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What Is The Name Of This Love?


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I love waheguru

I want to know him more and more

I want to repeat his name more and more

His name is sweet, really sweet,

Why is Waheguru sooo sweet?

When I close my eyes I wish I could see you

When I open my eyes I wish I could see you

This relationship reminds me of love Why?

What is this relationship that I won't to leave?

What is this relationship that I can't name?

Only Waheguru knows this love is really different..

Waheguru waheguru Only you understand me....me just you

I always feel others understand me..But I realize no one does

Why can't I name this relationship Waheguru...What do you call it?

Waheguru you make me fall in love with you many many many times?

Moo Lalan Sio Preet bani..I have fallen in love with you waheguru My lord. Just you?

I feel low in sikhi sometimes but this nameless relationship is soo strong that you won't even leave me?

What can I name this whaeguru....Love is what I see in you.

You are my mother, father, sister, friend....everything

What can I name this beautiful relationship that I have with you Waheguru

There are lots of people that come and go...but you are always there protecting me

You have been so great to me waheguru...still I can't name this relationship

You are here..there...everywhere....but I can't see you because I can feel you...

I want to see you waheguru...please bless me with your darshan waheguru

I wish I had million and million of tongues so I could praise you more and more.

Waheguru...you are a Wonderful guru

Why do I forget you?....How dare I waheguru?

I am the biggest fool in this world...who could not understand you..

But now I understand you...but I am still a fool and always will be

What can I name this relationship?....Why is it soo nameless?...Only you know

I was really bored last night..so I just sat down on my laptop and typed it..I thought I could share what I feel. This relationship is nameless.

Everyone in this gupt section..always writes about love..problem.. and that...the biggest problem is that we never understand what real love is..and that is only with waheguru,,

Just waheguru.,,This relationship we have with waheguru is so great that...that there is no name for it?


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Does tat mean we don't need to love anyone else what about when we need to get married to make the next gen of sikhs?

Khalsaji this relationship that we have between wAheguru is different from all those other relatiionship like love. Of cos we will have to get married...remember wAheguru is in everyone..so why wont we love everyone?

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Was that sarcasm? I'm not sure.

Love is connected to anything and everything, without love there is nothing.

Yes it was sarcasm. I was trying to show the person I replied to that marriage and love is not mutually exclusive. Yes, in a perfect world we would all adore to be "in love" with the person we marry but for some people love simply isn't a big deal. Its about undertaking one's duty and just getting on with life. Being in love certainly isn't necessary for the process of reproduction.

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