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True Saints In Punjab

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How can you say what sant is high and which is not to your standard. What a pathetic and very childish post. Only a bramhgyani knows a bramhgyani only a gurmukh knows a gurmukh. To label some Sants better than others is very annoying and to ask others to do the same is maha paap. Obviosly you have no real attachment to a jeevan of a sant but just to be associated with a recognized sant will make your jeevan better, you feel. You have no understanding of what a sant is so please feed your brain with some knowledge of what it takes to do sangat with saints before you rush in and find your celebrity status saint.

Just to add to previous post, judging by some posts on this thread alot of bramhgyanis subscribe to sikhsangat

first of all veerji.... we are all part of sangat and if I were to speak on my end.. I am utterly low in spiritual intelligence and experience... BUT i would urge you to please calm down while replying to a post....

your point is absolutely valid but I felt it could've been expressed in a much better and humbler way.....we are indeed no one to judge any gursikhs ..... but I think the post relates to how we can value from their life experiences and implement those very experiences into our own.....the logic is same as if a student struggling in school would learn from another student who is doing much better in school...and that very student would be tutoring other students in helping them in school..... but theres always only one teacher .... until and unless a student completes his studies and graduates with his/her PHD.....becomes absolute in that very subject.... thus a BRAHAMGYAANI in spiritual world

bhul chuk maaf !

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Sant Baba Ajit Singh Ji (Hansali Wale)

For More information listen to Giani Thakur Singh Ji's Katha they talk about them quite a bit. They are a pooran Gurmukh Braham Giani from what I heard

Giani Ji said that Baba Ajit Siingh Ji reduced the size of the flood that hit recently.

Is there katha available by Baba Ajit Singh Ji.

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    • There are so many questions regarding Sikh Maryada, but don’t know who to ask. It’s very difficult living abroad and no one to approach when you want to ask something. I have seen contact numbers at the end of some videos of very well known kathavachaks and kirtaniyes in the past but never bothered to note them down anywhere. It is difficult. Do you find everyone has their own interpretations regarding Sikhi questions when asked, which leads to nothing but confusion? 
    • I'm interested to know why they do havan too? People have been using fire in worship for 1000s of years, Native Americans, Zoroastrians, Pagans, Vedic traditions.  Wouldn't be surprised if the cave people, who used to light fires with stones, whatever their beliefs were probably used fire too.   As the only Singh in my family i get parents, uncles/aunts, cousins, neighbors asking me these of questions all the time! how the hell am i supposed to know! it's as if i all a sudden became an encyclopedia on Sikhi and have the answers for everything. A lady family friend came around once and asked me why people use instruments in Nagar kirtans?  "i don't know"   why do Sikhs in India do prabhat pheri? "i don't know"   one i get asked often is why nihungs cut goats heads off "i don't know". My cousin came around yesterday and asked me "oh why did that nihung cut the police mans hand off"   "i don't know" ! The worst is when some Singh does something stupid and theres a video being passed around, they all send me the video or ask me about it as if i have an answer or explanation for the stupidity, its as if your being held responsible for it!    Even the ancient North Indian festival of Lohri has a fire in the center of it. I read how in the Vedic period they used to do fire sacrifices with horses! how barbaric is that!   
    • I think you’d be better off asking Giani Thakur Singh Ji @Khaaik at the end of his youtube video on this bani. I have seen their contact number in many older videos but can’t remember exactly which ones though.
    • Do you mean the Ascending Masters by any chance?
    • How, where and when did your baba Ji meet Sant Ji? Was he young himself when he first met him?  It would be so nice to know his experiences with Sant Ji. 
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