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Before anyone brings up jatha vs. jatha issue, let me make something clear. In narrangwal, ludhiana there are three gurdwara sahibs; akali gurdwara sahib being the oldest, 2nd gurdwara sahib build in the place of bhai randhir Singh jees haveli (home) and 3rd gurdwara sahib is near the entrance of narrangwal pind where sant kartar Singh ji and sant jarnail Singh jee used to hold santheeya classes. When sant jarnail Singh jee used to come and stays there for a long period of time; people of this pind opened their doors to welcome and host whole bus load of singhs for weeks; hosts includes the family of bhai randhir singh jee.

Before sant kartar singh jee passed away; the whole jatha was heading to visit ludhiana family closely related to bhai randhir singh jee.. Singhs from 70's/80's jatha time can confirm this (ex. Baba bakhsheesh singh - sant jarnail Singh jee used to call him pandit jee).

There's always unity and prem among jathabandiya. I can't tell about current time but in old times there was huge unity among jathabandeya.

Going back to topic; I think we all agree that it is not good to label whole jatha by misdeeds of few. Sadly, those few are self-promoted leaders of certain groups and making bad decisions for rest of the jatha. Confusing, bad judgements, mistrust and fights are the results of such bad leadership. I think leadership should be on rotation mode and power of decision making should be given to panj piyarays.

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Meditate and take away the negative energy out of your system. Think positive and fully and completely accept yourself in this society. We use to live like brothers but through societal programming (media, internet and the education system) this is no longer the case. You are MAN a MAN who will have responsibility of feeding your family, building a home and protecting your family. Unleash that energy inside of you and obtain the drive to do something with your life. You will wake up everyday looking forward to a new day.

Education is good as long as it doesn't change you. The thing with University is that it's programming you to be a nerd. Nerds don't live like brothers but instead they compete for money. They don't respect other nerds because they see them as competition. These nerds will do anything possible to please their boss so just they can go ahead. The ones that get their PHD's end up coming up with BS statistics that society like sheep all believe. I'm not saying all research is BS. The other thing with nerds is that they blame their problems on other people whereas a MAN blames his problems on himself and gets them fixed.

That is what is happening in the video. There are nerds getting payed by the Indian government to speak up against the Dasam Granth. Even in 1984 it was these nerds that destroyed our brotherhood. Real men have heart but nerds don't.

These nerds watch pornography everyday and then claim money is what draws a woman towards you. A woman (by nature) needs to feel loved and protected which a real man can provide. This is stated in the DSG (chitropakhiyan).

Singh's its up to you if you want keep this panth strong. Too many Singh's these days are becoming societal sheeps. Some moneh are still living like brothers and yet some of you guys envy them. Make a list on what you want to change about yourself and stick to the script. Keep doing this until it is natural. You will be tested but this is what will help you gain more confidence and respect. Following a Baba these days is not going to help you become a man especially if woman are bowing down to him.

Check out this website if you want an idea of what is going on. http://www.henrymako...e_obsolete.html (probably the only educated man that got it after 3 divorces)

PS. This is my last post.

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