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Dudley Gurdwara Update

dudley singh

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It was always clear meat/sharab would be served? Why have this party hall in vicinity of Gurudwara mate if Dudley had to show respect? Merely by facing the hall in other direction doesn't discount the fact that you are serving meat/alcohol in vicinity of Guru Granth sahib ji. Would you tolerate a meat shop in vicinity of Golen temple asr? If not, why are the considerations different here? Is there a different Guru Granth sahib here than Asr?

Innocent sikh families? Yea - who kill innocent animals for taste! And I liked the bit about your own moral and religious affairs! It's not your personal agenda mate, it's a sikh panthic agenda to preserve respect of their guru everywhere.

You have presented facts but they are not impressive, I'm afraid. So the protests shall continue. One don't understand one thing - you have the entire city to have such parties. Why involve a sacred place??? Hope you realize that we are not doing it for our selfish motive, but for respect of our common guru. WJKK WJKF

As a Sikh member of Dudley, who has been living in this town for over 40 years I find it disgraceful that any Sikh would make comments on any media network and not have the strength which was given to us by our Guru's to stand up for our rights and not to be afraid to put their real name to their comments. Sudo names are for the weak who are afraid to stand up to their beliefs and hide behind computer screens.

The facts about Dudley Community Centre are very simple. The community of Dudley (vast majority Sikh) decided to build a community centre for the purpose of small parties to celebrate birthdays, weddings and other functions. It was always clear that alcohol and meat would be served on such occassions and that as a sign of respect, the enterance to the community centre would not be facing the Gurdwara. The contributors of this project have been funded by donations and the generosity of Dudley Metropolitan Council. When this community centre was built no Gurdwara donations were used to build or fund the community centre. Furthermore when the GNSS Temple was demolished and re-built there were no Temple funds used to contribute towards the running of the community centre when it was temporarily used to house the Granth Sahib.

Dudley Council would not give grants of hundreds of thousands of pounds if any individual religious group stipulated that they would use the community centre for their individual needs. Therefore this centre was built for the purpose of use by all members of the Dudley community.

Somewhere along the line, with changes over the last 10 years between committee members the community centre has been re-named to represent the Sikh society rather than the Dudley community. Efforts are being made to correct this error.

There is no need for anyone to distrupt this function on 28th May 2011 and causing aggrevation to a innocent Sikh families happy occassion. Dudley is a peaceful community and we are capable of dealing with our own moral and religious affairs.

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