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Married Couples & Bank Accounts

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Married- 5 years

Accounts- Several

1. Main Account is Joint Account

2. Saving Account is in my wife's name

Property- House is in my name [complex loan]. Wife never complained. Though we joke here and there. All cars in her name, so its never like "This should be in my name.."

Divide Income?- We all post our incomes in our joint account. Pay all bills from that account. Usually it is me who transfer variable amount from joint account to Saving account. Big purchase (>500) involves decision from both of us. Large purchase [>10000] involves getting advice from my parent and also from her mummy/daddy.

Emails/FB/Banks/Bills Accounts: All login details are open between us. There is no account that we do not share with each other. I do not recommend this for everybody but give it a try, it might work for you guys. I do see lots of married couple (friends) changing their passwords couple of months after they get married.

Clear all doubts and misunderstanding with your partner. Always keep open communication level and leave haumai at your doorstep. Talk about everything with each other.

However, Singhnia needs to be aware of our sikh culture when moving to in-laws house - respecting elders, supporting close family and relatives.

Very nice reply by lowest of the low singhni !

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Fine, Dowry is against Sikh beliefs but have you seen anyone getting married without financial consideration.

Whether it's cash, property, immigration or salary.

Most parents get grooms from India coz it's Cheaper otherwise do you think Indian grooms are compatible with Western brides.

Due to the lure of maya even Indian Akhand kirtani's get married to Loose western counterparts.

Free (ticket & visa) is all it takes !

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Guest your theory is stupid but sadly a lot of desi folk have similar/same thinking as you. Maya shouldn't come into it. A girl does not come with a price tag on her. Therefore if anything both the girl and boy should pay to live under the in laws roof because they have married and become 1 joth! Anyway let's focus on the main thread.

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