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Blueprint For Khalistaan

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I think you need to set-up govt in exile (hellllloooooo where are the old khalistanis?)......

it should start with International Sikh Council proposing names of learned sikh scholars/intellectuals for different positions to start with. the berths should be given on merits openly. they could have people in the ministry from any country.

they need to declare a city as capital in exile and work from there. They will have to work using other currencies for the time being.

They need to start taxing(registered) each sikh proposing Khalistan to start buidling a huge pot for the quam. (this is the most difficult? because .....you know)

They need to send envoys or representatives in country to represent sikh nation who will be given authority to initiate a dialogue with that nation on behalf of Khalistan.

are you interested ? i can tell you more. this model is based on Tibetan struggle but differs on several strands.

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You need a country before you can make a constitution. Not the other way round.

This is correct, look at the USA and many many other countries, the constitution was written many years after independence.

"Gurbani is the best constitution we have that lays down perfect principles for humankind to follow. Regardless, constitution of the USA was written ten years after thirteen colonies gained independence. Constitution of India was written three years after it gained independence. If these countries can write their constitutions after independence then why can't we? Just mere excuses."

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A good start would be sikhs in punjab disregarding Hindu wedding act I.e. sikh couple gets married at gurdwara (where they receive gurdwara certificate) but refuses register with tehsildar..

Small step but one in the right direction..

Would be nice if sgpc issued a standard certificate and recorded marriages on a central database.

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