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Death Penalty In The U.K - Are In Favour Of It?

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An on line petition has exceeded 100 Thousand in favour of Capital Punishment, which means has to be debated in Parliament

A challenge to us all - Surley we can get 100 Thousand signatures to force a debate on a or a number of Sikh issues, for example India and Human Rights - Ethical Foreign policy-

What do people think ? and ideas for the debate ?

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all kal'e that commit gun/knife crimes should be hung,all peodos should be hung as for rapist and murders - :mushroombounce:

I sure would like you to be hung for supporting the opressive mass murdering regime of india...your a genocide promoter that told the sikhs to forget their own genocides!!...you want to deny us justice!!!..and for that you not only need to be hung but your body quatered and your head stuck on a spike acting as a deterent to all genocide promoters!.....how dare you you single out kale you racist kanjari...jog on from this forum....your starting to p*ss people off!

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what do you mean by kal'e?

If you mean balcks, why single them out as people from all backgrounds are capable and do commit crimes.

I agree a criminal is a criminal

however go to Britains most wanted list below, theres a lot of blacks and muslims on there and they are meant to be a so called minority


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