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History is being made on Sikh Channel Right now

serious gupt

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Most amount of clowns on one show ever!

Every single pannel member is a hyprocrit and doesn't believe in ekta.

If Park Ave stage sec and slough stage sec did, then why was Dhunda called to divide the sangat?

Pritpal Singh, Jaswant Randhawa, Satty all known to openly cuss taksali's to southall sangat.


Could of chose a better, non political people to represent this ekta card!

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It was great that sikh channel also gave airtime for initiative set up between taksal and akj to improve parchar, fight drugs epidemic e.t.c.

If anyone can actually watched the show there were great points made.

What impressed daas is that both sides akj uk and taksal (giani ram Singh) emphasised that ragmala, mool mantar e.t.c. Are minor issues and can only be resolved on a panthic level. These differences never came between Gursikhs in the past -sant kartar Singh/sant gurbachan Singh - bhai randhir Singh/bhai fauja singh. Gaini ram Singh jee is willing to set aside differences and work with jatha.

Hopefully this initiative can be replicated throughout the panth.

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