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Annual International Sikh Convention This Sunday..... Make the biggest annual Sikh Dharam political event even bigger for 2012.....

Guru Panth Khalsa

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Annual International Sikh Convention - Organised by the Sikh Federation (UK)

Sunday 16 September 2012 from 10am

At Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara, Sedgley Street, Wolverhampton

All Sangat requested to attend with family and friends, MP's, Panthic Leaders, Dhadi, Kavishri, Keertani's Nirvair Khalsa Jatha etc will be there.

Make the biggest annual Sikh Dharam political event even bigger for 2012.......

If you live in the UK contact your local Gurdwara and Sikh Federation branch about transport arrangements.

Contact 07860 633488

If you live abroad and plan to attend email info@sikhfederation.co.uk

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We have had excellent feedback about the Sikh Federation (UK) Convention:

Turnout higher than last year, Sikhs left behind in many towns as coaches were full.

Speeches by politicians and range of issues covered was very good.

Announcements about five regonal teams - each with a specific area of work will assit to get things done in the next 12 months.

Re-launch of Khalsa Human Rights and gathering of evidence long overdue, but bettter late than never.

Strategic alliances with human rights groups in the UK (Redress, Human Rights Watch) and North America (Sikhs For Justice, Voice For Freedom) - more to follow in next few months.

Stragtegic alliances with youth groups, such as, National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF) where joint work will be undertaken on human rights and on the Sikh homleand issue.

Focus on ekta and unprecedented announcement of delay in announing the leadership team of the SIkh Federaion (UK) showed nimarta and left the door open to those who may have been pressured in recent days/weeks to take a different path.

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Some have requested details of the specific area of work for each of the 'five regional teams'. These are set out below:

North team - This will be focused on the re-launch of the human rights wing Khalsa Human Rights.

Main Khalsa Human Rights projects

a. collect credible evidence in relation to November 1984 from survivors in the UK (mainland Europe, Canada, USA etc. through others) and victims of human violations in the same countries

b. use the above information and working with others (Redress, Human Rights Watch etc.) to exert pressure on authorities to arrest, prosecute, but more likely exclude those responsible for genocide and human rights violations

c. use existing material to re-package and use other ways of sharing with Sikhs and non-Sikhs i.e. death penalty exhibition from a Sikh perspective

d. documentation of on-going human rights issues to lobby and supply information to key contacts at the UNHRC

East Midlands team - This will be focused on all lobbying work we carry out with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), our lobby at the European Parliament and meetings with the European Commission.

West Midlands team - This will be focused on all contacts with the United Nations, meetings with Special rapporteurs and independent experts, feeding relevant information through to their staff in Geneva to try and make sure these are reflected in reports.

South team - This will be focused on the lobby of MPs and Lords in the UK, setting up meetings with different government departments, including Ministers, on relevant issues.

International liaison team - This will be focused on our work as part of the International Coalition for a Sikh homeland, official launch of the paper being produced by the Professor that is expected to take place at a Press Conference in New York and presented to the five Permanent Members of the United Nations and the associated weekly programmes in 50 countries worldwide, as well as other outputs promised by the Coalition.

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