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To iPad or not to iPad?  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. Will you buy an iPad?

    • Yeah definitely, heres you $499 Steve!
    • No way, Apple is evil! I haven't got an iAnything!
    • I would but I have an iPhone/iPod Touch
    • I'm waiting for the next iPad!
    • I'm waiting to see what is new in the iPhone OS 4.0
  2. 2. Do you currently own an App by The Sikhs Podcast?

    • Yes, all of them
    • Nah man, they ain't all that!
    • I own a few
  3. 3. Should we develop for the iPad?

    • Yeah might as well...
    • Yes please! I'm getting the iPad!
    • No you muppet, concentrate on the projects you have (whip!)

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As some of the sangat may know, I'm the programmer/designer of the apps that The Sikhs Podcast release (although I don't know anything about programming - about time I learned I think) We wanted to ask you the sangat about your interest in the iPad - Apple's new generation device... We want to know because, if there is enough interest we will start development, if not we will concentrate on the iPhone. Please answer honestly, and if you have any comments - however brutal - let us know...

Thanks :)

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Isn't iPad a bigger version of Ipod Touch.. I don't think there is much difference at all except the size..

There are some tweaks and I'm sure today's announcement of iPhone OS 4.0 will maybe create the split between the iPad and iPod/iPhone... I think screensize is prob the most noticeable and having more screen real estate does allow for a lot more content I guess and theres also the speed boost thanks to that new processor and added ram - as for now, most of our apps work with the x2 button on the iPad while we look into development...

Same here, waiting for the 4G

Im waiting for the new iphone!! biggrin.gif

Funnily enough, I am the same, I am not buying an iPad as I think the fourth incarnation of the iPhone will be pretty cool - 3GS was a bit of a let down... If we do decide to develop for the iPad we, as a group, may wait until the second generation to wait to purchase one, and just develop using the simulator - unless there is a real demand and considering nobody so far is going to buy one, it doesn't look too good for iPad development... Bring on the improvements to the iPhone apps! :D

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Yeh i have the 3GS, not as different then the 3G but still love it, most people who already have the iPhone will spend there money on the next iPhone, i think it will (again) revolutionise mobile technology!

iPad will revolutionise business's, health care etc (having access to all your files, software on the go)

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