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Howdy hi neighboureenos!

As im a non-sikh, my knowledge on the significance of certain practices is somewhat low...

I wanted to know:

Is it true or false that the holy food in your religious domain is stirred with the ceremonial dagger?

If true, why is this done and is there any spiritual significance for this?

Google me if you think im all that!

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This is correct as this strengthen it symbolically, before distribution, kada prasad should be touched with the point of a kirpan which is a ceremonial sword or dagger worn by all baptised Sikhs.

ps dont be disheartened by the very few rude people we are not all the same

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there ae 2 things that are braught in fromt of guruji to do bhorg, --> langar, and prashaad. there are other things that are dont in front of guruji such as the lives of his gursikh, we give our heads to guruji, at the amrit sunchaar infront of guruji. this is y we bow (well this is y those ppl who know about why they should bow, bow) .

we do porg to offer food to guruji ; this is when the kirpaan is used (not dagger - a dagger is sumin else). the word bhagauti is ittrative in many forms of metaphore. god himself, the power of god, the vessel through which the power of god is rachaa'ed (rachaa = to create). in this case, the kirpaan.

if you are hndu, you should be familar with the concept of a 'varat' meaning that the wives do not eat before the husband. this is not in sikhism, as we only have parvaaha for our guru.

there is soething called seet prashaad back in the days, guru gobind singh ji used to bless the food i.e. eat, and then that food was distributed in the sangat. this is the blessed food i.e. langar. this still goes on today, the bessings from guru ji is given from the offering of food to them (guruji). this is blesed food given to the sangat.

prashaad is different. its not langar. it is made by the recitation of bani, as well as naam. it is the mael of the four elements, fire, earth, water and air. fire from the heat to cook it, and earth as in rocks i.e. sugar, and maida, and air from the stiring. bringing these four together plus the bani that is read, makes it prashaad. the coming together of these four elements, not only have the capacity to hold a lot of kirpa, but it gives insight and information and describes on he intracacies on the soul and akaal purakh. the dificulity of the mergance. its not easy to rachaa prashaad. it is tough to walk the green mile (as they say). ingredants are simple, and somthing wil be made. but the extent to which prashaad is 'correct', is hard. thoughts and eyes are to be controled. which is why oly amridhari and rehet behet gursikhs are to prepare prashaad.

i am against making prashaad souly for the taste at the homes of may ppl as to make prashad is a totally diferent ball game to make sum food. it is a utam sucham seva, reserved for the people who can accept the responsibility.

its more painstaking than making a miniture for 5 hours. lota concentration is needed.

as a side note, i have heard that guru gobind singh ji used to do the porg with the kirpaan as a sarabloh kirpaan (ferrous iron kirpaan) so that it would show any poison in the prashaad put in by peole who wanted to assinate the guru because, th poisons available showed up when the kirpaan was put into the prashaad. but this is what iv heard.

lets do porg to ourselves. so we can finish off our calimaties.

gurfateh :yeehaw:


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    • Back in the days, women of Panjab wore either a Suthan style trouser (which could be loose or tight), a Ghagra or a Tehmat/Dhoti (mainly west Panjab). They wore a Kurti, which was shorter than the modern Kameez and if you go a bit back, some could be seen wearing a Choli too. Suthan style trousers eventually evolved into the modern salwar during the 1900s.  It would be nice to see women reviving these dresses again.  Typical dress of a Panjabi women from Amritsar 1875.   The Suthan looked like this. These photos range from the the 1870s to early 1900s.     The Ghagra was worn over trousers when heading outside, mainly by Sikh and Hindu women.  The Dhoti or Tehmat was mainly worn by Muslim Panjabi women from a certain area of west Panjab as Sikh women preferred a Ghagra. 
    • Paper seems glossy. And it seems in great condition for something so puratan.  I don't think back home are too hot on verification. More details would be great, but I'm not holding my breath.
    • Nah, he was jutt innit. Have to be 'bruin' innit. lol!  Plus, why miss a chance to prance around like a bandher! Who in their right mind would do that? You're not making sense.    Plus it was a low risk move in any case. Even if she blanked him, he could always go back to bhund maaring his synchronised bhangra 'brothers'.     
    • First, It is all in the hukam of Sri Akal Purakh sahib. Sikhs are never afraid of the numbers (there were days, where we were left just in thousands). Have we been focused on numbers, whole world would be amritdhari by now. So, that is not enough reason to allow multi-religious wedding where other faith teaching such as kafir ideology, my god is superior of all etc..  Second, if they are not sikh religious then why not get married in a church or court house? What tomorrow, you are going to raise the point that we are small in numbers and we may offend someone, so why not we simple remove the rule of covering head in hazzori of guru sahib. Where it will end? 
    • Harmonium is not what our guru sahib jee used. However, i have no quarrel whether to use it to not as long as focus is 100% being devoted to Gurbani.  In Sikh culture, salwar kameez and kurta pajama is also not our culture either. Not many ppl are aware of this.
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