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Asking For Forgiveness?

Guest Unknown

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Guest unkown

I have committed all these sins and I no I have been punished. ... I have recently lost my wife at a young age

I loved her very much and wonder has this all happened because I was unfaithful to her I..drink...smoke... I wanna find away out I am left with my children and want

Forgiveness but don't know what to do ......I believe in god I just don't know . My head is that screwd I look at other women I need to get out of this stupid thinking and stop all ov this

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Guest hilroy

I have committed many sins too, esp related to kaam. I am such a low life and seems that I have destroyed my human life. Just relying on Guru ji to give me the strength so that I can follow his hukam. But I cannot believe how mad I had gotten, I realize my mistakes but still...I just keep doing ardass and believe one day things will be better

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go to satsangat everyday. there is salvation there and shelter. the energy of meditating in sangat is immensely powerful. over time this energy will build up the power inside of you, you will be empowered to change your bad habits and to stand tall again.

when dealing with wrongs from the past i find that two things are very very important. one is to forgive others and ourselves too. the second is to learn what we can from it. sometimes people ask why did this happen? b/c we almost never receive confirmation of the reason why this question can destroy our peace of mind. don't bother asking it. it's bhana, leave it at that and ask what can i learn from this? how can i use this to make me a better person/sikh?

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Guest daljeet

i also have made loads of sins in my life and am only 14 yaers old but reading theses stories and comments have shown me that the guru will forgive me if i really mean it from the bottom of my heart i really want to change so waheguru to that i will go down the right path and start again

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Guest Sweety

Sat Sri akal sangat ji,

Please mainu Dasso ke main kive apni galtiyaan di maafi manga.

Main apne jeevan sathi nu hurt kitta hai. Jinna ne mainu rabb naal jodya,main ohna nu hee enna hurt kitta k ohh mainu chadd rahe hai.

Main apni life vich bahut galtiyaan kariya par ohna ne mainu maaf kar dita si kyonki main ohna nu sab sach dass ke maafi mangi si. Hun Ek din, mere Mann vich vichar aa gaya apne past vich dekhen da, jisde karke ohh hurt ho Gaye te kehnde main ohna da saccha pyaar deserve nai kardi.

Mere to galti ho gayi sangat jee, main ohna to door nai reh sakdi. Please sangat jee, mainu meri galti di maafi de do, mere Pati nu mere to door na karo.

Please mainu Dasso main ki kara?

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Your already forgiven, ur always forgiven- but the law of karma is perfect.

For each misdeed, u will pay off karma. I've been paying of karma for so many years. Do naam simran/practice Truth. Itll make u pay off your karams faster and your good deeds will help u discover more of Truth.

Theres no point in saying that you're not religious etc- u need to make a solid committment to Truth, thats how u can stay strong enough, and eventually youll even be able to control your thoughts- because bad thoughts can also generate bad karma.

God Bless you.

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To unknown- do this and youll get stronger. See girls as your sisters and men as your brothers.

When lust comes and you start looking at women, recognise it as maya. Its just God dressed up staging the khel.

If nothing else brother, honor your wife and stop being an idi*t.

U have no idea what awaits the adulteror in hell, trust me, ive seen the demons that wait for adultorers and they love it when we think they dont exist- they laugh at us and wait patiently.

But then even demons and hell realms are not real, they are all just God staging the khel.

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Hi, I was wondering if any of you could help me with this question as it has been bothering me for way too long now.

This might be a bit long, so bear with me.

Basically, I'm a 19 year old girl who is NOT amrit dhari and not very religious (i cut my hair etc)

however, I have always believed in God and go to the gurudwara and pray more than I used too.

Anyways, I have committed many sins throughout my teenage years and not so long ago, I did some

things with a guy and I am not exactly proud of it..

Now, of course..this regret and guilt is killing me and I do not have anyone to reach out but God himself.

However, I seriously feel ashamed in front of him for the "lust" activities I have been through.

I just can't deal with this anymore, I've been super depressed and the guilt is literally finishing me off from the

inside day by day. I asked God for forgiveness but I have not come to peace with myself. You could say, I am a girl

that beats herself down over and over again. My sins have been big but my regrets/apologies are even bigger, believe me.

Okay...so the main question, I guess...How do I ask for forgiveness? How will I know I have been forgiven?

Does God even forgive these sins? I want to start on the right path...how do I control my mind/thoughts/actions?

Could I ever cleanse my soul from these sins or will I have to go through the bad things because of this? (Karma)

I've seriously realized all the things I have done were really bad! At this point, I would like to change myself but

don't even know where to start...I just keep calling myself "stupid, <banned word filter activated>, worthless" etc :(

Confused & lost, please help!


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Guest Virinder Singh Cheem

Waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh I am 15 years old and living in the UK I go to school and pray a lot and go to the Gurdwara. Around 90% of my friends are muslims none have asked me to convert but for some reason I feel as if I want to but I am so passionate about sikhi. I need help how can I overcome these thoughts.

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