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Bhai Mani Singh wrote arth pothis 16vol (UK)


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Recently i was listening to Baba Hari Singh's katha Katha 05-08-2007 - Waheguru Mantar on Gurmatveechar.com

and baba ji tells at about 31 min that in the uk he visted a house which had 16vols of manuscripts that Bhai Mani Singh Ji wrote when Guru Gobind Singh Ji taught the 48 Singhs the arths of Gurbani, The manuscripts baba ji says contains the meaning Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji give at that time which Bhai Mani Singh Ji wrote down. Baba Ji says that the family who owns them don't want to give them up or let anyone take pictures of the pages, baba ji wanted to take some pictures of the manuscripts. Baba ji says that the interpertation that Guru Ji give of Gurbani matches closely with the Friedkot wala Teeka.

I want to know does anyone have more information about this, the katha was done in 2007, maybe someone can ask baba ji for more information.

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I have came across with people with that kind of mentality like that, they would sit on treasure like snake sits on a mani diamond with sense of entitlement instead of sharing the treasure with others. Sharing treasure/happiness with others to benefit other humans is good karam and dharam, everyone should share if it benefits other human....in this case- they are entitled to keep the original as it appears it looks like gift given to their family and that gift is been kept seena-basina but with that being said, they have dharamic duty to let panth-researchers,saint/scholars to make copies of pothiyas, as gyan of gurbani belongs to khalsa panth and whole humanity..!!!!!

Does anyone know how to get contact details?

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There are many claims of certain manuscripts written by various Mahaan Gursikhs. For example it is claimed that there are 4 copies of Guru Granth Sahib jee written by Baba Deep Singh jee. However when by Joginder Singh jee Talwara did comparison of the saroops, no two saroops were the same and they did not match. Unless we can actually get our hands on the manuscripts for research we can never be sure. Same goes for Kartapuri bir, unfortunately the parwar (family) that possesses this saroop hides it from public and will not give it to the panth. PDL have tried to get permission to digitise this saroop but have not received permission.

I do not believe there are any teekas (translations/meanings) of Gurbani authorised by Guru Sahib. I think Guru Sahibaan has left it up to Gursikhs to make the effort to understand Gurbani. The closest manuscripts we have to teeka of Gurbani is bhai Gurdaas jee's works.

If we look at history, the authors of the holy books (bible, quran, vedas..........) as far as I am aware never wrote the meanings of the bani they wrote.

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