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Namdhari Behaviour Very Wrong

Guest MrHSinghK

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Here is another side to the Namdharis sect. Not only do they get their followers to disrespect Gurbani, they go to the extent of protecting Sajjan Kumar.

In this video, HS Hanspal (Minority Commission member) was caught on cam trying to persuade Nirpreet Kaur, 84 Anti Sikh Genocide victim to meet Sajjan kumar for compensation. In a sting operation done by Harinder Baweja, Editor-Investigations Harvinder Singh Hanspal, himself a Sikh and president of Namdhari Darbar, has been shown in persuasive conversation to woo Nirpreet Kaur, a crucial witness, in a case of massacre of the Sikhs, against former MP and Senior Congress Leader Sajjan Kumar. Nirpreet Kaur, whose father was burnt alive, right in front of her eyes, during the November 1984 Sikh massacre in the National Capital has been fighting the case for last more than 26 years to get justice, with no end result in sight.

How can anyone defend such a sect, while distorting Gurbani.

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kysw kw kir cvru Fulwvw crx DUiV muiK lweI ]1] rhwau ]

kaysaa kaa kar chavar dhulaavaa charan Dhoorh mukh laa-ee. ||1|| rahaa-o.

I make my hair into a fan, and wave it over them; I apply the dust of their feet to my face. ||1||Pause||

You seem to have used this lovely quotation of SGGS to defend the actions of the guy in the video! This is incorrect according to gurmat of mainstream Sikhi . Why? Because the purpose of that tuk is not to give anyone license to get their dastar off and get into a seemingly mystical frenzy of shaking their head for whatever purpose. Rather, this tuk if read in the context of the shabad at hand is a picturistric description to drive home the point of humility, servitutude and worship of Gurujee. It is using a physical description as a symbol of what needs to shift within a person’s inner being and is best left at that, rather than to be manipulatively extrapolated to wrongfully justify an action that has no place in tat gurmat. If you are an avid paathi of SGGS who reads SGGS with the aid of tikkas and kathas, you would understand this.

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Have you heard of Word Called "MASTANA" in Gurbani; if not please please ask any Puran Sant Mahapursh what is the avastha of a Mastana

I am afraid you are not really asking a question here in all sincerity. Rather you are using a question format to imply other’s ignorance of a spiritual state called mastana. a) as I stated previously, mastana or not, the tuk quoted is quoted out of context when used to justify anything other than the real objective of the tuk which is to do with an inner shift. b) a thorough understanding of Gurbani as well as Sikh history shows that Sikhism focusses on sehaj based inner mystical life where the focus is on an inner transformation or revolution within the consciousness rather than outward dramatic expressions and manifestations of masti. If you have been leading a life of simran and bhagtee you would know that there is more strength and progress in bhagti when a person controls his/her urges for outward ‘pentecostal ‘ type of mystical mastanic manifestations and rather at that one point of mastanic elevation, it is better to inwardly surrender that state totally in the presence of Gurujee so that one achieves an even higher more pleasurable inward mastanic experience that does not impinge on one’s immediate physical environment. You need to dig deep into the writings of Bhai Gurdas, Bhai Nand Lal and of course Gurbani to start appreciating the place of masti within Sikh mystical philosophy and how it is to be understood, expressed and interpreted and appreciated. Read Gurbani very carefully to differentiate between the Sikh and Hinduistic interpretation and expression of masti and mastana. None supposed 'mahapurush' can have an avastha as high as Gur Tegh Bahadur Maharaj and yet those 22 years of bhagti and simran as Gurujee awaited His turn were not spent in letting His hair down in a disco style expression of His masti, but rather in a humble inward surrender to God, a state of masti even the greatest of saints can never comprehend.

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SOme can control this urge and some cannot. It all depends on which avasthaa is he in.

We cannot Interpret this avasthaa because we have not felt it.

koeI AwKY BUqnw ko khY byqwlw ]

koeI AwKY AwdmI nwnku vycwrw ]1]

BieAw idvwnw swh kw nwnku baurwnw ]

hau hir ibnu Avru n jwnw ]1] rhwau ]

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SOme can control this urge and some cannot. It all depends on which avasthaa is he in.We cannot Interpret this avasthaa because we have not felt it.

That is exactly why, one should not be dabbling in this sort of stuff if one’s understanding of Gurbani and Sikhi are very limited. Sikhism helps us to strike the right balance between our understanding and experience. It is ridiculous to go off tangent, and off balance, in the name of mysticism when you need to focus first on getting your understanding of basic Sikhi right. This is how people become manipulated, used , cheated and irrelevant to the needs and purposes and callings of the Khalsa Panth. If someone cannot control this urge they really need to get off it immediately and learn the art of controlling your urges that’s lesson One in Sikhi before you claim to be any higher!

And do not hide your weakness in controlling your urges in the disguise of ‘avastha’. Gurbani hardly even bothers repeating this word ‘avastha’ too much because Sikhi has more to do with a humble day to day life lived in the Hukum of Akal Purukh than to be classifying one’s life according to one’s tiny little spiritual avastha a term that lends itself to the birth of ego within a spiritual person faster than the weeds that grow in my garden!

You are entirely wrong in stating ‘’ We cannot Interpret this avastha because we have not felt it.’’ Speak for yourself , not others!

You need to do your homework and read Professor Sahib Singh’s translation and exposition of the verse you quoted starting with koi kahe…. and other teekas as well to realise you have quoted it out of context to try to substantiate the wrong point you made! You have copied the boring old habit that Radhaswamis, Nirangkaris Namdharis and Neeldharis have of conveniently, borrowing and misquoting verses from Gurbani to somehow justify their version of religion and mysticism, when it is blatantly obvious these verses are set within a deeper and higher context of meaning to unfold the mainstream philosophy of Sikhism that you would be familiar with if you stopped busying yourself with namdharee gurus and dogma and instead dug deep into the writings of Bhai Gurdas and Bhai Sahib Bhai Bhai Vir Singh, Professor Puran Singh and others.

At the end of the day, this is a website that exists to introduce all visitors and members to the teachings of mainstream Sikhism, not its dodgy offshoot suckers like the Namdharis and etc. I do not appreciate people from cults and other religions hanging around here like silent viruses waiting for oppurtunities to twist and turn Gurbani, Sikh philosophy and Sikh history in order to justify, defend and propagate the teachings of their cults in the name of Sikhism!

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Yeh so wan u go to all night kirtan n they r shakin ther heds on waheguru . . . Wagu . . . Wagu tha is not sehaj n is it not much in line with teachlins? Please tell u thoughts?

Yes, you are right. We should focus on humbling ourselves in the presence of Gurujee, giving 100% attention to whats being said, read, or sung and using that as a medium and means to have a deep inner surrender and communication with Gurujee, keeping our bodies relaxed, and as still as possible, so we can focus on Gurujee's presence, be in sehaj and samadhi, and draw no attention to our self, or distract others through our movements. This is the best and most mature etiquette to follow in Gurughar.

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