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Akj Stance On Sri Dasm Granth Sahib Jee

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Kulwant singh said on tv he is akj, he organised the cross roads meeting, and on tv supported prof darshan singh.

He is not from AKJ. he is misusing their name. anyone speaking against dasam Granth is not a sikh.

It is not about any jathebandi it is about bani of our Gurus.

He is the one who arrangd the meetng at cross roads as per an earlier thread, we even mentioned it the joga singh and balbir singh, it dsnt look like they have said anything to him, if he dsnt represent the jatha then they should release a statement saying they dont agree with his views etc

I think you have apoint.It seems that akj in UK has strayed from core philosophy of akj and are propagating dasam pita's bani.This is not there in USA and Canada.

Any organization tat goes aginst dasam bani needs to be condemned.In this case it is a faction of akj.

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kulwant singh openy on tv said i am akj member

LOL! Anti-Dasam Bani Kulwant Singh Dhesi passing himself off as a AKJ rep!

Next up:

  • Babbu Mann claiming to be Nihang member
  • Miss Pooja saying she's a Taksal member
  • Ashutosh saying he's a member of S. Dhadrianwale jatha

Just because you take amrit in a Taksal ceremony does not make you a "Taksali Singh".

Like I said above, people need to be aware of these pseudo-akjs, pseudo-sants, and others.

LOL - True nevertheless!

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Maybe if you had attended the barsi you could have seen what was parkash on which day. Since you were too scared to attend, heres a summary for you.

In the upstairs darbar the akhand path was happening alongside japji sahib, singhs were also doing chaupai sahib for the chardi kala of the panth as well.

In the downstairs darbar, there was parkash of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharajh, and for the Sehaj Path Bhog parkash of Dasam Granth Sahib Ji was done as well. Once the Bhog and darbar were completed the Dasam Granth Ji Saroop were returned to Sachkhand Sahib. There was no parkash of the Dasam Saroop on the final day of the barsi, so please stop screaming and crying.

The other point you keep going on about why the Sikh Channel only showed glimpses of the parkash and that the organisers were therefore trying to hide this fact .... take a second and think .. if the organisers didnt want to show both parkash, then why would they do it in the first place?! Why would they argue so much with the channel to get the parchar being broadcast? You've lost the plot, or more likely your cluthcing at straws and just trying to find something to say!

At last years barsi, the singhs did Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Jis parkash in a different palki as the main one wasnt large enough to accomadate both saroops. At willenhall the gurdwara committee requested that this be arranged. At the Nihang Dals and at the Taksals both saroops are parkash at the same level. As Jassa said, the thakats have same parkash but on different palki's, either way id the same really.

Please try and understand the following:

Our Guru is Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Gurbani of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Gurbani of Dasam Granth Sahib Ji must be treated with the same equal respect. When we read our nitnem we do not differentiate between the bani from guru granth sahib ji (japji sahib, anand sahib, parts of rehras sahib and kirtan sohila) and that of dasam granth sahib ji (jaap sahib, swieyeh, chaupai sahib, parts of rehras sahib. We treat all of this bani the same, as such the same respect can and should be given to both sets of Gurbani.

IT IS possible to do this and at the same time understand that our Guru is Guru Granth Sahib Ji. If we are against treating the bani of dasam granth sahib ji with the same respect, then that bani should not be allowed to sit in gutka sahibs in the same place either. Maybe in the future we will see people arguing for 2 different gutka sahibs, one with adh gurbani and one with dasam bani.

If we look at this from a satkar for maharajh angle, then lets look at the gursikhs that we all have so much respect for. The one person who spoke out more for guru granth sahibs ji satkar then anybody else was sant jarnail singh ji. Nobody else would go on stage and tell the sangat to cut off the head of anybody that was disrespecting guru granth sahib ji. The singhs with sant jarnail singh ji did many missions of this nature. Now in 2009 we are saying that doing parkash of dasam is beadbi of maharajh. Dasam saroop were parkash on the same palki under same chandoa at metha chowk for many many many years. If Sant Ji is the head for promoting satkar for maharajh, do you really think he would do badbi himself?

At the time the singhs of taksal and the babbars agreed to disagree over raag mala and carried on the panthic work. As far as i am aware they did not need to come to an agreement over the parkash of dasam granth sahib ji. If this had been an issue of beadbi, then im sure one of the singhs would have asked sant ji/taksal to stop doing the parkash. but this didnt happen. ie it was a non issue. So why are we making it an issue now? The singhs who have died for the panth, given their families, were tortured and went through the worst pain, stood by and witnessed the parkash of dasam granth sahib ji. But today we have people who think they know better and know more about maharajhs satkar then our own shaheed singhs.

Guru will always be Guru Granth Sahib Ji and nobody else, but the Gurbani of Guru Gobind Singh Ji in Dasam Granth Sahib Ji will also be treated with the same respect that is due to GURBANI.

end of da day akal thakht maryada was broken -


Sec E

No book should he installed like and at par with the Guru Granth Sahib

No it wasnt, since no book was 'installed like and at par' with maharajhs saroop. A saroop of Dasam Granth Sahib Ji was parkash next to Maharajh. And Dasam Granth Sahib Ji is not a "book" it is the gurbani written by guru gobind singh ji and is recognised by the same akal thakhat as such.

Harry potter is a book, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji cannot be considered a book and anyone who wishes to call themselves a Sikh needs to consider if they really view the tenth gurus writings as being in merely a 'book'. Same way we would not call a gutka sahib a book, or call a senchi a book etc. If someone did parkash of a book, then that is entirely different thing, but here and at many other places around the world, we have parkash of a saroop of dasam granth sahib ji.

And Militant Singh, you have a picture of Sant Jarnail Singh in your profile and you claim to have a lot of respect, in another thread you even said that someone who doesnt believe/follow sant ji is not a sikh ... well do you follow sant ji and are you a sikh? Because the maryada that was done at willenhall was what sant ji practiced. So is sant jarnail singh ji guilty of breaking maryada and an rss etc? You cant sit on the fence, you cant say you follow sant ji and at the same time speak against dasam granth. So you will have to choose at some point.

AK-47 HAS MADE TO-THE-POINT COMMENTS AND CLEARED MANY QUESTIONS AND GIVEN SOME GOOD INFORMATION. Those of you who still do nindya of Dasam Granth are not Sikhs. Those of you who claim to support Sant Jarnail Singh Ji and Khalistan are not Sikhs or supporters of Sant Ji, but enemies as you go against Sant Ji. FULL-STOP!

AKJ UK makes statements on other matters, so it would be helpful if AKJ UK could clarify their stance on this important issue too. As senior AKJ UK youth sevadaars visit this board, I'm sure they'd agree that it's not in the interests of their Jathebandee or the wider Panth if Akhotee leaders are (mis-)using AKJ UK's good name to create shankae/divides in the Panth.

Also, it's important for pro-Siree Dasam Granth Sahib Jee GurSikhs to KEEP continually lobbying Sikh Channel and other media. The Missionaries/Naastiks have a few loud people who are wrongly influencing average Punjabi people through Kala-Afghana supporters/presenters of Panjab Radio. It's important that Sikh Channel remains Panthik and is not a mouthpiece for such Naastiks. Ask Sikh Channel to show the Barsi programmes again, and also to record other Siree Dasam Granth Sahib Jee programmes going forwards. Let them know that the Naastiks do not represent the Panth!!!


This is TRUE!

Admin Note: Thanks for a wonderful discussion

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