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Hindus Trying To Define "True" Sikhism

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On the website, it says...Important Note: This site uses the Vedic root ideologies of the SGGS to better understand its teachings. It is not a site on Sikhism, nor is it an Anti-Sikh site. This is 'True Sikhism.' Anyone not comfortable with the material on this site, are requested to kindly exit.

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these people are confused over gurmat and vaishnavism. Gurmat has many similarities to Vaishnavism but some very clear differences, and in this respect it s common with many other religions throughout the world.

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Short rebuttal to the front page.

There is much in common between Sikhism and Vaishnavism. To begin with, they are the two fundamental prongs of the Bhakti Movement. Both consider chanting the holy name of the Supreme as the primary path to salvation. Both believe in one Supreme God and do not worship the demigods. And finally, both worship Hari or Krishna or Govinda.

While Sikhi(sm), Gurmat or Nirmal Panth has a clear definition given by the Gurus in Gurbani and by Bhai Gurdas in his Vaars there is no single definition of Vaishnavism. It is a group of different cults and creeds with contradictory teachings. Also, Vaishnavism is different from the radical bhagati movement. Gurmat teaches chanting Naam to express love for God while Vaishnavs do it as a form of ritual to gain religious merit rather than as an expression of any love or devotion. Further, Vaishnavism teaches to read Vedas and Shahstras, taking baths in holy rivers and performing other hindu rituals. Gurmat rejects such practices. Words like Hari, Krishan, Kaishav, Gobind etc refer to the same one God who is Nirvair, Nirbhau and ajooni. Hence these names do not refer to any incarnate of God or any human form such as Krishna, son of Devaki.

these later-date core group of separatists have sought to cut-off Sikhism from its intrinsic Vedic roots.

Guru Nanak Sahib himself cut off his path from Vedic roots by rejecting the ceremony of sacred thread. He preferred to eat at the house of Lalo instead of joining the grand feast of Sajjan. He rejected caste system which is the very root of Vedic system. Vaishnavism does not initiate Shudras and women. Both Ramanuja and Shankaradeva (a very liberal saint), did not initiate women to their cult. Ramanand made a change to this trend and started initiating women and low caste people in his group. Even then caste system was practiced and only Brahmins were allowed to cook the food and Shudras were not allowed to even have a glance at it for the sake of keeping the food pure.

Another sad and strange anomaly that has come about by this artificial separation is the chanting of the holy name of God. Now, the Granth Sahib declares on every page to take the name of Govinda, of Hari, or Murari, etc., without ambiguity.

As stated above these names are redefined in Gurbani and do not refer to any human form. The idea of God taking human form was adopted by Vaishnavas under Buddhist influence. Over the time number of Vishnu incarnations increased and by 8th century Buddha was also included in the same list. This feature of Vaishnavism helped Brahmins to absorb other religions in the Hindu fold by declaring their prophets as the manifestations of Vishnu. So the statement on the front page of the website that their attempt is not to bring Sikhi in Hindu fold is false as it was Vaishnavism that has done the work of engulfing Buddhism, Jainism and various other creeds.

Unfortunately however, since modern-day Sikhs have rejected the names (given in the SGGS) on the grounds that they are 'Hindu,' a crisis of sorts has emerged.

No Sikh has rejected any name of God in Gurbani otherwise such names would've been taken out of Gurbani. In fact, Sikhs believe that God has all the names yet has none of His own. Names attributed to Him are accepted as Kirtam Naams. Guru Gobind Singh Ji has written many Karam Naams in Jaap Sahib but "Satnaam" or gurmantar is the true and highest of Naam.

Simply put, they have been asked to chant the name, but now (having thrown out the names) have no name to chant! This has led to the 'manufacture' of a name of God. Most Sikhs now may be heard chanting 'waheguru, waheguru.' Unfortunately, while this may count as worshiping the guru, it does not qualify as chanting the name of God.

In Gurmat, Guru and God are synonymous and are the same. For God, Guru is His channel of communication to the humanity. Gurbani is full of verses that clearly speak of the need of having a guru from whom to obtain naam meditating upon which enables one to merge back with God. Word Waheguru is mentioned in Gurbani, Vaars and Rehatnamas. Wherever words like "Satnaam" "Har Har" "Gur Gur" or "Vaho Vaho" appear, they all refer to gurmantar.

To conclude, we are only here to put Govinda back where he belongs.

No need to do that since He is all pervading and permeates in every heart.

Some features of Vaishnavism that are rejected in Gurmat.

1. Idol worship

2. Reading Hindu scriptures.

3. Incarnation of God in form of human and animals.

4. No moral responsibility, no social life duties

5. Asceticism, celibacy, mo marriage and complete withdrawal of life from the world

6. Except some few sects initiation of shudras and women is not allowed. In Bhagavad Bhasya, Ramanuja writes, "By putting trust in me, even women, the Vaisyas or the Shudras, though sin-born, do yet go to the supreme state."

7. Belief in caste system. Sudras and untouchables if and when admitted have to maintain and worship in separate temples.

8. Meditation is a mere muttering repetition of words. It involves no love, devotion or carrying out moral deeds

9. Initiates wander about in cities and go to homes of householders to beg their food. Gurbani condemns such hypocrisy.

10. One who has attained highest spiritual state has no moral duty or responsibility towards humanity. He lives life of no activity. On the other hand, Gursikhs are required to help others on the path of spirituality while performing their social and householder duties.

11. Only Brahmins have the right to cook food. Food cooked by lower caste is not accepted or eaten.

12. World in an illusion while for the Gurus presence of God in His creation makes this world real.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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