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New Track, Download & Expose India


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  1. 1. Have you downloaded 'INVESTIGATE 84' from itunes?

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Everyone please download the new track from MDK MOB ft Realist & Pavitar Singh called INVESTIGATE 84 from itunes.

This track has made number 2 in the world charts after being online for 1 day. Its only 79p, and all proceeds go to Seva for the panth. This is an excellent way to do parchar and let the world know of 1984 directly through a track that exposes the indian goverment. We need to support our singhs doing parchar and 79p is nothing to contribute.


Search 'investigate 84' in itunes

Get it to number 1 and help END THE SILENCE.

Lets really push this, its a simple but effective way to get the word out

Please forward to all family and friends

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Tracks, don't do much. People download, have a listen [some dance, the ingorant ones] and it's forgotton. What is the point...?

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