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Bhangra Foundations For New Gurdwara - Morally Bankrupt Or Just Moronic?

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So here is the lastest lunacy - I cannot believe how these people associated with building the new gurdwara would not realise what hypocracy this is - they are hosting a hip hop, bhangra and giddha night in order to raise funds for a new gurdwara!

HAs the world gone mad?! How can you build something with rotten foundations?

Please see attached flyer. Helpfully, there is a contact number on itwhereby the sangat can get more information!



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What a joke...What happended to the good old days of humble gurmat focused fund raising!

Why does wee little Glasgow need another Gurdwara for anyway? Haven't they already got an abundance of Jat, Bhatra, Tarkaan, Rajput, Chamar Gurdwaras? What "sub caste" has fallen out with what micro community now?

I suppose we'll soon see a £100 per head champagne fund raising event in high profile venue to raise money for a new Gurdwara... :stupidme: Let's hope not!

Has anyone actually spoken to this Surjit Chowdary, the man who has so proudly displayed his name and number on the bottom of this poster?

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Singho, if your really going to stand up against such disrespect, then a group or a Singh first needs to approach the committee and if they don't listen, then do what is needed to take down the committee. Any means necessary as proscribed by Gurmat.

Before starting the seva, do Sri Japji Sahib and Sri Jap Sahib and then take a Hukamnama from Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj on what to do.

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