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Priceless Divine Diamonds - Sriman Sant Isher Singh Ji Maharaj Rara Sahib Wale

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Great post in describing the true aim in life, which the post clearly states about self realisation is required to meet waheguru. I would also like to add another "fault of man" separating him from waheguru is attachment (moh). Any attachment with anything in the world like family, friends, work, tv etc stop you from realising your true self and hence meeting waheguru. As you must realise that when you die, if you had any attachment in your life that you haven't broken you'll come back again possibly manuka (human life) janam again if you did a lot of bhagti.

Waheguru is so so kind that if you did bhagti and had an desire or attachment in your current life but you could not achieve your desire in this life waheguru is likely to fill it for you in your next life.

But the aim of for a gursikh is to destroy all attachment and become mukht (liberated and never returning to the cycle of birth and death). This is only done as mentioned in the post above through bhagti etc.

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In ancient times, this task was done through intense penance and Yoga Abhiyaas but since the bodies do not have that kind of strength or the age any more, it has been substituted with Bhagti and Pranayam.

Also the world population was very less and increased to a point of 6 billion. Today one can not go around jungles finding God because of the bad atmosphere (less Devtey and more Deint) . I heard Sant Isher Singh say in Katha that one should meditate privately in a closed-door room and regard that as a jungle instead.

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