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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fatheh!!

Guru Ji Kirpa we live close to the Gurudwara so as a little kid my mom always used to take me... back then it was about playing in the basement then coming upstairs after Hukamnaama to hand out kleenex... then they started having Gurmat Camp every year in the summer from Surrey (one held by Malik's crew)... then after a couple camps in '97 Guru Ji blessed me with Amrit... then two years ago Jatinder Veerji (from Abbotsford) and Rapinder Bhenji (from Surrey/Vancouver) came for camp and taught us about Chaurasee Lakh Joona and that really taught me how precious this life is... and then SIKHSANGAT!! and WAHEGUROO FORUMS!! sooooo much inspiration on these two sites... love it... and then recently my dad's really helped me understand alot of things... of course all of this is Waheguroo's kirpa...

moh mgn ibkrwl mwieAw qau pRswdI GUlIAY ]

moh magan bikaraal maaeiaa tho prasaadhee ghooleeai ||

I am intoxicated by emotional attachment to Maya, the treacherous one; by Your Grace alone can I be saved.

qwr´au sMswru mwXw md moihq AMimRq nwmu dIAau smrQu ]

thaaryo sa(n)saar maayaa madh mohith a(n)mrith naam dheeao samarathh ||

The Universe is intoxicated with the wine of Maya, but it has been saved; the All-powerful Guru has blessed it with the Ambrosial Nectar of the Naam.

bhul chuk maaf

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fatheh!!

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All my family cut their hair.

My dad (though a mona) he would make sure to involve me in the Gurdwara.

... he taught a shabad to sing at the Gurdwara

.... on Gurpurbs I used to get a pagh tied on my head by my dad or a relative

... i used to enjoy small sewa at Gurdwara like givin out tissues (for parshaad), cleanin shoes or givin out langar

I would always love to listen to Giani Jis and elders. But people used to say "Go outside and play, you dont want to hear grown-ups talk." but I did!!!

I would look around at all the Singhs and Singhian and kids with kesh and feel upset and sad that I didnt look like them nor be part of them.

Hearing Saakhis of the Gurus I thought where am I and where is Sikhi.

Since the age of 5 (or whenever i cud think for myself) i always wanted to have kesh. 

At age of 15 I got enough courage to keep kesh (despite people not wanting me to - i.e. family and relatives).

I was unfortunate that there are no Amritdhari or Saadh Sangat in my local town.  But travelling to SOuthall or Birmingham I would love just the sight of Singh or Singhnian.

Reading books, Sangat through internet and learning stuff from my dad and the love & support of my mum... i got more and more into Sikhi.

I couldn't resist but give my head to Guru Ji... again family and relatives sed, "take amrit after marriage, we want to drink sharaab at your wedding"  "17 yrs old is too young to take Amrit" one relative sed, "live life first"

My life was Sikhi and I was dead until I took Amrit and took birth in the House of Guru ji.

bhul chuk maaf


Wow veerji after reading your post... I have to say i was really deeply touched by it ... cuz honestly... your story sounded a bit like mine...

How you use to look up to others... how you use to look at others and ask yourself why dont i look like them... how you liked to talked to grownups or listen to what elders had to say when people told you not to ...

Bro ... this is how it was for me too ... my parents played the best support, but from everyone else... i had no sikhi in me what so ever...

... i started to learn from A to Z about sikhi when i was 18-19 ... which was 3-4 years ago ... guru kripa naal i took amrit 3 yrs ago (exactly 3 on vasaikhi !!) ...

... when i was in da 2nd grade ... my dad took me to da barber to cut my hair ... whY ? ... kids use to run after me wit scissors to cut my hair ... i use to cry everyday back to my house from school because my joora came loose from wrestling with these punks or i use to be in da principals office crying till my mom came... seeing this my dad took me to da barber so i could 'fit in' with the other youth ... also since i had no friends at that time...

... as i got older a lot of stuff happened... guru kripa naal i didnt wonder dat much off to da bad side ... but guru kripa naal towards the end of high school i took amrit ..and that is when i reli started to learn more and more about sikhi...

... im still learning ...

... veerji like ur family i also agree a lot of my family/relatives ask me the same thing why i took amrit ... some didnt want me to ... some were ok with it ... and some were jealous u can say ... its reli weird ...

... some would ask me the same thing why don tu take it after marriage... or why dont u 'enjoy' life now ...

... i told them it wasnt about 'taking amrit' ... it was about putting that one step forward ... towards guru sahib... not to what they were referring to as in 'enjoying yourselves'...

... i have to admit my parents played a very huge role in bringing me up reli well ... as i understood sikhi more from their eyes...

... they may not be amritdhari ... but they r life to me ... no one in my family is amritdhari that is why i look upto all these singhs in real life whos families are all amritdhari and they get to have their sangat day in day out... how kismat vale are they...

... but yes i got people telling me u have things that we dont so dont think they have it easy ... but still ... i just wish i had dat one thing of growing up wit gursikhs... so u can be brought up by learning kirtan... learning how to read bani ... learning how to do nitnem... learning how to do proper seva of guru ji ... etx...

... but ya .... great post veerji .... sorry i got a little carried away .... blush.gif

... that is like 5% of my life... ill probably tell the other 95 one day ... :TH:

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