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Majority Of Uk Sikhs Upset With Yesterdays Live Show On Sikh Channel (And Dadu Sahib Wale) For Speaking Against Panthic Leaders And Jathebandia!


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Most people in the UK will have watched tonights live discussion show on Sangat TV in which many Panthic leaders who have done sewa for the last 25 years+ came on live TV (along with many phone calls) to show how hurt and upset they were with the discussion show that happened yesterday on Sikh Channel - absolutely disgusting.

In that show, members of the newly formed International Panthic Dal, some gurdwara committee members (Guru Arjan Dev Gurdwara Derby and stage secretary of Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara Leicester - not committee), old ex members of jathebandia (eg Raghbir Singh) and Baba Baljit Singh Dadu Wala (who has flown in to the UK from India especially to support Sikh Channel and attend Dastar Day) etc were all sitting there for two hours, basically putting down the drain 25 years worth of work of respected panthic leaders and jathebandia.

This was not a normal discussion show, this was beyond civilised and respectful discussion where phone calls were set-up and every person was pretty much speaking against panthic sikhs as if they are enemies. The likes of Sikh Federation, Sikh Council, Babbar Khalsa Singhs, AKJ leaders, Bhai Joga Singh, Bhai Kuldip Singh Chaheru (brother of Shaheed Bhai Manvir Singh Chaheru), Bhai Amrik Singh Gill, Bhai Avtar Singh Sanghera, Jathedar Bhai Balbir Singh Babbar, FSO, GNNSJ and Bhai Sahib, Bhai Dabinderjit Singh, Dr Inderjit Singh, pretty much every single panthic Sikh and leader out there was called a traitor....

Okay, I don't agree with some of these people, but there is no doubt they have done good work for the Panth over the years in their own capacity. The Sikh Channel presenter (forgot his name?) basically sat there laughing and waiting for the panel and audience to speak more negativity and nonsense. They said that whoever does not support the Sikh Channel Dastar Day is not a Sikh at all. They said these Sikh organisations are asking for 3 years of accounts for Sikh Channel, but they ask them for 25 years worth of accounts from the jathebandia who have taken all the money (even the good ones!!!). This is what was said on a Sikh television channel and live to the world as well. Baba Baljit Singh Dadu Wala sat there listening and supporting them all. In the end he even said what everyone said was really good?????? Most of the things said cannot be repeated but the discussion show was disgraceful.

A recorded broadcast was shown from India of Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma of Damdami Taksal who has supported Dastar Day, along with the traitor Jasbir Rode who has recently gone public and now openly supporting Akali Dal of traitor Badal. These recordings were brought by Baba Baljit Singh Dadu Sahib Wala from India (as he is close to both of them).

Apparently an email sent from Mr Bal of Sikh Channel to Sikh leaders about Dastar Day was read out on Panjab Radio two days ago and Bal had said that no "anti-Indian element" or any talk of "Sikh Sovereignty" (ie Khalistan) would be allowed at Dastar Day (D-Day). What is this saying???

On todays Sangat TV discussion show the Sikh leaders cleared their points. Many phone calls sympathised with Sangat TV and the jathebandia about what was said at yesterdays discussion show on Sikh Channel. Some phone calls came in from people who were directly trying to speak against Sikh Channel and their presenter and those who were at the discussion show, but Sangat TV presenter Kulwant Singh had respect and did not allow this and even cut calls off. Hats off to him and Sangat TV for taking a more professional, civilised and Gurmukh approach. Callers, panel and audince on Sangat TV today were disgusted at Sikh Channels show and those involved (new to the Panthic scene, congress type people or those kicked out Gurdwara committees and jathebandia). Everyone was particularly upset and angry with so-called "Sant" Baba Baljit Singh Dadu Wala who has took one side and also spoke against panthic people and jathebandia (he supported all those who did this) and people asked why was here as he does not know anything about Dastar issues in UK/Europe. Someone also questioned his close links with traitor Paramjit Sarna of the Delhi Gurdwara Parbandak Committee who has also given a siropa to the grandson of the enemy of sikhs Lala Jagat Narain (he was killed by Sikhs years ago)...etc.

Please all post, not to speak against Sikh Channel and those present in their discussion show as enough has been said now, but to support the Panthic leaders and jathebandia who have been and are doing a great job for the panth, in their own particular way - those like AKJ, Babbar Khalsa, Sikh Federation, Damdami Taksal, FSO, Sikh Council, GNNSJ etc.

Also, if one does not support and attend Dastar Day, it does not mean they are not a Sikh but an Indian Government agent! That was a ridiculous statement as well!!!

Most Sikh Youth in UK are clear on their stance!

(Also see this topic which is interesting about D-Day - http://www.sikhsangat.com/Index.php?/topic/63373-great-news-for-panth-sikh-council-sikh-federation-have-already-secured-dastar-rights-in-italy-like-uk-should-be-announced-on-monday-congrats/)

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Majority of UK Sikhs were busy getting drunk in clubs or at home watching BBC 1 , FACT

Those Sikhs involved in the Panth - were happy with the show facts came out about certain ex sikh channel presenters

Baba Daduwal Zindabad -

Rode Dhumma being with Badal - well the majority opposing D Day are with Sant Samaj and applauded Rode n Co for joining Badal on one hand ppl say Baba Daduwal is Sarna then the next they say Badal - Make your mind up Sikh Fed, BSC and what not are all with the Sant Samaj traitors .

Whats Panthic about these leaders who are filthy rich - Pardhaans and what not have any of them put £1mllion to Sikhi parchar in the UK of Sikh Freedom Movement - NEVER have they given birth to Multi Million Gurdwara projects YES!

As long as they get a Gurdwara they dont care about anyone or anything

The filthy Panthic politics in the UK is clear now all the Dera Baba Jathe followers on one side

Average Panthic Sikh who follows no Dera,Baba or Jatha on one side -

All leaders of Dera Baba Jatha groups are aligned fully with Sant Samaj whos with Badal - all Sangat Trust is with Badal FACT

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While I understand your frustration that so called leaders and jathe were slandered, it wasn't as if sangat was not doing it either. In fact they started it off. They thought we will bring big names down in terms of jathebandiya and get them to tell the sangat we are nit with dastaar day and sikh channel should have approached us first etc etc.

After a few days of bashing sikh channel live on air, trust ive been watching, sikh channel have decided to retaliate.

I think the jathe and so called leaders found out really what people think of them and they felt hurt by that, why? Because maybe people are fed up with jathe and committees and leaders because all they are remembered for are causing trouble and splitting up the panth with their own views and opinions.

And this dday is a classic example of what jathe and leaders are about because they are not getting recognized for it they go agianst it. It's all politics and the average sikh gets confused at what do and say. Before you say that the members form sikh channel that day are badal fans take a closer look at joga and co they are fans aswell, they're all fans both sides.

As fir the youth stance I know alot of youth from the midlands are preparing thier own coaches with the sangat help and support and no matter what you do and say DDay is going ahead it's gonna be a success with mahraaj ang sang.

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The scary thing is that the amount of effort they are putting in to slander the event, why if you don't agreewith it don't go, like some people don't agreewith 84 they don't go to protest either, but they don't go to the extent of slandering the event.

I think the rise of the Khalsa will put death to these jathebanidya, bring them down a level because in their homai they think we the sangat owe them something.

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Yes its all very strange. Same with any event, if you don't agree, don't attend. It seems more like a jostle for power. I doubt any of those attending have been on the receiving attend of airport security disrespecting the dastaar. I was subjected to such treatment in Italy 6 years ago. I am glad some people are taking the step to raise the profile of the dastar. We have a lot of work left in the UK as well as abroad.

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Many Jathebhandis spent the last 25 years disconnecting themselves from the mainstream Sikh Comnunity which has given the impression they don't do anything. Can you really blame the sangat for so easily beleiving that they are "chauder de pukhay" people? Jathebhandis need to raise their profile in the Sikh Community by getting involved in Community projects, Parchaar, dealing promptly with local Sikh issues and showing a professional structured side. Simple quick wins!

At the moment the hot topic in the Sikh living rooms is how useless or petty our leaders are. So, wake up Jathebhandis and build up your panthic profiles in your own community and you will get the "pats on the back". Otherwise keep watching a virtual sangat rebellion on Sikh Channel against the Jathebhandis, because that's what today's D Day is going to end up being.

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And I guess sangat tv have played no role in this then?

It was they that started this with discussion shows by Rana when they slandered sikh channel and sikh presenters.

It seems like everyday they have a discussion show putting down sikh channel.

Do they not expect sikh channel to respond? Anger has boiled over on both sides and done nuksan to the panth, from the outside it looks like sangat tv started this. This should have been discussed behind the scenes and not aired on tv.

I think majority of youth are behind this event. The turnout seems to be good and another great bonus is that money veers have worn dastars for the first time in their lives!

Both channels have made mistakes. Both channels need to accept this. Some elders and leaders of our community have unfortunately set a bad example for the youth.

Hopefully after this event all can be forgotten and both channels can continue to do parchar without slandering each other. I hope both channels continue to air and do parchar of Gurmat.

Satguru Panth Nuu Chardi Kala Baksho.

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Some jathebandhis do so much good work, yet fail to communicate it out to the main sangat. They definately need to raise their profiles and improve their communication wings.

The Sikh Channel show was an absolute joke, disgraceful, all staged. If some jathbandis do not turn up for a particular event, so what. They have attended and hosted many other events that the slander-ers didnt turn up to.

The Bal guy in Sikh Channel really worries me. Even though Sikh Channel is a registered charity now, he still makes all the main decisions. He's from a business backgorund and primarily cares about money. He can definately be bought and gotten to by the Indian agencies.

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Not that much Sangat has turned up at d-day from the looks of it. Definately no where near the amount of Sangat that turns up to the June event, it's like 15% of that, but that doesn't matter. Speeches are all mostly in Punjabi as well and doesn't look like much awareness is being created at all. However, a good effort by Sikh Channel and good work. At least the event has happened peacefully and it is all good and at least Sikh Channel made an effort to do something (although perhaps not the right approcah in my opinion, but that is my opinion). Hopefully everyone can work together in the future and everyone will be freinds again now!

Also, unfortunately "Bob Singh" (nornally with "Kamalroop") of the anti panthic Niddar Nang crew managed to get the opportunity to speak on the stage, that was very dissapointing!

Rest were okay I think.

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