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The Place That I Live In Is Very Discouraging To Sikhi

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i am 15 year SIkh boy. So i am still one of those fools who runs after materialistic life and all. But i want to change i want to be on the real SIkhi path now the place where i live in which is Hicksville, New York. There are many Punjabi Sikhs. Its so hard to see any real Sikh around I am pretty sure more then 90% of the Sikhs here just claim to be a Sikh and do it for a formality. I am also like that But i want to change that in me, But its very discouraging i see no one around me that is willing to help me or is on the same path as me. I also get worried because i see these Sikh girls in my school who are not really religious at all. They all want a white boyfriend or something. It makes me think if i do join the Sikhi path it will be very hard to find a girl that way, That also brings me down. Its just very discouraging and sometimes i get upset over it. I really dont know what to do at this point. I would love to get some help. Sikh sangat has always helped me through these times Thank you for that

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Take 'Sikh' girls out of the equation first of all. Focus on yourself and the path you must travel. When the time for a partner comes, hopefully you will have started such a wonderful journey that Waheguru will already have taken care of such issues for you.

As for learning more about Sikhi and trying to embark upon it's way of life, the first step is always sangat. Attend a Gurudwara regularly, and listen to kirtan and Gurbani. That's what I'd do. There's a lot more to follow but you don't want to overwhelm yourself at this early stage. I'm sure my brothers and sisters on Sikhsangat.com have more specific advice for you.

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fateh g

im in westbury n i would love sangat of any shape or form

here there is too much politics n so few ppl who have real darad of Sikhi

i will take u in like a lil bro if evr need nytime my whole meaning of life is seva to Gurus Sikhs

u can pm me g ;)

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