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ive posted this before:

First i was a sikh because i was born into it

Then i was a sikh cuz my parents were

now i am a sikh cuz i want to be

i got into sikhi because of the great sangat i met...

otherwise who knows what wouldve happened

upto 9th grade.. i had no interest in sikhi.. then i met all these people who were chardikala.. and realised how much satisfaction and happiness i get out of it..

so here i am

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i got into sikhi, by going to rensbai raats and reading alot of wicked sikh books. the main book that inspired me was 'UNDITHI DUNIYA' and 'FROM MANMUKH TO GURMUKH' which was written by bhai randheer singh. the first book which i read (undithi duniya) was so inspiring i felt like takin amrit.

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