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Meeting With A Great Couple

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Some days back I was doing some shopping with my elder sister and met one of her friends. She was with her husband and we took them to our house. My sister' friend told us about her marriage. In her childhood, she had suffered from polioo and as a result one of her legs was bent and was not normal. In the college, where she and my sister studied together, there were quite a few punjabi boys who always ignored her and at her back called her 'langgriiii'. She always suffered from immense inferiority complex. But there was one south indian boy in the college who had come from karnataka and was from a rich communist(atheist) background. He always used to give special respect and treatment to her. He always used to praise her for her qualities like simpllicity, intelligence etc...

Now, when they were in the final year of college, the bibi's parents were trying their best to get her married. but no punjabi boy/family were agreeing for the marriage due to the bibi's leg. This further increased her inferiority complex and she started to suffer from serious depression. Seeing this that boy from karnataka proposed her for marriage. Deep down the bibi used to like this boy as well. Her family resisted a bit as the boy was south indian but after some time they got married. Though the bibi was non-amritdhari but she used to go to gurdwara frequently. After the marriage, they both used to go to gurdwara every weekend. Her husband began to enjoy listening kirtan and he started to read gurbani translations from the net. At the same time he started to read about great sikh history. Then somebody in the gurdwara sahib gave him bhai Vir singh jee's books. All this had such a strong effect on his mind that he started believing in God and started to go to gurdwara every evening and just 6 months after he stopped cutting his hair and and an year later the couple chakked amrit. The couple spends large time of their life in gurbani and kirtan. The bibi looks like an angel.

Meeting with such a couple really made my day. May Satguru jee bless such a couple.

What a play Satguru jee has made!

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