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Ideas - School Assembly

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I have been asked as part of my teacher training to do an assembly on;

"How does Sikh beliefs affect your behavior and actions?"

The assembly is in a mixed school, some Sikhs in the crowd but mainly non Sikhs.

Any ideas?

My mind is totally blocked at the moment!



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Maybe do something on sharing your food with people, helping other people, stopping bullying from taking place, generally being a good person and making a positive contribution to society.

Why don't you say your Sikh appearence always reminds you to try to do the best you can and not make a fool of yourself, because you aren't representing yourself but the whole Sikh family and the hundreds of years of rich Sikh history.

Make sure the assembly is captivating and intresting. Video can help and lots of pictures. I hate boring assemblies when teachers just talk to you.

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Try doing a mindmap to start with, so think about everything a Sikh believes, then in another colour mark up the behaviour and actions or fold a page in half and then draw lines between the two.

Beliefs (key words):

See god in all

It's good to share

One god

Saint/ Soldier

10 gurus/ GGSJ

Natural appearance

Actions/ Behaviour:

Humble/ Humility



Content/ Positive


From this, you maybe be able to pick out a Sakhi or a Shabad to help you.

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Just an idea. How about talking about Actions vs Reactions...Guruji teaches us how to act but also how to react to the world... so dual training

Kaam Krodh Lob Moh Ahankaar vs Sat Santokh Daya Dharam and Khema

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