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Guru Gobind Singh Sikh Temple Sunderland

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The following album was bought to my attention on FB last night in which picture evidence shows of a Gurdwara called Guru Gobind Singh Ji Sikh Temple with a party hall within the complex serving meat and alcohol at a party.

Can anyone confirm any more details - thanks

I've tried to upload pics here but says the following

Error The server returned an error during upload

so heres pics




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Found anything?

The pictures are of a hall next to the Gurudwara in Sunderland, but without qualifying, it is easy to think they are the one and same building or linked - photos were obviously taken to rake up an old contraversy that the committee heeded when they realised that having the buildings connected and run by the same people was inappropriate.

The hall is a seperate building from the Gurudwara - there was some contraversy in the past when a doorway connected the two buildings via a corridor, but this has been sealed off.

The hall has a seperate committee running it.

There is a seperate car park for the hall and no one should traverse the gurudwara grounds to get to/ from the hall in such circumstances.

Bhul chuk muaf - hopefully this seals the issue.

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SO if you walk 20feet away from the Gurdwara you are saying its "not so bad"? or "ok"?????????????? blink.gif

lol the singh sabha gurdwara in southall has a pub opposite it (glassy junction) less then 20 ft away. no1 says anything about that.

Unless they own the pub, its irrelevant. Most Gurdwaray in UK have a pub located only a few steps away.

The point is the Gurdwara should not be using any part of their owned / rented property (including community centres etc) for the purpose of anti-gurmat activities including, meat and alcohol. This was reiterated in the sandesh issued from Akaal Takht Sahib 2006. I think a copy can be found on the forum in another section.

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