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Sikhi And Adoption

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Just want to like everyone's view on adopting children. I'm all for it and thinks there is nothing wrong with it, i know some people are against it. But why can't a Sikh Amritdhari couple adopt if they want? Why do some people in Sikh society find it unacceptable. There are so many children Sikh children in India that need a home, family, love, support etc.

Just want everyone's view on this.

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Nothing wrong with Adopting a kid. It is a very good idea actually, not only does it bring a child into your life but it also gives that child a home and happiness. As you stated above...there are many children that need love and care, so i say Go For It! :TH:

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It's a very good idea...

But suppose... the kid does something wrong like "marries out of caste or religion or does something wrong that can harm the "respect" of your family"...never say this to him/her: "Tera Khoon Hi Ganda Si"...

...Go ahead...It's a very thoughtful thing to do! =)

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Guest Amarjit Kaur
what an amazing thing to do, to give a child a shelter, a loving parents to grow up with.. i've always wanted to adopt a child... maybe some day it will happen :)

a lot of respect to those who do it and do it with pure love :)

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    • I think this part of a larger Indic problem. Treachery has always been part of our DNA, however in our history and our Pre-Sikh heritage we have never dealt with treachery. There has never been any repercussions against traitors.   
    • They're only a few miles from a masjid.  It would be better to help them organize themselves into a seperate space.  Only in the harshest of crazy circumstances would this be appropriate.  I don't think the line about Allah they read is out of line, so much as it's clearly against Rehit.  We don't let anyone do anything except Aikido, in line with our policies in the Dojo. Only the rare visiting revered cultural artist and the taiko drummers have been welcome. No other Budo even, let alone another heritage of system entirely.  We have had a few meditation types presented, studied with mentalists and psychologists though. 
    • Thank you. I've been trying to remember the name of that movie for a week or two.  Good timing. 
    • Saw this on lawyer, Harjap Bhangal’s show yesterday. it can apply even to adults born and lived all life in UK  https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/opendemocracyuk/patels-citizenship-stripping-bill-would-accelerate-uk-race-to-the-bottom/   Amal De Chickera 26 November 2021, 3.19pm   Patel’s citizenship-stripping bill would accelerate UK race to the bottom Britain already breaks international norms. The Home Office bid to remove citizenship without notice is a landmark on the path to authoritarianism…. Section 40 of the British Nationality Actsets out citizenship deprivation powers in a manner which, in essence, creates three tiers of British citizenship. The most secure, top tier, which cannot be taken away in any circumstances, is afforded to British-born citizens who have no other nationality. Less secure is the citizenship of those born British, or naturalised, who also have another nationality. Section 40 states that such people can be deprived of their citizenship without leaving them stateless, if the home secretary is satisfied that such a measure is “conducive to the public  On the least secure, bottom tier are those naturalised as British citizens who have no other nationality. They can be stripped of their citizenship even if this results in their statelessness, if the home secretary believes on reasonable grounds that the person is able to become a citizen of another state….   Patel’s power grab It is in this context that Patel introduced a new clause to the already controversial Nationality and Borders Bill, which is presently at report stage in the House of Commons. If enacted, section 9 of the bill would empower the home secretary to deprive a British citizen of nationality without notice if she does not have the information needed to serve notice, deems it not reasonably practicable to do so, or believes it is in the interests of national security, relations with another state or otherwise in the public interest. This proposed amendment thus further relaxes the procedural obligations of the Home Office, which is required under current law to give written notice before depriving a British national of their citizenship (a 2018 amendmentallows the Home Office to serve notice to the person’s last known address if their whereabouts are unknown).  
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