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I have some Gatka manuals by Ustaad Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa, which contain all the main pentrai/sword movements etc. PM me if you are interested, you can collect or I can post. They are £10 each.

Is there any way you could scan and email them for what price you name? Is it in English?

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Last I heard of Nanak Dev Singh was that he has now taken up SV under Niddar Singh and teaches basic SV in an akhara based in Germany. A lot of UK based Gatka Ustads learned from Nanak Dev Singh.

Again you'll find a fair people on the forum who are "anti" Niddar Singh... or more accurately they dont like ihis particular belief set and he has rattled a fair few cages amongst certain Jahthebandis who as a result...are highly anti Niddar Singh..

Make up your own mind who to beileve, check the SV Facebook group watch the videos, watch the facebook videos... Ask yourself why respected, recognised martial artists are holding seminars and eventds with Niddar Singh.... Pat O Malley (Rapid Arnis), Maul Mornie (Silat Sufian Belan Diri) are a couple of names.

Anyway back to topic, I wasnt saying the 10 hits in 1.5 seconds cant be true. I was trying to get across that Ajit Singh would have a highly skilled warrior without question. So dont confuse 10 hits in 1.5 seconds as the sort of stuff you see Gatka lot doing...i.e: spinning a stick or weapon around and jumping ariund at speed as the same thing.

As mentiond earlier it's acknowledged that the highest vidyas are those of Chatka...i.e; instaneoulsy killing with one blow...skilled experienced warriors have through years of training develped undertanding of range, trajectory, angles, distance, body structures and mechanics...Battlefield arts at "Bujangi" level are highly efficient killing systems...minimal wastage, mimimum energy utiilisation...skill and techniuque based not energy and speed...

'With joy, from all directions, and joy in heart, came warriors of Chatka [they who kill with single blow].'

(Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Treh Chrittar 1, Dasam Guru Durbar)

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