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<banned word filter activated> International Akali Dal Protestors Burn The Usa Flag In Demontration In Inida

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Source: http://www.sikhsiyas...ess-immaturity/

Sikhs praise US Govt. for quick response And Criticise India for it’s foolishness & immaturity

By Webmaster

Published: August 15, 2012

Ludhiana (August 15, 2012): On Sunday 12 August, special memorial services were held at many Gurdwaras across the globe, including one by Sikhs in Switzerland at the Gurdwara Sahib in Langenthal.

file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5CMSS%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtml1%5C01%5Cclip_image001.jpg Dabinderjit Singh, Sikh Federation (UK)

Hundreds of Sikh mourners, prominent dignitaries and representatives from various inter- religious organisations and faiths participated in this memorial service in Switzerland to pay their final respects to the six Sikhs horrifically killed one week earlier in Wisconsin and pray for the well-being of those injured.

Sikh children sang hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, followed by speeches by prominent dignitaries and concluding with the Sikh prayer, the Ardaas, and the lighting of candles outside the Gurdwara to remember those killed.


It was a high profile event that was deliberately not publicised in advance due to the participation of the Ambassador for the United States of America to Switzerland, Donald S. Beyer Jr.

The Ambassador stayed for the entire memorial service lasting almost three hours and held discussions with Sikh representatives after Guru Ka Langar (food in the communal kitchen). In his address he disclosed his personal ties with Sikhs in California and expressed his deep sorrow for Sikhs across the world. He further added the perpetrator was almost certainly mad and that the USA authorities were fully investigating the incident. He also made reference to the millions that have seen the American flag fly at half-staff across the world and remember the Sikhs who lost their lives in Wisconsin.


In a veiled attack on the response in India to the attack (unnecessary burning of the US flag) it was asserted those killed were Sikhs living in the USA (and not Indians) and that was why the US President had responded so quickly in not only his statement praising Sikhs, but also in taking the unprecedented step of ordering the lowering of the US flag as a sign of respect. The Ambassador also paid tribute to the Sikh community for its immense contribution in the USA.

Bhai Dabinderjit Singh an advisor to the Sikh Federation (UK) who traveled especially from the UK to give the keynote speech on behalf of the Sikh community made a massive impact on the dignitaries who directly praised his speech or were left in tears and unable to speak. These included the US Ambassador who praised the speech on more than one occasion before he left, Andrea Della Balda, Deputy Ambassador of San Marino, Andreas Nufer from the Holy Spirit Church, Berne, Muhammad Hannel member of the IRASCOTIS (Inter-Religious working group) Switzerland and Vice President of the Network of Islamic organisations in Zürich and Narawila Dhammadassi Thero, from the Therwada Buddhist Centre.

Extracts from the speech of Dabinderjit Singh is reproduced below:

‘The sentiments I am sharing are not only those of Sikhs in Switzerland and the UK, but Sikhs across the Europe, North America and throughout the Diaspora.

What has touched Sikhs, people of all faiths and even people of no faith is the attack last week was in a Gurdwara, the House of God, a place of worship and those targeted were innocent men, women and children. When innocents are attacked in such a horrific way we can only call this an act of ‘terror’ driven by hate.

The frightening thing is this probably could have happen anywhere in the world and probably at any place of worship. However, the attack was on Sikhs, arguably the most visible religious minority in the world and in a recognised world power the USA. Therefore, the significance and impact has been much wider and greater.

This is not the first time innocent Sikhs pilgrims at a Gurdwara have been massacred. Our short history is littered with many examples, whether it be at the Gurdwara that marks the birthplace of the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, at Nanakana Sahib at present in Pakistan; or the holiest of holy Sikh shrines, the Golden Temple Complex in Amritsar; or a Gurdwara called Rakab Ganj, opposite the Indian Parliament where Sikhs in very recent times have been butchered and burnt alive and that in the presence and with the encouragement of an existing Indian Government Minister.

Returning to the events of last Sunday – Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims that died and their families as well as those injured. Sikhs owe a special tribute to those brave American police officers, in particular Brian Murphy, who first responded to the attack and put their own lives at risk to protect innocents. Undoubtedly their actions saved many lives.

Sikhs would like to put on record our heartfelt thanks to President Barack Obama for his kind words towards the Sikh community upon hearing of the attack and his subsequent proclamation of flying the American flag at half-staff or mast until 10 August at all official US government buildings and establishments across the globe.

This gesture of compassion and respect shown by the President and the USA towards those who lost their lives is something the Sikh Nation will remember for many years to come.

Let me finish by saying Sikhs are a resilient Nation and we feel the six who lost their lives last Sunday, did not die in vain, much good and understanding of Sikhs, our experiences and predicament has emerged.

President Obama referred to this being a time for soul searching – this goes beyond the US, extends across the globe and across religious divides. This soul searching must result in greater respect for each other as human beings. This is encapsulated in the Sikh prayer, the Ardaas, which you will later join us in. The prayer all Sikhs join in every day always ends with the words ‘Sarbat da Bhala’- the well-being of all.’

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Where are these cowards on the 84 anniversaries !!!!!! They should be BURNING THE INDIA FLAG !!! That USA police officer delivered justice with his bullet unlike any OF THE GIDDAR INDIAN/PUNJAB POLICE

That guy in the middle, the one in the orange turban, he is a paid stooge. He is seen ONLY during protests and is usually in orange dastar. Been seeing him for years, he burns the Pakistani flag usual

International akali dal is a pro-indian circus organisation purely made to insult and malign the Sikhs. That foool with sunglases and orange dastaar is an indian hindustani agent who never talks about

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Sikhs are better known now so all we gotta do is make sure we rep with the stars + stripes whenever the States is under attack and represent in the community whenever local tragedies occur involving non-Sikhs (for example the Muslims didn't exactly rep with the States after 9/11 so the next time innocent Americans are attacked then we need to be prominent in opposing Muslim terrorists)

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Source: http://www.examiner....-demand-apology

Sikh Americans decry American Flag burning in India and demand apology

August 11, 2012

By: Amrik Singh

4cce8a87353331b6006228ff6c4f75f1.jpg (Sumedh Saini, The present Director General of Police (DGP) of Punjab).


SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 10, 2012 - Sikh Americans highly appreciate the overwhelming public support and the response of the US Government, Law Enforcement, and the US media to the white Supremacist’s attack on a Sikh Gurdwara in Oak Creek Wisconsin. Sikh Americans have never lagged behind in showing deep respect to American values and the US Flag despite facing random attacks against their identity. They believe it happens mostly out of ignorance. The President of Oak Creek Gurdwara, one of the six victims, had American flag in his front yard that showed his attachment to the symbol of freedom.

But in India, a staged incident of burning American flag has invited the wrath of Sikh Americans who demanded immediate apology from India for showing disrespect to the American flag and a thorough investigation of ulterior motives.

“India and its puppet government in Punjab must issue an immediate apology to Sikh-Americans for burning our flag,” said Bhajan Singh Bhinder, Director of US-based Sikh Information Center. “We are not India’s property. They should get their hands off our flag.”


A suspected Supremacist, posing as a Sikh burns American flag.Photo credit: Sikh information center

On August 6, members of a political party aligned with Hindu supremacists Bharatiya Janata Party, burned several flags and displayed signs reading: “US Govt Take Action Against The Killers.” It is a disturbing development, according to Mr. Bhinder, because Hindu supremacists are looking for racial divisions, hatred, and violence against American Sikhs. Shiromni Akali Dal, which was once a Sikh oriented political party, is currently hand in glove with Hindu hardliners whose hands are still suspect in killing thousands of Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, and Dalits from 1980- 2008.

The same day of the Oak Creek incident, Chief Minister of Punjab, Parkash Singh Badal wrote in a letter to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh: “The government of India must get more actively and vigorously involved in getting the U.S. administration to address the issue in right earnest.” Foreign Minister S. M. Krishna also blamed America, saying: "The U.S. government will have to take a comprehensive look at this kind of tendency which certainly is not going to bring credit to the United States of America."

Mr. Bhinder said how can Government of India ask justice for six Sikhs when it has not brought to justice any killer of 10,000 Sikhs, and burning of their hundreds of historical Gurdwaras ?

Bhinder said “Badal has promoted Sumedh Saini, an architect of Sikh genocide in India, as the head of the state police department, how can he plead on behalf of the American Sikhs? Saini got the highest office by killing thousands of Sikhs. There is enough evidence that India rewards and promotes police officers who use torture and murder of prisoners.” Many Hindu hardliners guided mobs to kill Sikhs and burn their places of worship in 1984. Four thousands Sikhs lost their lives in Delhi alone and mob leaders were elevated to the highest offices.

According to a press release, Bhinder stated the intent of the flag-burning was clearly intended to create strife among different American communities and provoke American anger against U.S. Sikhs. “This has the hallmarks of a staged event. The rabble-rousing Indian government is trying to pit one American against another to divide the USA along caste lines in the tradition of the Brahmin rulers of India,” he said. "India can do nothing to end anti-Sikh violence in America as long as it continues the officially sanctioned genocide of Sikhs in India.”

He added that a 2011 report by human rights watchdog Organization for Minorities of India (OFMI) stated that torture is used regularly in every police station in India. Backing Bhinder’s claim that police brutality leads to promotion, OFMI spokesman Arvin Valmuci said, “Look at former police officer Mohammad Izhar Alam, who led the ‘Black Cats’ death squad to exterminate Sikhs. Last November, 34 young Sikhs killed by Alam were finally identified, but in October, Badal assured his wife a seat in Punjab Legislative Assembly.”

Valmuci says India has a long, indisputable record of staging violence against minorities. He also questioned the spontaneity of the flag-burning, asking, “Was it staged by the Indian government like other crimes such as the 2001 Chittisinghpura Massacre, the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombing, and the 1982 Cow Head Incident?”

The Sikh Information Centre was joined by OFMI in making three demands of India:

“If India truly has sympathy for the memories of Wisconsin Sikhs Satwant Singh Kaleka, Prakash Singh, Sita Singh, Ranjit Singh, Suveg Singh, and Paramjit Kaur, then it will listen to us. We demand:

“1) An immediate investigation of the mysterious thugs who burned the American flag in New Delhi;

“2) An immediate apology by India and its puppet government in Punjab to the USA's Sikh community;

“3) Immediate prosecution of Kamal Nath and of Badal's Police chief, Sumedh Saini, for crimes against the Sikhs involving the torture and murder of thousands.

“We also humbly request:

“1) The Obama Administration take swift action to investigate attempts to use the mischievous flag-burning incident to create more civil strife in the USA;

“2) The U.S. State Department should pressurize India for an official apology to the Sikh-American community for burning their flag;

“3) The U.S. Congress take up and press this issue and particularly seek prosecution of Kamal Nath and Sumedh Saini.”

About SIC: The Sikh Information Centre is a USA-based non-profit committed to the discovery, dissemination and elevation of crucial information relating to the liberty of unhindered exercise of all intrinsic rights of humanity.

The thing that amazes me is that don't these Indian politicians actually feel stupid when they make these statements. We must be doing something right in the west if they are so hell bent on trying to finish us on an international level.

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Surely somebody must know this mans name?

Does anybody actually know the name of this man who dresses like a Sikh and impersonates Sikhs and then burns the American flag at the request of anti-humanitarian agencies in the hope that some Sikhs will get attacked or murdered as a result?

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He's probably paid a nice packet to get up to this nonsense and defame Sikhs. I say 'paid a nice packet' because surely nobody can be that dim by purpose.

Yep. Or he's getting favors done.

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That person (shown in the first post of the thread) was not the only one. The Akali Dal (Badal) also took a march against USA in New Delhi and also their associates BJP took some “Sikh students” with them and demonstrated against USA and burnt effigies and flags in Phagwara and Amritsar (both the cities in Punjab) and perhaps other cities as well. .

I am translating a passage from an article written (in Punjabi) by Dr. Amarjit Singh, (from Washington) in which he commented on the speech given by Parkash Singh Badal in Milwaukee at the time of memorial on August 10, 2012.

Below is the translated paragraph

{Indian Government and the Indian Embassy reacted very late in their responses. But even more- and the most regrettable, was that the “double mouthed” approach of Parkash Singh Badal became exposed. On one hand all the big and small Akali leaders (who have come to Milwaukee) talked about supporting American Sikhs, but, on the other hand they showed their foolish intentions by ordering their Delhi unit to demonstrate in front of American Embassy. However, as soon as they announced the date and time of the demonstration in the media, the leaders of American Sikhs contacted Manjit Singh G.K (Greater Kailash), the head of Akali Dal Badal unit in Delhi, and asked him not to do this act. But he (G.K) made it very plain that he has been ordered by Akali Dal(Badal) High Command, so he shall obey those instructions whatever the circumstances. This he did. Its coverage was done by media all over. Similarly , Akali DalBadal and their Hindutavi associates BJP did the same thing in cities in Punjab and burnt American flags, the coverage of which was also shown by many including CNN. It seems that reporters of the media under the control of Badal Family, (including PTC -TV) had the instruction from above to do the maximum coverage of these demonstration against America, and which they did. …….}

{(Please note that all these leaders have come to Milwaukee to give blessing to Mr. Dhaliwal’s daughter on the occasion of her marrying a Non Sikh man in Annand Karj ceremony. In most likelihood there will also be a Church marriage after the Anand Karj ceremony. According to Christian (and other religious traditions) having the Church marriage after the Annand Karj ceremony essentially nullifies the Anand Karj ceremony and the couple is deemed to have accepted Christian religion).

Dr. Amarjit Singh also questioned as to what message do these supposedly Sikh religious leaders want to convey by giving their blessing at such an occasion? Also, he questioned, are these Sikh leaders not aware of Akal Takht mariyada regarding the interfaith marriages? }

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However, the Nihangs, apart from venerating the Guru Granth Sahib, also hold in reverence the Sarbloh Granth and Dasam Granth. ThePrint explains the distinction between the three granths and the controversy surrounding the Dasam Granth and Sarbloh Granth. The three granths While it is said that the Dasam Granth, another holy text of the Sikhs, is a compilation of various writings attributed to the tenth Guru —Guru Gobind Singh — the claims have been disputed. However, some of its contents like the Jaap Sahib are part of the daily prayers of the Sikhs — the Nitnem.In 2010, two groups of Sikhs clashed over the authenticity of the Dasam Granth at a gurdwara in Canada. Last year, a protest was staged at Gurdwara Bangla Sahib in New Delhi over a discourse from the Dasam Granth. The Sarbloh Granth, meanwhile, contains the famous Khalsa Mahima or the praise of the Khalsa, a composition attributed to the tenth Guru. The Sarbloh Granth was first published in the mid-19th century by Baba Santa Singh — jathedar of the Budha Dal Nihang order — and has been their revered text ever since. While in traditional Sikh gurdwaras only the Guru Granth Sahib is placed, the Nihang Sikhs place all the three granths in their gurdwaras. Explaining the significance of the Sarbloh Granth, Dr Jaswant Singh, assistant professor at University College, Dhilwan, said the Sarbloh Granth was discovered in a period later than the Gurus but it is composed in almost the same style as the Dasam Granth. “It’s a narration, a story of a battle between the good and evil forces which ends with the manifestation of the Sarbloh avatar.” “Though its contents reflect the puranic tradition, yet it is a transformed version. Its most significant content is the Khalsa Mahima or the praise of the Khalsa attributed to Guru Gobind Singh. The oft-heard and quoted ‘Khalsa mero roop hai khaas…khalsa mein hi ho karo nivaas,’ is from the Sarbloh Granth,” added Dr Jaswant. Dr Jaswant also said that apart from the Nihang gurdwaras where the Dasam Granth and Sarbloh Granth are placed along with the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sarbloh Granth is also placed in the Mai Bhago Gurdwara at Nanded Sahib (in Maharashtra). Talking toThe Print, Sikh scholar Dr Dharam Singh, who was also the editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopedia of Sikhism, said the Guru Granth Sahib is the compilation of the ‘word’ of the Sikh Gurus. “Guru Gobind Singh ordained that the Guru Granth Sahib be considered a living guru by the Sikhs. In all Sikh gurdwaras the Guru Granth Sahib is placed with great respect, bowed and prayed to,” he said. “The Guru Granth Sahib is a revelatory scripture while the Dasam Granth and the Sarbloh Granth are part of Sikh literature. As the name suggests, the Dasam Granth is attributed to the tenth Guru but there is a huge debate over it. Some scholars agree that some portions might have been authored by the tenth Guru but others reject the claim completely. Some parts of the Dasam Granth are included in the Nitnem (Sikh daily prayers) like the Jaap Sahib and Sewaiye,” added Dr Dharam Singh. “The Dasam Granth also includes the Bachhiter Natak, Chandi di Vaar which have resonance with Puranic literature. The only gurdwara where the Dasam Granth is placed like the Guru Granth Sahib is at Nanded Sahib,” said Dr Dharam Singh. Also read: Who are Nihang Sikhs? Sect accused of Sikh man’s ‘sacrilege’ lynching at Singhu ‘Sarbloh pothi is not sacred text’ Even as the debate over the Sikh holy scriptures continues, in a sermon delivered Monday, Sikh preacher Ranjeet Singh Dhadrianwale said Lakhbir was killed for no reason at all. “What is the proof that he committed a desecration? They killed him saying that he intended to desecrate their Sarbloh Granth. The Sarbloh Granth pothi is not a sacred granth,” said Dhadhriwale. Dhadrianwale, who was at the forefront of 2015 protests against the desecration of the Guru Granth Sahib in Bargaari, further said: “When we utter the words Guru Granth Sahib our heartbeats increase. We have so much respect. He is our real Guru whom we adore and worship. But in this case the desecration which was attempted was of a pothi (book) of the Sarbloh Granth which half the Sikhs don’t even consider (as sacred). Before getting agitated over someone harming your father, you should know clearly that your father is the Guru Granth Sahib and not the Sarbloh Granth.” His remarks came after the Nihangs justified the killing, saying that just as the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sarbloh Granth was like their “father” and if anyone tries to harm their father “it is their duty to defend him”. Also read: Punjab govt sets up SIT to probe if Lakhbir Singh was ‘lured’ to Singhu border  What Nihangs claimed Nihang leaders, meanwhile, claimed that Lakhbir had come to their “dera” some days ago and allegedly entered the bus where the granths were placed and removed the cloth in which the Sarbloh Granth was wrapped. The Nihangs camping at the Singhu border had housed the three granths in a bus near their living area. “He ran away with the Sarbloh Granth and we caught him with it. There were boxes of matchsticks lying there and we suspect that he had come to do something big,” said Nihang leader Baba Raja Raj Singh during a press conference at the Singhu border Sunday. Also read: ‘Devil & deep blue sea’: Why Punjab’s politicians are silent on Singhu Dalit lynching  
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    • Gurbani tells parents not to impose on their children this way. Perhaps somebody knows the location or I'll see what I can find. It's either in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji or Varaan Bhai Gurdas Ji.  Once they know you are able to leave and have the backing of Gurmat perhaps you will find you have new bargaining power for the behaviors that are acceptable in your family. You don't have to be the man of your house just be a man of your house, who sticks to his guns, backs with Gurbani, and speaks the truth for Sarbat Da Bhala. You are not beholden to them. If they want that extra icing in life called multigenerational support of extended family they have to create an environment for all three of you to joyfully have families there. And earn your consent. It is a great thing to do, provide for the elders...when they respect you and help you create your own joyful life.  I am only now rekindling certain familial relationships after being brainwashed my whole life that I was a man at birth, responsible for my mother, and going to be her retirement. It's sick and deranged. I actually want to do all those things. They way people twist it into slavery is disgusting though, and I will have no part in one sided contracts honored only by me. A big turning point is when I realized they all expected that to be at the expense of me having my own life, family, etc. And that as a larger family none of them were worth anything. A bunch of shallow, nindaks, assimilated into white supremacy before my eyes. No thanks. Hypocritical. Lying. Scheeming.  Next.  Family is a team. It's everyone playing the same game, by the same rules, and working together or it's not. Either we all win or it's not working right.  Bro. You can move. You can take a sibling with you. The flamingos leave their babies do they not? Guru Nanak Dev Ji took off on foot did he not? You can stay too and lay it down bro. Calm, cool, calculated, chardikala and correct.  They get rude, bring in Sangat to witness and support you. It's your family business, be a pro. The parents don't listen and learn something off you go. If you respect your parents, respectfully tell them what they need to do to have the life they want. If it includes you. 
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