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Atam Ras 2008 - Tour

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Atam Ras 2008



Celebrating 300 Years Guru-Gaddhi of

Dhan Dhan Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Mahraaj

16th October to 26th October 2008

:: Leicester :: Manchester :: Leeds :: Wolverhampton :: Walsall :: London :: Hitchin ::

Bhai Harbans Singh Jagodhari Wale

Bhai Sarabjeet Singh Laddi Darbaar Sahib Wale

Bhai Maninder Singh Sri Nagar Wale

Bhai Davinder Singh Sodhi Ludhiane Wale

Please See Poster for Cities, Dates and Gurdwaras...!!!!!

For More information, Contact Jagbinder Singh Tony - 0780 292 4141


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I spoke to someone earlier on today and they can confirm this isnt organised by Kirtan Seva UK or Charanpreet Singh which is a shame because i agree with United1985 that the guys do some great seva. They done a fantastic job organising Atam Ras Kirtan Darbaar in the past and the Chardi Kala jatha last month.

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Waheguru Ji

We are not organising Atamras this year!

However we have got a fantastic program lined up for summer 2009! Defo not to be missed!!!!

But it is good to see others, also organising programs our beanti to the sangat is to support all programs, as more prachaar the better!!!

Guru Rakha

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