine, we all still ignore it and carry on living this disease! Absolutely shocking isn't it!! Crickey!

I wasn't suggesting other religions don't have a solution - it's quite clear that in Gursikhi, we have a SIMPLE, refined answer with no ritualistic stuff. Indeed, if any other person who belongs to a different faith lovingly follows it, then there is no doubt in my mind that they shall be saved to - because it says is in Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Jee !!

I do Ardaas that all of us see sense and make the effort to meet the Lord. Only with his Kirpa from our efforts will things start to happen.


I do this Ardaas for all of us!!! Wahegurooo!!!!

quDu bwJu ipAwry kyv rhw ]

thudh baajh piaarae kaev rehaa

Without You, O Beloved, how could I even live?

sw vifAweI dyih ijqu nwim qyry lwig rhW ]

saa vaddiaaee dhaehi jith naam thaerae laag rehaa

Bless me with such greatness, that I may remain attached to Your Name.

God Bless everyone!



ps. could someone tell me how to paste the Gurmukhi font in to a post because it didn't come out in this one grin.gif

wjkk wjkf jee

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i think the 2nd ones worseee cause you know you have it and even though ur kinda in denial you know you have a disease in which youll die from.. rather than you living peacefully thinkin everythings ok

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